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  • As I saw the bus arriving, I was very impressed
  • I found a seat in a row where no one was sitting and sat down
  • In my opinion, the seats were a bit too close together and narrow, so I was very happy that no one sat next to me
  • I will definitely travel with this service again and recommend it to everyone I know

    • by sherbert

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      I recently traveled on Mega Bus from Washington, D. C. to New York City.

      I was intrigued by this company after hearing from friends that you could book one way tickets from as cheap as one dollar, but I was a bit skeptical at first. I wondered if the service was legitimate or just super sketchy.

      I ordered my ticket online for a 7:00 departure from the bus terminal in Washington, D. C.

      (outside of the Martin Luther King Jr. Library).

      As I saw the bus arriving, I was

      very impressed. The bus was a “double decker” and was designed with eye-catching decoration.

      The bus attendant loaded by suit case for me under the bus, checked my printed out confirmation page, and I then was able to board the bus. I found a seat in a row where no one was sitting and sat down.

      In my opinion, the seats were a bit too close together and narrow, so I was very happy that no one sat next to me. If someone had sat next to ...

      • me, I may have not been too comfortable or able to sleep, but I would not have complained because I only paid $1 (plus a fifty cent reservation fee) for this ride.

        I was very happy that I was able to use my laptop on the bus since it is equipped with wireless internet. We stopped in Baltimore to let off some passengers and pick others up and then continued on our way to New York City.

        I found the ride to be very smooth, and the

        Mega Bus site was pretty accurate with its timing. The site said we would get there in four hours and fifteen minutes, and we got there in four hours.

        I found the employees to be very kind and friendly - especially after helping me get my suitcase off the bottom level of the bus. I will definitely travel with this service again and recommend it to everyone I know! If you check the site, they travel between numerous U.

        S. cities for prices usually anywhere between $1 and $25 each way.

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    Scott says :

    MegaBus Customer Service SUCKS I was abandoned by MegaBus over the Christmas Holidays in NYC. I understand there was bad weather coming, but the other bus lines were still running. MegaBus canceled all service on Dec 26th and did not bother to send out emails to customers until the 27th letting us know. I think we figured it out when we were standing outside in the cold with a useless ticket. Their website said to call to reschedule or get a refund. It took 3 days to get in touch with anyone on the phone and then they said they were working on refunds. On Jan 4th they sent a blanket email saying that refunds would be slow due to the number of requested refunds. go figure It is now the 12th and still no refund or any further info. Emails go unanswered. AVOID at All Costs. Much better, more reliable companies out there. My new favorite is DC2NY.
    RockerBaby says :

    I just have question, I and 2 other girlfriends are taken a trip from new york city to toronto this july then nite bus. does anyone know where the mega bus stop is 9th ave and 31st 33rd street.. I have ask and got only that address. I know there is a usps building there is that where the stop is? Thank you Rockerbaby
    Liam says :

    Megabus’s pick up location from New York City is across the street from the Javits Center which is in between 11th and 12th avenue.
    Smvemt78 says :

    AVOID Do Anything but ride MEGABUS. I would rather hitchhike with a crack-addicted trucker lady. Driver was EXTREMELY rude when approached about a problem. He threatened to eject my family from the bus. First he was late. We left late. Extremely bad driving. That is just this trip The bus we took here had 2 drivers and both were jabbing on the cell phone while driving. The first even bottomed the bus out Scary when you have your family on board and all of this talking was going out between the hours of 11PM and 8AM from DC to Knoxville. NEVER will I EVER take a megabus again
    Lc says :

    I have taken the megabus 4 times in the last 6 months - they have been 30 to 90 minutes late for EVERY one of the pickups - very unorganized
    Darling Violetta says :

    Is Megabus an independently owned and operated company or is it part of the Greyhound bus company?
    Julia Cole says :

    It’s not own by Greyhound. It’s independent, but its parent company is Coach USA, LLC.
    quick note by anonymous :

    I have made 8 trips now on the Mega Bus during this year and have found that traveling a few hrs from one stop to another, when you are getting off is OK. You don’t need to use the bathroom. Traveling long trips is very hazardous to your health - the bathrooms on every bus I have rode were more than filty - three trips I know were originating trips and the bathrooms were all to dirty for anyone to use from the start- most people would open the door and Yell, “Oh My GOD ” and slam the door. So my opinion is that long trips are at least a 2 DEPENDS trip cause you don’t get stops for at least 12 hrs at a time. The buses stop in major cities but you can not get off to use the bathroom because there are none available. I am talking about the buses holding tanks being so full it is overflowing onto the floor and out the door onetime into bus isle.
    My last trip was the worst - someone threw up on the stairs, it was sprayed for smell and left for all the passengers to walk through from upstairs to get off the bus. I have more trips already paid for but I have decided I can not use the Mega Bus for them so will forfeit my money rather than be treated inhuman on the ride and I am on a fixed income so that is a difficult decision for me to make.
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