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  • I love the different scents and look forward to anything else that the Febreze Company has coming out with in the near future

    • by Thierry Snipes

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      Febreze sprays have been booming over the last decade. I’ve seen just as many different types of Febreze scents as I have Glade products. Soft and simple is the way lots of busy Americans prefer to function. Just look at single parents- Hell, I’m a single male (technically, though I do have a girlfriend) and I have an extremely busy schedule. That’s why I need

      something that works effectively and is not too time consuming.

      When the dog has my home smelling like a horse stable, I light incense or burn candles because I try to stay away from aerosol sprays- though I do own a few. It takes a while for the smells from the candles and incense to fill my home, and while they are performing their magic, I ...

      • pull out the Febreze Antimicrobial Disinfectant spray, shake the bottle thoroughly, and watch the mist of Febreze float into the atmosphere. I also personally like to spray this product on the carpet to give it a nice fresh scent, without the added aromas.

        I assure you that my home, and everything else I lightly spray the Febreze on, is disinfected, clearer, and therefore, my home

        is clean as well. If you have animals, children, or a husband/boyfriends, I strongly suggest that you buy a bottle of Febreze Antimicrobial Disinfectant spray. I’ve been buying it for over five years-on and off- and I can say I’m a devoted Febreze buyer. I love the different scents and look forward to anything else that the Febreze Company has coming out with in the near future.

    robyn says :

    due to the current trend of lying and trickery in all of society, especially here in the united states, i am wondering about your assurance of disinfection. have you tested the bacteria levels before and after the antimicrobial spray use? all i can do is look up the ingredients to see if they are known to kill microbes, however that does not prove to me that 1. those ingredients are in the product, or 2. that they actually do work to kill bacteria. i used to buy only this type or the allergy fighter type which i think might be even harder to determine usefullness to description about . Then i stopped finding either type of product in any of the stores i went to. well, finally i found the antimicrobial febreeze at target the only problem is that i am worried about the stigma of the scent and especially if the product doesn`t even kill bacteria so it would be great if it came in a variety of scents because then i wouldn`t have to be made fun of for using febreeze i o cleaning and i could avoid arguements with non-doctors and non-scientists over weather the product i`m using is actually effectively killing germs and therefore making everything i use it on clean er.

    Shelby says :

    We used Febreeze in our Microbiology lab to study the zone of inhibition in comparison to other disinfectants. The zone of inhibition was comparable to Hibiclens.

    Curt says :

    I know the key ingredient of febreze is HPBCD, an ingredient that can capture some small molecules inside its cavity. However I do not understand how it can help with disinfecting. Because HPBCD cannot help with disinfection. Also if there is any antibacterial inside febreze that can help to kill 99% of bacteria, I have to question the wisdom of making a spray product for non-professional use. Exposed to spray form of any disinfectant could be a health concern.

    DWi says :

    100% polyester … I would just machine wash that sucker, with a little bit of bleach to disinfect, in the delicate cycle, of course.

    Natalie says :

    My son has sever allergies and Febreze is the only odor fighting product that does not adversely affect him. We have two cats and a small home, I use Febreze daily to help with the “little odors”. I have found it works better then candles, carpet powders , or any other comparing product. It works for my families needs.

    Violetta says :

    What is the average cost of this product? How does it compare to other air freshening sprays?

    Alpha2Zulu says :

    The average cost of this product is six dollars, which keeps it competitive with other sprays that claim to do the same thing. Compared to other air freshening sprays this one lasts longer and you dont need to keep spraying it after its worn off because it has bacteria eating contents that break down whatever is causing the bad smells.

    Joanna says :

    Hi Violetta,

    It costs between $ 4 to $ 6 at Wal-Mart, depending upon the size of the bottle, the scent, and any promotions that may be going on. It works pretty well compared to most other products with the exception of the Dollar Tree brand Fabric Refresher. I prefer the Dollar Tree brand better, because of its price and because the scent is lighter and lasts longer.

    However, when I can’t find the Dollar Tree band, Febreeze is the only other product that I trust.

    Hope this helps.


    Thierry Snipes replies :

    I’ve noticed that Febreze costs more than other brands, and if you’re going to Walmart, forget about getting it cheap unless there is a sale. That’s a wonderful thing about Walmart, when they have sales, you can stock up on goodies that you like with the DISCOUNTS. On average, however, you will pay no less than $ 4 dollars - unless they have a sale (because the particular smell/promotion is discontinuing) for $ 1 or $ 2 dollars.

    If I had to choose between Febreze or Dollar Tree brands… I’d choose Febreze… now, when I factor in my frugality… well, I would settle for a couple Dollar Tree brands and one Febreze that I’d make last a little longer than the “non name brand”.

    Suzan Rury says :

    I’ve found the best prices for Frebreze products is “Big Lots” sometimes the “Dollar General” stores. And they offer a larger variety of “double packaged” selections.

    Marissa says :

    It’s fairly inexpensive and works more for short term things. If you are expecting company relatively soon, then a few sprays around the house and on the pillows are nice but it wears off eventually.

    Sarah says :

    Would Febreze Antimicrobial kill germs like Athlete`s Foot on my blankets? I friend came over and was laying in my bed with no socks and had Athlete`s Foot, so I need something to kill the germs so I don`t get it. Will this do it? My comforter is dry clean only and will get ruined in my washer, I don`t have the money right now to get it dry cleaned so I really need a cheap but good solution. It`s 100 Polyester and easily stains and gets ruined. Is Febreze Antimicrobial my answer?

    Thierry Snipes replies :

    I am not 100% sure, but to be safe I wouldn’t use the Febreze Antimicrobial product on any delicate fabrics. It may be best, though not desired, to wait until you have the money to dry clean the sheet and not risk damaging it.

    Here are some tips for cleaning your comforter:

    1.) Machine wash polyester using the permanent press cycle and warm water wash.

    2.) Dry polyester on low heat setting in your dryer, or hang on a clothes line to air dry in warmer weather.

    3.) Remove from dryer promptly and hang or fold neatly to avoid unwanted creases.

    Hope this helps. :)

    Galega says :

    Yes, Febreze Antimicrobial Disinfectant can easily get rid of germs like that of Athlete’s Foot. There is absolutely no doubt about this. The disinfectant is intended to be used for the same purpose, keeping off microorganism getting in contact with the user.

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