Mapua Institue of Techonolgy
Muralla St. Intramuros, Manila 1002 Philippines
  • To be honest UP is the best school in the Philippines as most people would say
  • But the problem with UP is the transportation
  • The only thing that discourages us from making DLSU as our choice is DLSU is considered a rich school and unfortunately, we are average
  • There are lots of things I learned from my school then
  • Although Mapua are offering new courses, I would not recommend that since they are just starting with new courses

    • by Hadi

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      When I graduated from high school, I really wanted to study engineering. I started asking schools and weigh everything on where I can study. My Dad and I considered a lot of things. One consideration was that the quality of education. Second, was the transportation? Was it easy to go to that school? I was living with my uncle around Makati area way back then. There are three schools that I chose from. The choices are University of the Philippines (UP), De La Salle University (DLSU) and Mapua Institute of Technology (MIT).

      I took the entrance examination on all three schools and I was lucky I passed all of them. To be honest UP is the best school in the Philippines as most people would say. Budget in UP is also very

      minimal. But the problem with UP is the transportation. I was too far from my home and the schedule is not very flexible compared to DLSU and MIT. DLSU is also very good in term of quality education but there fees are very much high which is about 30% higher than MIT. They have like 30,000 pesos fees at that time. In terms of transportation, DLSU is the nearest. The only thing that discourages us from making DLSU as our choice is DLSU is considered a “rich” school and unfortunately, we are average. So we started looking at MIT side. MIT is considered one of the best engineering schools in the country. It is also very close to my house which is only a train away.

      We decided MIT then as my

      school. There are lots of things I learned from my school then. Professors are well selected, and they are even applying for International accreditation at that time. Some of my professors are vice president of a company; some are president of a company. The company is actually not only “a company” but big companies here in the Philippines like Smart telecommunications and ABS-CBN broadcasting. I never had regrets on enrolling at MIT because of that. On top of that students of MIT are very simple which suited my personality. I never felt that I will be left out. Unlike UP, students of UP are known to be with very high fighting spirit that some of them lead to being rebellious, due to their intellectual capacity and believing that they are on top.

      • Mapua Institue of Techonolgy
      They really care about their rights as a citizen of the country so in their school you can see banners saying something against the government. Unlike DLSU, they are rich kids so I think I will not fit with them.

      On top of that, Mapua has most engineering facilities compared to the two schools though. In terms of staff of MIT, such as security guards, sales lady at the canteen and librarian, I don’t really like them. They are not so friendly and all they think about is their job, that’s it! They don’t care about “customer service”. On the brighter side, I also really don’t care since it doesn’t affect my education and me being as a person. So whenever I see and meet people who do not care about me and

      can’t give me the right customer satisfaction, I really didn’t care at all too and I got used to the staffs of MIT. In terms of environment, Intramuros (where MIT is located) is a historical place which was once occupied by the Spaniards. Beside the school there is what we call “Walls”. There you can see some historical place being preserved whenever you go to school and go back home. So it’s really fun and safe in the area.

      My conclusion is that if you are a simple guy or girl who wanted to study engineering, I would recommend Mapua. Although Mapua are offering new courses, I would not recommend that since they are just starting with new courses. You would enjoy being a student of MIT and quality of education is more than satisfying.

kennedy tan says :

how hard is it to answer 80 of the questions in the entrance exam because that is my only way of affording the fee especially i am not a devotee of sports nor cheerdance. im a 4th year male highschool student right now that aim to have a scholarship in mapua for my college life. i really want to study there. difficulty is not my problem rather the fees.
Krissy A says :

MIT entrance exams are pretty easy compared to the UPCAT so no worries.
Akhil Reddy Rondla says :

Of course, It’s really hard to answer the 80questions but, Really needed for the scholarship and the entrance. The college life was totally awesome and perfect infrastructure.
LenCat says :

Hi There.. ) I really enjoyed reading your notes and it really inspired me to study also in MAPUA.. I am taking up B.S. in Computer Engineering and the same case of you, I don`t know where will I study with that course. I am also choosing from De La Salle, UP, and MAPUA. My dream school is La Salle however because of high tuition fees, my parents and I decided to study in Mapua since it is really a great school for engineering. However, is it true that the bad thing about Mapua is the school is teaching so fast that compared to other engineering university, you will learn more because of more time before the students graduate?
Dogma says :

I agree. Mapua has a qaurterly system, therefore the pacing of the lessons are way faster. As a result, students do not have enough time to absorb fully what they have learned.
Carl Agamata says :

Sir i really enjoyed reading you article. I took the entanceexam here at mapua and i passed it. I am also taking Computer Engineering as my course. But is it true that studying here at mapua is pretty hard? Im just a normal student i don’t know if i’ll survive this. And if it’s hard. What makes it hard? And how did you survive it?
Galega says :

There is no denying that the course is conducted in a faster way than other colleges. It is because of the quarterly system.

However, you should not worry about coping up. The institute takes care of its students. All you need to do is to devote sufficient time for self study.

I would advise you to read some basic computer engineering books before the classes start. IT will help you to cope up with the pace easily.
Jade says :

Is it true that when you finished your senior high(STEM) in MIT, your college years(Engineering) will be shortened to 3 years?
raheel says :

i need some guidance on entrance exam preparation. Can anyone please help me with the following inputs?

1. How is the entrance test of Mapua Institute of Technology/UPCAT/DLSU conducted? Is it through multiple choice questions? Can you suggest any books for preparation of the entrance exam or advice where previous year papers can be available?

2. which are the other leading institutes/universities in Philippines where admission is through entrance exam?

3. are there any websites which offer online test preparation for those entrance exams? if yes, any idea which are the popular ones?
Galega says :

1. All of entrance examination is conducted through multiple choice question formats.

2. You should look for basic text books. Try to get hand with all basic concepts. The crux of the matter should be conceptual clarity. You don’t need to read lots of bulky books. Get a guide book to understand the pattern, though.

3. Apart from Mapila, University of Philippines and DLSU admission is done through competitive entrance examination.
Akhil Reddy Rondla says :

All the entrance examinations are that much of pretty multiple choice questions. Mainly concentrate on basic stuff on the subject. They will ask more questions on basics, especially this type of entrance exams.
suzainne:D says :

tnx for sharing… id enjoy reading ur experience and notes… i am going to take an entrance exam in MIT this coming august.bcoZ i knew it was the suitable college school for me and i know through there i can be what i want… if u mind to response me how easy and difficult the entrance exam there..??i would really appreciate if u reply.. would u help me..??
Danielle says :

Hi Can you give me some pointers on what topics to review for the entrance exam? Thanks
danna says :

what are questions usually in entrance exam?.. more on logic? I.Q? grammar? reading comprehension?.. about math?… thank you and god bless…
NeHeMz says :

i`ll be taking my exam this saturday., just filled up a application form earlier… wish you could share how hard the exam,..also examination experiences… thx..
Galega says :

It is widely believed that the entrance examination of Mapua is quite simple. I have seen lots of past question papers before answering here. I can say you that they don’t expect you to be a brilliant sort of students. All you are required to have is conceptual clarity. Prepare with relevant and basic text books. You will easily pass through.
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