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  • My only regret is the over indulgence for foul language in the beginning
  • Take that out, and it would have been a much more pleasant experience and higher rating

    • by Orrymain

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      Forever Lulu is a 2000 movie that took forever to be released. In fact, the independent picture never did make a real theatrical run and was ultimately released on DVD. However, while foreign titles went under the film name of Forever Lulu, in the United States, the movie was offered under the alternate title of Along for the Ride. That’s also how it aired on cable, until 2008 when all of a sudden, it began to appear under its original Forever Lulu again. I have no idea why the back and forth.

      The movie stars Patrick Swayze and Melanie Griffith as one-time lovers, painfully separated when Griffith’s Lulu is placed under psychiatric care after trying to

      commit suicide. Swayze’s Ben Clifton went on to become a screen writer, which was far from the novelist he’d long to be back when he and first love, Lulu, were together. Ben is married to Claire (Penelope Ann Miller), a beautiful and successful woman in her own right. Their marriage is in a bit of a shambles, though, making what follows extra difficult to handle.

      Lulu reappears out of the blue, captivating Ben and taking himn on this wacky road trip in quest of their son, a son Ben never knew about. Claire ends up giving chase, and it’s the unique bonding and adventures that happen along the way that make this an intense and emotional ...

      • journey.

        There’s a scene with Ben, Lulu, and Claire where they talk about the son that Ben and Claire had lost a year or so before. It’s heart-wrenching and gut-twisting. It’s a beautiful scene that was acted brilliantly. It’s pivotal. It, and another scene where Lulu first learns about the deceased child, change Lulu forever, in a way she couldn’t imagine. It’s a ride far different than she’d imagined going on.

        I love the ending of this film. You’re not quite sure what it’s going to be at first, and then as the reveal is made, it all makes sense. The wrap up bit is great.

        Griffith is wonderful in this movie, which came from

        her production company. She was doing quite well when the movie was made, which further confuses me as to why it didn’t it the movie screens nationwide.

        Swayze is superb, also. He and Griffith had a great chemistry,and there’s a really fun scene where they even do a little dirty dancing of sorts at the gas pump. It’s a really fun moment.

        Miller does a great job, too. My only regret is the over indulgence for foul language in the beginning. It’s really bad. Take that out, and it would have been a much more pleasant experience and higher rating.

        Forever Lulu has a good cast and a good script, making for a nice evening at the movies.

    Patti says :

    I watched this movie for the first time and I can’t believe I never heard of it before. I Loved it. I thought Patrick Swayze and Melanie Griffith were wonderful and the chemistry was so believing. I just loved this movie.
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