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  • The thing that I don't like from this washing machine is the detergent place, though it's seems easy to put the detergent, but when the washing machine finish wash the clothes, it's always never clean, the water looks not maximized to use detergent

    • by coolvie

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      When I don’t have washing machine, I always wash the clothes manually, it’s clearer but it’s pretty tired, especially when I don’t have time to wash it my dirty clothes getting more and more. But, since my grand mither buy washing machine, I feel easier to wash my dirty clothes.

      This washing machine is Samsung WA80U7, it’s a good washing machine with a automatic drying system, so after it

      finished washing clothes, it will automatically rinse and spin it so that the clothes become dry.

      After finish spin it, we can put the clothes and dry it to the sun just a few time.

      The operation button is so easy to use.

      There’s a water level button and air turbo button to setting the water that washed the clothes.

      We can also choose the mode that we wanna ...

      • wash the clothes, which are quick, delicate, fuzzy, ECO+, clean tub, and super clean.

        We should choose correctly of those choices.

        I usually use super clean mode because most my clothes just some shirt, T shirt, skirt and pants with cotton material.

        Each choice mode has different time, the super clean has 52 minutes to wash.

        The quick mode has faster time, but I never use the mode yet.

        /> The thing that I don’t like from this washing machine is the detergent place, though it’s seems easy to put the detergent, but when the washing machine finish wash the clothes, it’s always never clean, the water looks not maximized to use detergent.

        This washing machine is also has a filter, it use to place the dirt from the clothes, so to keep the machine work properly we need to clean this filter regularly

    Maureen says :

    I have a samsung automatic machine top loader . recently i have noticed it is producing grime like stuff, the stuff is black in colour and seems like little pieces of cloth but its not. i have no idea where all this is coming from. could something be wrong with my machine
    John says :

    I’ve experienced similar issues. It seems like it needs to be cleaned. Locate your filter and wash it off. The filter is located on the side.
    Galega says :

    It happens over time if you are not properly cleaning your washing machine. Grime like stuffs that you see can be residue of fabric softener and detergent (and, mixture of them). You need to thoroughly clean your washing machine, as allowing it to accumulate will mean dirty clothes and foul smell.
    Maureen says :

    My top loader not rinsing off detergent properly. also clothes come out of machine with pieces of black like cloth stuck on the and have no idea where this is coming from.
    John says :

    Are you able to tell if there’s any spin whatsoever during the rinsing cycle? Check the drainage hose. Remove it from the drainage outlet and check it for clogs. Another cause of this type of problem could be a belt, but it’s not something that an average person could check.
    Galega says :

    Both the problem that you are facing - not properly rinsing off detergent from clothes and pieces of black stuffs are related to only one issue. And, that is your inability to properly clean the washing machine. Following are easy steps that you can follow to completely get rid of this problem:
    Set the washer to the highest level and the hottest setting.
    Add four cups of white cleaning vinegar to the wash cycle.
    After the cycle starts, pause the machine and allow it to sit for an hour.
    During this time, wipe down the top of the washer with a microfiber cloth dipped in the hot vinegar water.
    Cat says :

    I am using the Samsung Wa8OU3. After each wash a light with the message check filter appears. I thought I had already done this by removing all the debris from the filter on the side of the machine… there something I am missing? tx
    John says :

    If you have cleaned the filter it is likely to be a misread. Unplug the washer from the wall outlet for 10 seconds and plug it back in. This should reset the display.
    Galega says :

    Unplug the washing machine and plug it back and see if the problem still persists. If yes, then obviously the machine is giving out the right warning message. You have cleaned the filter, but not optimally. It is essential that you regularly clean this filter, as it will collect everything from lint to hair, coins, tissues and more.
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