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  • It wasn't until over a decade later, when both performers returned to General Hospital that they actually dealt with the rape issue
  • Coupling aside, I wasn't impressed the first time I met Genie Francis at a fan event
  • It was probably the best thing that ever happened to her
  • I don't think they thought she'd really leave
  • I like being able to score someone highly who I once wouldn't have given a '1' to

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      Actress Genie Francis is best known for being the female half of the Luke and Laura sensation that captured America in the 80’s and elevated soaps into national awareness. She, and co-star Anthony Geary, were probably the most known performers from any soap opera, including the one they starred in, General Hospital.

      I’ll say up front, I never liked this coupling. The character of Luke had raped Laura, and they just washed over that and had Laura fall in love with him. I was against that, and I strongly disliked the Luke character. It wasn’t until over a decade later, when both performers returned to General Hospital that they actually dealt with the rape issue. It had been a long time coming, and they did finally acknowledge it for what it was.

      Coupling aside, I wasn’t impressed the first time I met Genie Francis at a fan event. It was also the first time I’d met Kin Shriner, who played Scotty, her husband on the show before all the Luke and

      Laura stuff took off. He seemed off that day, too. What we found out was that Kin had apparently just told Genie that he was leaving the show, and the two being close, that reportedly was her reason for being standoffish that day. Maybe. I don’t know.

      Genie Francis had spent her teenage years on the soap opera. I so often remember hearing her ‘whine’ in interviews about not having a childhood, etc. Well, she finally left the show to be ‘normal’ and go to college. That’s what she said. Only, that’s not what she did. Instead, she signed on for a nighttime show that went no where. I just laughed at her decision. I knew she wouldn’t stop acting.

      Okay, let’s chalk all of that up to just being young and immature. She surprised me when she met and married Jonathan Frakes of Star Trek: The Next Generation fame. It was probably the best thing that ever happened to her. She stopped being whiny about her teenage years, and she seemed to take on a new, mature air.

      She’s been on and off of General Hospital for years. The one notable time when she ended one of her runs is when she told the producers that she might want to leave. As the story goes, they acted like they didn’t care. I don’t think they thought she’d really leave. Well, what they didn’t know was that Frakes had been offered a chance to direct something in England, and it would mean moving their family for a year or so overseas. She told him to take the job, and the powers that be at General Hospital were stunned, and angry.

      This time, I was on Genie’s side. She did tell them; they just didn’t take her seriously. It ended up not being an amicable parting; that is, until sometime later when the powers that be groveled and convinced her to return, yet again. I sometimes find myself chuckling that I was on her ...

      • Genie Francis
      side about it all; that was a first.

      Most recently, in 2008, Genie Francis again reprised her role, and this time, I think she was at her best. I was really impressed with her performance. Now here’s the thing, too. the only reason Luke and Laura ever got to be Luke and Laura is because Shriner left the show at the pivotal moment. Otherwise, Luke was a dead mobster.

      In the years that followed, Shriner’s character of Scotty has been as evil as evil can be and then also as nice as nice can be. In the last couple of years, he was just a no-goodnick, until Genie returned this last time. All of a sudden, Scotty stopped everything in an attempt to win Laura back. She was non-committal and still loves Luke, though the couple isn’t married anymore.

      What I adore, though, is that in the last scene, Laura is on the plane, heading for France, when Scotty opens the door and walks in. Her last moment on screen

      has her seeing Scotty. That’s it. YES! I’ve always wanted them together. Of course, the next time Genie shows up, who knows what the storyline will be, but I think I’ll just pretend that’s the last time, and that Laura and Scotty have recaptured their young love.

      So, it left me on a high, and thinking only positively of Genie Francis as an actress. I also have to say that Genie appeared in my favorite mini-series of all time, North and South, with Patrick Swayze. She did a very nice job there, too. That’s also where her love affair with Frakes began.

      From what I’ve read about the wife and mother Genie Francis is, it sounds like whatever her teenage struggles were, she’s found her center. Her acting is better than ever, and she’s a lovely woman. She’s doing some movies for Hallmark, and those have been really nice projects. I like being able to score someone highly who I once wouldn’t have given a ‘1′ to.

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