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  • Taste-wise, it wasn't that bad, but the quality of the bread was pretty bad in terms of firmness

    • by Orrymain

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      One day a while back I was shopping at Safeway and needed some bread. None of my usual brands were on sale, and money was so tight that I forced myself to look at other options, one of which was a lesser known brand called Oven Joy. I decided to risk it; after all, bread

      is just bread.

      Oven Joy White Bread is one of the private label brands that Safeway produces. As such, it’s usually the most inexpensive brand. On that day, it fit my budget.

      Taste-wise, it wasn’t that bad, but the quality of the bread was pretty bad in terms of firmness. In other words, it didn’t take ...

      • much for it to fall apart. Any moisture, say from melted butter or even mayonnaise, just seeped through horribly. I’m not sure how best to describe it, other than to say that Oven Joy White Bread was flimsy bread. I want something that isn’t going to turn into crumbs while I’m spreading peanut butter
        on it.

        I’ve since learned that in 2007, Safeway recalled many of their breads, including Oven Joy White Bread because of the presence of wires from machinery. Had I known that when I went shopping, I probably wouldn’t have bought it.

        Regardless, it’s just not something I’d buy again, more because of the quality of the bread itself than the taste.

    yasir says :

    what is mono- and diglycerides where from u get that in oven joy bread from animals or something else.

    Orrymain replies :

    HI Yasir, you`d have to contact OvenJoy or Safeway to ask them these specifics. As fpr mono- and diglycerides. they are fats. If you do a search and just copy that `mono- and diglyceride` into the search box, a lot of entries will pop up that will help you to learn about them.

    ThisIsTrue says :

    These are just lies, I’ve been eating ovenjoy from 27 years. The author is full of shit honestly. Until recently the bread was always perfect now it seems slightly uncooked. It’s a shame really, nothing will soggy or seep through the bread at all now. I never had this problem, pffft.

    Anita says :

    Oven Joy sucks, we just tried it this week and it is by far the worst bread I’ve ever had. Taste wise, its fine. But it practically mushed up and falls apart when you try to get it out of the bag. I tried to spread cookie butter on it and it somehow upsorbed the cookie butter and became soggy instantly. It’s definitely flimsy, you can’t hold it from an edge and be good to go, my thin layer of spread was apparently too heavy for the bread and it tore the bread as I tried to pick it up from the plate. No matter how cheap this bread is, it’s not worth it…

    Randy says :

    I’m eating a close of oven joy white bread and it is 50% air. Never again will I buy it. They white air into it to boost profits, Its a slap in the face by the manufacturer.

    barb says :

    re : Taste-wise, it wasn’t that bad, but the quality of the bread was pretty bad in terms of firmness
    I usually eat this bread toasted for breakfast and I like it fine. Taste is good. Price is a factor for me as I am retired but I enjoy this bread.

    I use a roll for lunch and dinner.

    MaggieB says :

    I used to eat it all the time, but over the last year this bread has been soggy and when I try to spread peanut butter (creamy) on it, it just flattens out. I’m so disgusted with the quality I’m paying $ 3 a loaf for another brand.

    Karen G says :

    I love this bread…I eat it every morning for toast,
    And I put a lot of peanut butter on it and it doesn’t fall apart. Once in awhile but I think it’s good breakfast bread and I don’t I get tired of all the breads that gets seeds in your teeth and stuff I put jam on it and cinnamon and sugar and iced just one of my favorite things to have for breakfast it is cheap bread and it’s not made as good as some of the more hearty Brands but like I said I get tired of the stifling sometimes I like the oven Joyce bread especially in the morning and it makes great toasted cheese sandwiches it’s kind of an old fashioned bread

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