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  • Well, i think it's not common to share your sadness over the internet but I just cant stop it
  • We end up asking someone who can recommend a place where we can visit to buy a pet

    • by clickmarbin

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      Hi guys, it’s me again, I just want to share how lonely I am today. Well, i think it’s not common to share your sadness over the internet but I just cant stop it.

      4 weeks ago, my bestfriend decided to buy me a pet dog as an advance birthday gift. I was so excited about it. I even went to some site where we can find some online sellers of dogs and puppies. We tried in particular. But it seemed that seller there sells pet in an expensive price. We end up asking someone who can recommend a place where we can visit

      to buy a pet. And luckily someone told us to visit Aranque Divisoria.

      It was a one hour and a half travel from Imus Cavite to Aranque Divisoria . When we finally reached the place we saw a lot of pet shop there selling pets in a low price. You can buy pet there half the price offered by many pet sellers posting advertisement in But frankly speaking, It was so hot there and you can smell the bad odor all over the place.

      I saw different breeds of dogs; pitbull, chow chow, poodle etc. My bestfriend and I visited all the pet shops there ...

      • and ask how much to buy a cross breed puppy. Until we finally decide to buy a cross breed chowchow and german sheperd puppy. We were offered 2,100.00 pesos but the original offer to us was 2,500.00. The puppy given to us was already dewormed but not yet vaccinated.

        The puppy is brown in color, smart and very adorable. She is so playful and sweet. I named her P’chy, I got that named from a thai actor who starred in a box office movie Love of Siam.

        However yesterday, P’chy got sick and now I don’t know what medication should I use to treat her. She

        has flu and does not want to eat. I am afraid that P’chy will die because I can’t afford to lose her, she is a gift from my bestfriend that I should treasure. I feel guilty somehow that I did not do my best to take care of her.

        Anyway tommorrow I will schedule an appointment with a veterinarian to give proper medication to P’chy. I hope my pet can recover.

        This is it for now, If you are a pet lover and wanted to buy pets in a low price. I recommend you to visit this place. It’s really worth it to go there. Thank you.

    JChap says :

    Yeah.. you’re right. you bought your pet in a cheap price.. but you didn’t even check how about their health? are they healthy enough? one of the reason why they sell pets is because of the money no other reason. but as a pet owner you need also to think about your pet’s health, they also have feelings that human has. i prefer not for the price.. go for quality pups. and for you to live long with your pets.. just sharing _
    Toby says :

    i still recommend arranque kung nakakaawa ang mga puppy the more reason for you to re home them. you cannot be always sure about the so called reputable breeders though most of them just show you papers.
    it is how you take care of your pet as soon as you had your hand on them you don’t think if its a worth buy or what.. its not about the price.
    its about compassion,care and love for your pets not about you getting it cheap or you got it to someone you think you trust for after all it is you who will be there as you pet grow as it develop into a wonderful creature and not the breeders or the sellers.
    re home pets in aranque they need it more than those of so called breeders as they are “reputable” their pets are well homed.
    jrsr says :

    if you purchase from these thugs you are just contributing to the problem. If you buy from them they will just produce more puppy from the puppy mills and thus creating more harm than good.

    kung walang bibili walang mag bebenta. :D
    WENDEL says :

    me says :

    I totally agree.
    vash says :

    how about the person who wants to have a specific breed and they dont have enough money?
    Gel says :

    Agree… If no demand no supply

    allan says :

    does true love in pets needed to have breeds always,please adopt…..or just in case you have one breed please adopt and not to buy, the quality of life is not what you have,it is waht you have you put into giving…give love unconditional
    me says :

    There are a lot of homeless pets languishing in the pounds and the animal shelters. There are many more in the streets living off of garbage. Why anyone who professes to be an animal lover would want to buy pets instead of rescue or adopt is really sad.
    Patricia says :

    No one should condone the breeding and sales of animals when there are so many in shelters and on the streets. All my animals are adopted and mainly because the were showing up at my door. Which just makes my point considering I have had A LOT o f animals do this.
    sadie sangalang says :

    pets theire are so kawawa they dont even gave theam water at all they slap theam i saw it my self.
    004 says :

    this is very sad.. why is the world so cruel, i just dont understand..
    kathleng says :

    my wiyo, cross breed of chowchow ang spitz also bought in that place. after 2 dys he got sick. cough, and colds. my vet dont recommend to buy in pet store.
    fairy_faye says :

    I think you should not check the price instead the quality. Buy from reputable breeder. You are not sure if you are getting a pup dog w illness. Guys I don’t recommend aranque… PETS HERE ARE MOSTLY SICK…
    Tina says :

    They usually sell stollen animals in there. My 2 dogs (shih tzu and maltese) was dognaped, with the help of the bystanders in front of our house we were able to trace the tricycle driver who picked them up, my dad had to pay a bunch of police for assistance. To make the long story short we found them in Aranque and the Lady who owns the store wasn’t even fazed by the arrest since she said she could always bail herself out.
    Nanz says :

    Never ever buy nor patronized the pet sellers at Arranque. All their pets come from puppy mill and most were infected with ear mites and any other health risk. The sellers doesn’t care about the wellness of their charges. They are only after the profits.
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