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Bonifacio Street, Baguio City, Philippines 2600
  • I love this school so much since I have been a Lousian since I was in elementary
  • I didn't have a problem with my nursing career since this school prepared me well for it
  • I really love my school and it prepared me well for my career

    • by maffy

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      I am an alumni of this school. I graduated last March 2005 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing.

      I love this school so much since I have been a Lousian since I was in elementary.

      I am very proud of this school because we are one of the top ranking Nursing Schools

      in the entire Philippines and we are the only independent nursing school in the Philippines so basically we make our own policies so the Commission on Higher Education doesn’t need to provide the rules.

      I am very proud of it because we were awarded to be the Center of Excellence for Nursing Education and ...

      • we are accredited with all other international organizations.

        I didn’t have a problem with my nursing career since this school prepared me well for it.

        We have our own hospital so we don’t need to go from one hospital to another just to an affiliate to be able to complete the curriculum.

        I really

        my school and I am very proud of it.

        It is a well known school in the Philippines and as for the tuition fee it is one of the lowest because the owner of the school is more of the CICM fathers.

        I really love my school and it prepared me well for my career.

    mar says :

    I completed my BS degree (BSME) in Saint Louis University, Baguio City and so proud because the institution prepared me to apply the theoretical aspect of solving whatever problem that has come along the way. SLU also gave me the needed knowledge and molded me to do the right approach on how to overcome task that seemed difficult to overcome. The confidence that was inculcated in me is so tremendous that againts all odds I would say, became easy and was able to complete and finished assigned task on time. This is the reason why SLU is one of the well known schools as source of Engineers for Middle East projects. I saw fellow graduates of SLU in GCC and I must say we are not far behind when it comes to technological knowhow but rather we are one of the best…..Happy Holidays……..Viva SLU……
    Chris says :

    Hi, I`m a U.S. citizen and I plan to study abroad to getting my BSN in SLU in Baguio. I have an associate degree in science and an associate degree in liberal arts. I also have related classes towards my BSN. I have completed overall almost 100 units in the states, but I also have a number of failed and dropped courses. I m planning to go to school there this year on October or November, whenever the school starts. 1 How do you become an SLU student, how do I go about? I need step by step process, because I do not fully understand the admission procedures as an international 2 Once I become a student there, will I be considered freshmen? 3 Can you explain to me about the Special Exam for BSN? Do I have to take the exam? If I do, what will I be tested on? Is it basic math and english or do I have to know my physiology, microbiology, human anatomy, etc? I don`t know what they mean by slots. Can you explain to me what it is? Is there a waiting list prior to attending the nursing classes? Schools in the states have a waiting list because they only allow 60 students into the nursing program each semester and I am on the wait list number 300, so I would have to start the nursing classes in a couple years from now. Reason being, nurse teachers are limited here 4 Does the school offer financial aides such as student loans? I plan to stay there in the Philippines for a couple years without coming back to the states and I may not have a job there to pay for all my expenses If there are no student loans available, what are the other resources available to getting financial help? 5 Can my units classes taken here in the states be transferable? 6 What is the tuition cost? Do I pay by semester regardless of how many units I am taking? If I pay by the units taking, how much is it per unit? 7 About the student housing, how does this work and why is it that the guys monthly cost more than the ladies? Couldn`t I stay in the MMH? After all I am on a budget. 8 What is the expectancy of how much money I will need in order to live there comfortably for 3 years including food, housing, tuition, utility bills, etc.? I will be living on a tight budget. Please give me a range. 9 Will I be wearing uniforms at the school? 10 Are there a lot of international students there? I am Filipino, but don t speak the language. Am I going to feel like a family member of SLU? I mean, I don`t want to be left out. 11 Please inform me if there is anything else I need to know prior to getting accepted into the school and into the nursing program, and any important information. Also, this question is somewhat related prior to attending school. If I have a dual-citizenship, I would also be considered a Philippine citizen, but with that, would I need a student visa and a working visa? I mean, doesn`t a dual-citizenship cover a student visa and a working visa? What is the best way to stay in the Philippines for the longest time about 3 years possible without losing my U.S citizenship? One more thing You can answer it you like, but you don`t have to. I would like to know though. How are the girls like in SLU Detail or a vague answer is fine with me??? SORRY FOR ASKING FOR TOO MUCH QUESTIONS, IT`S JUST THAT I NEED TO KNOW ALL THE INFO PRIOR TO ATTENDING SLU.
    Rodolfo G Abad says :

    I am a Louisian an Otto Hahn from the College of Engineering Architecture, Department of Mechanical Engineering. SLU we were honed to study and live with the belief that Wisdom Builds Sapienta Aedificat Through the years, I would say –SLU prepared me to face the challenges in life towards a fast changing world. Many thanks, Rodolfo G. Abad, RME
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