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  • The only problem I have noted with taking this medication is that I experienced some degree of loose bowel movement and occasional abdominal cramps

    • by coolynch78


      I had acute bacterial sinusitis about more than a year ago which I can describe as severe headache most noted around my eyes and my forehead associated with colds and stuffy nose with yellowish nasal discharge. Furthermore I had moderate to high grade fever which made my condition even worse. Because of this, I had to go on

      leave from my work for more than 5 days and had some bed rest.

      Because of this, I consulted an internist and she prescribe me to take Cefradine 500mg capsule which I had to take every 6 hours for 7 days together with a nasal decongestant and an anti-pyretic for my fever.

      On the second day of my intake of Cefradine 500mg ...

      • capsule with good compliance, I have noted that my fever started to subside. Furthermore my nose became less stuffy and I don’t need to go mouth breathing just to put some oxygen to my lungs. My headache also became less prominent. After the seven-day course of this antibiotic, my condition became apparently improved and I resumed going
        to my work.

        The only problem I have noted with taking this medication is that I experienced some degree of loose bowel movement and occasional abdominal cramps. But these adverse reactions, in my case, were tolerable. Thus if this medication would be prescribed to me again in the future, I will still use it because it is really very effective.

    beena says :

    does this have penicillin in it. if a patient is allergic to penicillin can they take cefradin

    John says :

    It does not directly contain penicillin, but it contains cephalosporin, which is closely related to penicillin. With that being said, you shouldn’t take it unless it’s been recommended by a doctor.

    Galega says :

    Cefradine is used in the treatment of respiratory tract infection mainly A beta-hemolytic streptococci (and, also for other infections like UTI).

    Penicillin is also used in the treatment for A beta-hemolytic streptococci. You might want to get treatment for this infection and hence concerned about cross allergy.

    As mentioned above, Cefradine contains Cephalosporin.

    It is widely believed that if a patient is allergic to Penicillin, there is high probability of cross allergy with Cephalosporin.

    And hence, those patients are not prescribed Cefradine. I think you should convey this problem to your doctor so that a suitable medicines can be advised.

    neil says :

    Are these tablets effective when taken for prostititus. If so has anyone taken cefradine, what dosage , for how long and what was the outcome. kindest regards

    Galega says :

    I think you are talking about prostatitis (which is caused by E.Coli).

    Cefradine is prescribed in the treatment of prostatitis. There is no issue here.

    However, you must keep this fact in mind. Cefradine should not be taken without doctor’s prescription.

    karl payne says :

    i am allergic to pencilin so should I be taking the cefradine as presribed by the doctor

    John says :

    Karl, it doesn’t specifically contain penicillin, but it contains a related ingredient-cephalosporin. However, doctors may still recommend it because it’s not penicillin itself. With that being said you should double check to make sure your doctor knew your were allergic to pencilin.

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