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  • He is assigned to find and destroy five replicants who have escaped from the colony, hijacked a spaceship and came back to earth

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      “Blade Runner” is set in the 2020 Los Angeles. The technology has reached the highest levels, and those who have technology have power and money. Tyrell Corporation is one of these power-holders, producing so-called “replicants” - androids programmed for certain tasks and used as working force in colonies outside earth.

      The replicants are practically identical to humans but possess superhuman abilities; they also have a limited life span. Although originally not intended to have emotions, some of the replicants do

      develop them, and begin to question their position of a slave, which leads to rebellion.

      Because of that, replicants are declared illegal and subject to termination upon detection. A special police unit takes care of that, called Blade Runners; they hunt down and “retire” the androids.

      Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) is one of such police officers. He is assigned to find and destroy five replicants who have escaped from the colony, hijacked a spaceship and came back to earth.

      The group is led by Roy (Rutger Hauer), one of the strongest androids. Their goal is to find their maker, the owner of Tyrell Corporation, and demand that he gives them more life instead of the 4 years they are programmed to have.

      This takes Deckard to the office of Tyrell corporation where he meets Rachel, Tyrell’s assistant. When Deckard gives her a special eye test (the only way to identify a replicant because they are so much like humans), he ...

      • Blade Runner, 1982
      finds out that Rachel is an android, of which she has no idea.

      She has memory implant that has given her a human history and made her think that she is a human. Deckard does not get any useful information at the office so he continues his search and tracks down Zhora, a female replicant working as an entertainer and one of the five on his hit list.

      Zhora has superhuman strength and almost manages to escape from Deckard, but

      he eventually terminates her. After that he is assaulted by another replicant, a huge one, named Leon.

      The fight would have been deadly for Deckard if it wasn’t for Rachel, who shows up in the right moment and kills Leon. Shortly after that Deckard’s boss tells him that Rachel must be “retired” as well.

      Deckard is now having second thoughts about his job, he sees that Rachel is no different from humans, and he begins to fall in love with her.

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