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  • I've seen many celebrities, who I love, endorsing the brand in commercials and print ads
  • Not that I don't like it's effects, it just that the cream gives my skin a more bronze tone, and it's natural color is somewhat red

    • by Thierry Snipes

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      There is a cream that always seems to make my face stay clear of blemishes as well as dark spots (the after math of acne invasion), and that’s Ambi Skin Care Fade Cream. This product can be used by any one, but is mostly marketed to African American buyers. I’ve seen many celebrities, who I love, endorsing the brand in commercials and print ads. Angela Basset is one of a few actresses that I’ve seen dazzle a

      television screen with wonderful skin.

      I use the product on and off. Not that I don’t like it’s effects, it just that the cream gives my skin a more bronze tone, and it’s natural color is somewhat red. The mixture of Ambi Fade Cream and my natural skin tone looks like a ketchup factory after it’s been blown up. This is why I use the cream 3 times a week and it seems to help control the ...

      • heavy oil build-up my face produces. They also have a tube for “oily skin.”

        I, just like anyone else, wants to make sure I take care of my skin. I mean, it’s the only shell we have to move around in. Not only is it good to take care of your skin for cosmetic purposes, it’s good to the health of your body. As with all products or just about anything your body consumes, too much can

        be dangerous and too little could be pointless. Try to balance out which products work for you.

        I have other Ambi products, but Ambi Skin Care Fade Cream seems to be the only one of them that’s constantly out of the closet in the hallway. My family, friends, and I take great pride in tidiness and- at least- fair grooming; so I know this product is good for you if you like your face looking it’s best.

    Jill says :

    Can i leave the face soap on my face while i sleep?
    Thierry Snipes replies :

    I wouldn’t recommend leaving the soap on your face while you sleep. I’m no dermatologist, but I think the soap could dry out a person’s skin if left to sit on the face for too long. Scrub your skin with the soap and then wash the soap off with warm to lukewarm water.
    Galega says :

    This review is about a facial cream, not soap. Are you asking about cream?

    There isn’t any problem in leaving the cream on your face and going for sleep. In fact, that is how you should use it. Apply the cream on the affected area before going to bed. Rinse off your face in the morning.

    You should also wash your face properly before applying it.
    Olivia Chen says :

    Hi, I have purchased this product. The directions say to apply only on the affected area. I am using this to lighten my hyperpigmentation. My dark spots are very small, I`m not sure how to apply this cream only on the affected area. Should I apply it all over my face as a face cream?
    Galega says :

    First wash your face properly with warm water. And then apply this cream on the affected area. You can apply it by using your finger. That is all you are required to do.
    Thierry Snipes says :

    I`ve been using Ambi for about a year and I`ve been applying a thin layer of it on my entire face. I make sure its thin so that I dont overdo it. But I would test some of the Ambi out on your arm or something, just to make sure that it can be spread in a wider fashion over the entire face and not just the dark spots. Best of luck to you - Thierry
    Destiny says :

    On the Ambi Fade Cream it says apply a thin layer on the spot. My question is, Do I rub the fade cream in on the spots or do I just apply it and let it sit on there?
    Thierry Snipes replies :

    Try rubbing it in the skin on the affected area.
    Galega says :

    Take little amount of the cream on your finger tip. And, now make a thin layer or just apply on the affected area. There is no need to use it on your entire face.
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