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  • This made for some very interesting observations
  • Because of how Kin was in the future, I definitely have to forgive him for that
  • I know that he likes to keep things fresh
  • Those are the moments I prefer and the ones I remember most

    • by Orrymain

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      Son of Herb Shriner and brother to Wil Shriner, actor Kin Shriner is best know for his portrayal of Scott Baldwin on the soap opera, General Hospital. He took over the role after several other actors had played the child Scotty, but once Kin got a hold of the teenage role, the part has been his for over three decades.

      As a soap opera fan, especially of General Hospital, I had occasion to see Kin at various fan events and sometimes while hanging out at the studios where the show was filmed. This made for some very interesting observations.

      Back in the day, the actors at General Hospital partied hard. It was well known. Anthony, Geary, Tristan Rogers, and Kin Shriner led the way in that department. Having a good time walked hand in hand with shooting their scenes. However they did it, it worked. The show was a huge success in the 80’s.

      So, one night, Kin drives out in his jeep. As he always did, he stopped and talked. He was great about that. He’d sign autographs and let us take pictures. I don’t think he ever said no. However, he was also clearly under the influence. We were truly worried about his safety in getting home, but it was

      another era, and we certainly didn’t say anything to him about it. It’s a memory that has stayed fresh in my mind, though. He certainly was in a mood heightened by the alcohol.

      Another time, we were watching the cars leave. They were lined up, waiting to pull out of the parking lot. We kept staring at a car that was towards the back. The guy in it looked like Kin, sort of, but we knew that wasn’t his car, and he was acting different. Was it or wasn’t it him?

      Well, good one from Kin’s point of view. He knew we were uncertain, and he had some fun with is. I forgot why he wasn’t in his jeep or on his motorcycle, but there was one. He laughed and, as always, signed and smiled. To our defense, there was a crew member who resembled Kin who was working on the show at the time. He had a motorcycle, just like Kin did, and sometimes, you really weren’t sure who was approaching, until they were up close. Kin knew that, too. It was kind of fun having Kin tease us like that.

      My only negative event with Kin was at the first fan club gathering that I saw him out. However,

      • that was explained a bit later. He was okay that day, but distracted, and we learned that he had just announced that he was leaving the show and had just told his co-star, Genie Francis. The two were pretty close at the time, so apparently, there was some emotional stuff going on that day. Because of how Kin was in the future, I definitely have to forgive him for that.

        Another memorable day at the studios happened the first time Kin returned to the show. In fact, it was just before the famous Luke and Laura wedding. We were just standing there, minding our own business, when Peter Hanson and Susan Brown (they played Scott’s father and step-mother) returned from a lunch break with, yes, Kin Shriner. Oh my goodness! Scotty is back! He smiled and waved, and we had the scoop that few fans knew.

        In fact, when the wedding festivities were filmed, Kin was actually sneaked in. His return was surrounded by secrecy because they didn’t want anyone to know that he’d show up to put a kink in the wedding. It was all very dramatic.

        We never told anyone, though. We just waited with eager anticipation of the wedding show.

        Honestly, I don’t know what Kin does during his hiatus breaks from

        the soap opera. The first time, he took a role on another soap, which I watched a bit, just to see him. I actually liked the character there. I know that he likes to keep things fresh. He cares about his part and doesn’t want it to get stale. Going away for months or years at a time helps him to stay motivated and be his best. I have to respect that. I remember one time he left, he said he knew he’d be back. It was just a matter of time. He always comes back. It’s like General Hospital is a home away from home.

        I have no clue what Kin’s life is like today. I do know that when he left the show this last time, in December 2008, that it was in a surprise twist, with Scotty sneaking aboard the plane that was taking his beloved Laura to France. Will they get together again? Who knows, but in my mind, they have.

        If nothing else, Kin Shriner has given me a lot of fun memories, and while I hate the evil-Scott, I sure do love the good Scott, the one who loves Laura and once loved Dominique. Those are the moments I prefer and the ones I remember most.

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