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  • The heat is neither too much nor too little in my opinion
  • I think this electric stove is a nice thing to use and to have and will help to keep a chilly house warm

    • by snowy

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      I purchased a Crofton Electric Stove Heater several months ago from Aldi’s. It retailed at 89 dollars. This stove heater is something that can really warm up a room. I got it to add an additional heat source to my house as it gets chilly in here in the Wintertime. It also adds a warm glow to a chilly fall or winter day.

      This heater has a nice coloration and ambience like a woodburning stove and actually throws some heat. the heat comes out of the bottom of the stove and is similar to the warm air coming out of a register. The heat is neither too much nor too little in my opinion. It contains two 750 watt heaters that are individually controlled.

      • It also has a switch that controls the dimmer. You can also perform simple maintenance on this stove by replacing the light bulbs if your bulbs get burned out.

        It is very important to be aware of all the safety requirements when operating this heater and to observe all of the recommended safety precautions. I think this electric stove is a nice

        thing to use and to have and will help to keep a chilly house warm. If you can not afford or do not have the appropriate set up for a woodburning stove I think this Crofton Electric Stove Heater makes a nice alternative.

        I recommend this stove and for eighty nine dollars I think you can’t go wrong. It is well worth the money.

    Jerry Jonas says :

    the heating part of our crofton electric stove heater does not work. Can it be replaced? Stove item is 8644-09
    snowy22315 says :

    Sorry for the delay. I don`t really know you might want to check with the manufacturer. I haven`t had that issue
    Galega says :

    In majority of cases, you don’t need to change the heating part of electric stove. The problem generally arises because of blown fuse. If you haven’t checked that, then please a have a look. Fuse is at the back of the stove. You may need to change the fuse or, in some cases, reset the circuit breaker. If your heater is still not working, then you may need to change the heating part. You can get it at the authorized service center of Crofton.
    barb says :

    We are considering purchasing the Crofton Electric Stove Heater and have a few questions which I can’t find anything online to answer…
    - Does your electic bill noticeably increase with use of the heater?
    - Do you notice that your heating bills decrease with use of the heater? (we have oil heat and the oil bills are way high )
    Thanks for your input
    JR John says :

    No, if you use the heater moderately, then the electric bill should not go up but for a few bucks.
    Jennifer Davis says :

    Hi I have one that is used in our living room and I have to say that I have noticed a slight rise in my electric bill when I continuously use this heater. It is only about a $ 10 rise when I use the heater during the night. I live in North Georgia so it can get chilly. I have Georgia Power so it could very depending upon your electric company and their rates.

    That said, overall it doesn’t really effect our heating (its all electric) all that much. It is a powerful little heater and it works great but you should expect a slight rise in your electricity bill if you use it all the time.
    Galega says :

    If you are using any electrical appliance, that will be an impact on your electricity bill. The same goes with this electric stove. It will definitely increase your electricity bill. There is absolutely no doubt behind this. However, the main question here is whether your overall expense will increase or not. As per my personal experience, the overall expense will only go down. Your oil bill will be far much lower than that of the increase in your electricity bill.
    Patricia Arnold says :

    I’m looking at this week’s Aldi ad to purchase this heater. I have a sunroom and presently use an oil radiator type heater. Do you think the Crofton heater is sturdy enough for 24 hour use during the winter months? I rarely turn my present heater off and it’s been reliable for years. I need it to be used for plants in my garage and need a replacement heat source in my sunroom.
    JR John says :

    It is definitely sturdy enough, the only problem that could possibly arise is the electric bill. But if you put it on moderate heat, the machine itself should not overheat with 24 hr. usage.
    Galega says :

    The heater is made sturdy enough to run continuously during winter. There may not be any problem if you keep it running for 24 hours and so on. However, it will be prudent on your part to switch it off for sometime. Giving some rest even to a machine is something that will help in ensuring durability. Running it continuously will also mean more electricity bill to you.
    melissa says :

    I bought this heater last year only used it maybe 6 times. I really liked it I do not keep it on all night but use it to take the chill off the living room. I have used it about everyday since it got cold out. last week the blower wont come on and I noticed the heater part was still turning on when I looked at it again it sparked then the heater went out to. now all I got is a night light from fire place look nothing more. poorly made didn’t last 1 whole season
    Galega says :

    I think you are blowing a small technical issue out of proportion. The description shows that the problem lies with the fuse of this stove. The fuse is behind the stove. Check that. If that is blown, change and you should be done. Otherwise, you may have to take help of a service engineer. In any case, it isn’t as such a big problem worthy of letting stove be unused.
    Latanya says :

    The Crofton Electric Stove Heaters was a good device for heating a room. Unfortunately mines lasted for 4 or 5 months. The heater went out but when I called the company they said they would give me a part to the heater if I got the receipt. The problem was they wanted a receipt and I brought the item from Aldi’s store. I have many receipts some with ink faded so therefore because I didn’t have the receipt they are expecting me to pay $ 60 for the part need. Thanks a lot for money gone down the drain.
    Rhonda says :

    Hi, can you pls tell me how to change the light bulb? the heater still works, but the faux fire light (whatever it’s called, lol) is out. Thanks so much :O)
    John says :

    Start by removing the screws from the trim. Then pull off the trim. There’s a retaining clip that holds the glass in place, remove it. Lift the glass out. Screw the bulb out and replace it with a new one. Once done put the glass and trim back on.
    quick note by anonymous :

    I own two Crofton electric stove heaters. The first one burnt the electrical connection rail when I was in the room and I unplugged it before a fire started. The second one’s motor stopped working. These heaters lasted about 2-3 years and are not made for constant use. Be very careful when using them and unplug it when not in use. Miker57
    Galega says :

    Heater needs to be used with caution, if you want that to be durable. Crofton Electric Stove Heater is a good product known for lasting years. However, it also demands care. If not in use, you should switch it off. It also prudent to not burn it constantly for days. Give it some break.
    Kay says :

    I have one and love it. But my bulb burned out does any body know if you can replace it if so how ?
    Ambreen says :

    Hi, Kay Yes, you can definitely replace the bulb. Here’s how you do it. Remove the screws from the trim and then pull off the trim. You should see a retaining clip that is holding the glass in place, remove that. Now lift the glass out, then screw the bulb out and replace it. WHen you’re done put the glass and trim back on.
    Elizabeth says :

    Where can I find instructions for repairs…..or a contact at Crofton?
    Galega says :

    Which type of repairs are you looking for? General instructions are provided in the leaflet. However, for technical issues and electrical repair, you should better take help of a professional. Call Crofton or just ask a local professional to handle it for you.
    Rae Peterson says :

    We just smelt a burning smell and found that the cord to our Crofton electric stove was melting and the plug was melting the outlet. Why was this happening. Had we been asleep, our house would have burnt to the ground.
    vicki childress says :

    Have you checked with the manufacturer on this? I was thinking about purchasing one of these but now I am extremely concerned. I would appreciate hearing from you. Thank you. So happy you and your family are safe.
    Marianne Spaziani says :

    I have a Comfort Zone Infrared Heater that did the exact same thing. The plug is melted and burned out the outlet along with the elctrical box. We have an electrician coming tomorrow. We replaced the plug but I am leery to use the heater now. Our Crofton Infrared heater only gets slightly warm.
    Mildred Jenkins says :

    Were you able to contact Crofton? The same thing happened to my sister’s heater. Are they aware of the potential fire hazard. Thank God she smelled it…could have been deadly. Thanks for any information you can pass along.
    Rick DeLo says :

    Some of the manufacturers are using a cheap thermostat control unit which malfunctions and turns the heater on high and will not shut down. Be aware i have had this happen on Honeywell more than once.
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