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  • If you can't sleep for some reason or you keep waking up in the middle of the night, then you may want to consider Equate Pain Reliever PM

    • by alpha2zulu


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      Equate Pain Reliever PM is used by individuals who may have a headache that won’t go away or become restless. If you can’t sleep for some reason or you keep waking up in the middle of the night, then you may want to consider Equate Pain Reliever PM. This will help those individuals who are having trouble resting, this pain reliever will help the individual sleep better, with uninterrupted sleep. The human body needs a full seven to eight hours of rest on a daily basis in order to function fully and properly. If you don’t not get enough sleep, you may become drowsy and feel exhausted for no reason at all. This product will help you get the full amount of sleep needed.This pain reliever will also temporary relieve minor aches and pains.


      used it through a particularly bad chest cold that I just could not shake for over a week. Not only was I feeling pain, but it would not let me get any sleep at all so I was unable to get through the day even when I wanted or needed to. It was all very frustrating, but once someone gave me the Equate Pain Reliever for nights I was able to at least get some sleep and didn’t feel anything during that time that I was sleeping so it was heaven.

      Equate Pain Relieve PM comes in the form of a pill. This pill is easy to swallow. When taking this pill, you should drink a couple glasses of fluids throughout the day or maybe eat something little or light, not anything ...

      • too heavy because it may upset your stomach. You get fifty caplets in a bottle, which is not bad for the price at all. The price that you will normally pay for this product is around two to four dollars per bottle. This price is a bargain price for this item because Equate Pain Reliever PM does not only help you get uninterrupted sleep, but will also relieve any pain that you may have as well.

        This medication should not be taken when drinking alcoholic beverages because of health risks , as stated on the label. If pregnant or breast feeding, you should consult a doctor or physician before taking this medicine. Children twelve years of age and older are able to take two caplets before going to bed, or when needed for pain. An

        individual should not consume more than eight pills daily, this may result in overdoses or heath risks.

        Individuals who are taking this medication should read the label before doing so. Make sure to follow directions when taking the medicine. Individuals taking more than the recommended dosages of this medicine may have damages done to your health in result to liver damage. Any individuals who feel that they have taken more than the recommended dosage should seek medical help right away. You may want to try and contact a doctor or physician and seek their information as well.

        Overall, price to quality ratio is very good and when it comes down to it, it is basically the same stuff in a different wrapper so it is the meds you need and you might as well just pay for that.

    Norma says :

    Is it possible to get addicted to this drug? I have taken it for pain and sleep for several years and recently stopped for a few days. My heart beat wildly and irregularly.

    Alpha2Zulu replies :

    From what I have read there is no risk of addiction. I would go see a doctor if I were you.

    Galega says :

    The active ingredients of Equate Pain Reliever are Acetamenophen and Diphenhydramine Hcl. Both of these ingredients are not intended to be taken daily for extended period of time. If you have continuous headache problem, you should consult a doctor and go for proper diagnosis rather than taking a pain reliever daily.

    Further, it may not be addictive. But, it can have lots of side effects, if overused. I would suggest you to consult a doctor and discuss all of these problems.

    Cheryl Mabe says :

    I have purchased Equate Pain Reliever PM. The pill is the rapid release gelcap and it light blue on one end and a darker blue on the other end. Which color is the Acetaminophen? Thanks

    Alpha2Zulu replies :

    Depending on which size dosage you purchase, the acetomeniphen will be a white or red pill.

    Galega says :

    There is no information about the color of Acetaminophen. And, I don’t think that you really need to know. The capsule is in two colors and you are required to take entire capsule, not only half. If you want to take only Acetaminophen, you should consider using a suitable medicine which contains only Acetaminophen. There are lots of alternatives available.

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