Balinese (Long-Haired Siamese) Cat
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  • His favorite game is attacking my slipper
  • It's not a cat you can just feed and forget about - a Balinese (or Siamese) would never be happy under those conditions

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      I have owned my Balinese cat for about ten years. The Balinese is a longhaired Siamese and he acts like a Siamese in temperament and behavior in most areas. He has a body much like a regular cat (not the too-thin body of the Extreme Siamese) but it is a bit thinner than other domestic cat breeds. He is a blue point, which means he has a gray face, legs and tail. There is an area on his back that often looks a bit darker than the rest of his white fur and this is common with a Balinese. You often can recognize a Siamese by its kinked tail fur.

      Both Balinese and Siamese are noisy, talkative cats. My cat meows all the time. In fact, he likes singing! If he thinks it’s too quiet in the house than he will start meowing. If you like peace and quiet, then this is not the right breed of cat for you. My cat has never meowed while I’m watching TV, but he has meowed while I’m on the phone. He also loves to start singing in the middle of the


      My cat is also very active. He’s on the go most of the time. He loves walking around and patrolling the house. He often runs around and jumps up onto furniture. I’ve seen him in the summer chasing after flies that had gotten into the house. Sometimes he’s so active that he tires himself out and lays down panting.

      He also loves and requires a lot of interaction with his owner. His favorite game is attacking my slipper. I’ve never had a cat do this before but I’ve since read that many cats play this game. He’s never intentionally hurt me I should say - he’s very careful of that. He also loves playing with cat wands that have a toy on the end. He really doesn’t care for other toys very much. He loves lots of petting, being picked up and so forth.

      As a Balinese has long fur, they require a bit of grooming - but not as much as a Persian. My cat does shed a lot though, especially in winter when the furnace is on a lot. That means they leave fur around ...

      • the house.

        These cats do not like to be left alone. They prefer to be in the same room as their owner. My cat often follows me around the house from room to room. My Balinese greets me every morning when I first get up without fail. He also greets me at the door each time I come home and he knows when I’m coming home, even if it’s at different times like from shopping, etc. They are also very curious about things.

        My cat is pretty outgoing and when I first got him, he made himself right at home between the four Maine Coons I had at the time. There was none of the difficulties you hear about strange cats meeting each other and settling in - he was very friendly and just moved in as if he had lived here all along. He’s also the only cat I have that isn’t afraid of strange humans; mainly repairmen, who come over to fix something. While my Maine Coons hide, he’d be out in the open looking at them! He’s very easy-going. He’s never hissed or been threatening

        in any way.

        Balinese and Siamese are also very intelligent. He knew once that there was something wrong with the toilet and the water had risen up to the rim of the bowl. I’ve read that many Siamese can be taught to play fetch but I’ve never tried this.

        In conclusion, the Balinese is an intelligent cat that is easy-going and loves personal interaction with their human owner. It’s not a cat you can just feed and forget about - a Balinese (or Siamese) would never be happy under those conditions. They require lots of love and attention each and every day. They also require a bit of grooming now and then, but it’s not a daily need. They do shed, so take that into consideration. They are also very active. The number one thing you must know and accept is the amount of noise they make - they make many sounds (often quite loud) throughout the day and night. And no, it’s not just “meow” as a cat can make other sounds, too. If you can accept all these facts, then you’ll receive a very loyal and dedicated companion in return.

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