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  • Dumbledore is the best and it was so great to see him intereact with these horrible people
  • Of course, Ron and Hermione agree to go but after Bill and Fleur's wedding
  • I love this book even though it made me cry so hard at the end
  • You'll fall in love with the world and all the characters and truly praise JK Rowling for being an amazing writer who has brought such joy and love of reading to so many people throughout the world

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      Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is the most recent book in the Harry Potter series. It is also the second to last book of the series to come out. And yes, I was there at midnight at Barnes and Noble eagerly standing in line waiting for my book! And it was worth it! This is a great book! It is long but it is not as long as Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, nor is it as dark. Again we start out at his aunt and uncle’s house in summer (and thanks to the fifth book, we now know why he must return there every year) where Harry is awaiting Dumbledore. What is hard to remember is that although it was about 2 years in between books, in the books, it’s only been about 2 weeks. So while we have had a chance to deal and re read the other books, Harry is still going through everything and it’s all fresh to him. Dumbledore arrives at Harry’s house and it is hilarious! The scenes with Dumbledore and Harry’s aunt and uncle are priceless! I loved reading that. Dumbledore is the best and it was so great to see him intereact with these horrible people! He then takes Harry with him to visit an old friend of his whom he is trying to convince to come teach at Hogwarts.

      They succeed and harry is then taken to the Burrow where he will stay with the Weaseley’s for the rest of the summer. Hermione is there as well as is an old friend from book 4, Fleur! It turns out, Fleur and Bill are engaged! Quite funny to read the reactions of the Weasely family! This book is not nearly as dark because Harry is not nearly as angry. While he is upset about what happened, everyone is on his side now and calling him great and wonderful things. In this book, Voldemort and his supporters, those who are left that were not hauled off to Azkaban at the end of the fifth book, continue to wreak havoc around the country with mysterious deaths, “natural disasters”, etc. As Voldemort gains more power, Dumbledore decides that Harry must begin special lessons to learn more about Voldemort so that he might be able to defeat him if and when the time comes. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince takes Harry through his sixth year of school. Because everyone is so busy, we don’t get too see as much of some of the characters.

      We do see new relationships develop

      (SO happy with Harry’s choice ;) as well as get to know some characters better (Luna-love her!). Much of the book is centered on Harry’s lessons with Dumbledore which consist of Harry and Dumbledore traveling through memories to learn more about the person Voldemort was and has become. Also in this book, Harry doesn’t have a potions book so he has to borrow one the first day and in the book, he finds all kinds of helpful hints on how to do the potions, giving him the best grades in the class. After going through the book, he finds that it once belonged to someone who called themself the Half-Blood Prince. This book, while advantageous to Harry, causes arguements between him and his friends; and also has some nasty side effects with some of the spells written in it. There is not as much action throughout this book because it is centered around harry’s lessons and also his events with his new book. However throughout this book, bad things do happen: a girl becomes “brainwashed” so to speak and touches a cursed item resulting in her having to leave school and remain in the hospital for almost a year; Ron is poisoned; Draco is often seen acting very odd causing Harry to become suspicious, even though no one else will listen to him (FORESHADOWING majorly….

      why can’t people just believe harry the first time around??) and other things occur. Fred and George are no longer at school but now run their own business, which is fun to read about though but I do miss them at school! Towards the later part of the book, Dumbledore sits harry down and explains what he has been up to for so long, why he has been gone, and where he is going. We learn about horcruxes (which I can’t go into too much detail about) and how Harry and Dumbledore must find and destroy all of them in order to defeat Voldemort. At the climax, a group of Death Eaters get into the school and battle with more members of The Order of the Phoenix as well as Hermione, Ron, Ginnie, Neville and Luna and harry for part of the time. Throughout this huge battle, we find out who the half blood prince is (SHOCKER!), we see some major betrayals, and we lose yet another favorite character. Now I don’t cry when I read books usually. I get sad, but I usually don’t cry, not even in the fifth book, when one of my favorite characters died.

      In this book, I bawled. I could not ...

      • believe it and still do not! :) The book ends with a funeral (which made me cry even more) and Harry vowing not to come back to school as he has to set out to destroy the Horcruxes. Of course, Ron and Hermione agree to go but after Bill and Fleur’s wedding. This book is wonderful. I loved all the parts of Harry and Dumbledore. Dumbledore is a funny guy and majorly powerful, so reading about their adventures is so cool! The relationships (lots more kissing or as they say “snogging” in this book, but the kids are now 16) are hilarious points in the book, quidditch events, the new minister of magic, and so many other wonderful parts of this book just prove how magnificent of a writer JK Rowling truly is. I love this book even though it made me cry so hard at the end.

        However, after rereading this book, I am now convinced that this person is not dead and will in fact be back. And I am not the only person who feels this way, as there is an entire website devoted to how this person is not dead and reasons why. Also at the end there was a huge betrayal!! Major betrayal. Or at least, that’s what we are supposed to believe. I however am among the camp that believes this person is still good but was only doing what he was instructed so that he could go undercover. I could be wrong, but I don’t think I am. This book leaves so many questions! I can’t believe we only have one book to go before this whole series is over! I can’t wait for that book but it will also be a little sad to not have any more Harry Potter books to look forward to although there will be more movies.

        Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is such a good book that leaves you craving the next one because you are left with such disbelief and so many questions and you just have got to find out what happens next. Plus will Harry really not go back to school? Is this person really bad, or is he still good? Is this person dead, or did he make it appear that he is so to fool the bad guys? I truly love this book. I love watching Harry and his friends grow up and see them deal with normal teenager stuff alongside their saving the world from Voldemort stuff they deal with. Truly great book and while it was sad, I have

        hope that this person is not dead and will be back. I love all of the Harry Potter books! They are all written wonderfully and you just wish you could pack your things and head off to Hogwarts and take a Charms class or go to Hogsmeade and grab a Butterbeer or spin around and “apparate” and reappear in Italy or something. I love the whole Harry Potter world! This book is great! If you haven’t read it yet or you haven’t yet gotten into Harry Potter, you so have got to give it a try. And please know that in my reviews of the books, I have only covered a tiny bit of information of what happens.

        SO MUCH goes on in these books and I could never do them justice by writing a few lines about what happens. They are all hilarious, insightful, realistic, creative and they inspire every emotion you have when you read these! You will laugh, cry, get angry, get frustrated, learn and you will love. I love escaping to the world of Harry Potter where pictures move, people can apparate between places, quidditch is the sport, charms and transfiguration are taught, feasts are prepared for every meal, unicorns and house elves live, and yet the people go through the same stuff we do. By the way reading about the wizards who know nothing about our world is so funny! One of my favorite lines is “What is my dearest ambition?” ” To learn how airplanes stay up”–haha love Mr. Weasely. These are great great books that teach lessons and morals and that love triumphs all and is the greatest magic anyone can possess. “It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities”-Albus Dumbledore—just one of the many insightful lessons we are taught by Dumbledore throughout these books.

        If you have never given Harry a chance or you think that these are books people should not read, I urge you to pick up a book (start with the first one!) and read it. You’ll fall in love with the world and all the characters and truly praise JK Rowling for being an amazing writer who has brought such joy and love of reading to so many people throughout the world. I can not wait for the seventh book to come out, its supposedly coming out next year and there is so much that needs to be answered and needs to be done! Im so excited! If it’s like the past 6 books, it will be wonderful! Harry Potter truly does rock!

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