Rise of the Dragon (Sega CD/1994)
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  • The dialogue, story, characters, and voice-overs are some of the best quality work ever found in the industry for its time

    • by Stephen Filippelli

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      Story Set in a cyberpunk Los Angeles in 2053, William ‘Blade’ Hunter is a former Los Angeles police officer who is now a private detective, he is sent in to investigate the death of the mayor’s daughter Chandra whose body was found horribly mutated and with connections to a new designer drug. Hunter’s investigation leads him to an underground Asian mafia led by a vicious drug lord who has plans for world domination and to poison the Hollywood reservoir. At the same time, Hunter attempts to reconnect with his girlfriend Karyn.

      Graphics Can you say “Sin City”? The dark, sharp and comic book-ish images paints a dark cyberpunk world that resembles the seedy setting of “Blade Runner”, even the main character’s

      name and clothing reference Harrison Ford’s from the film.

      Controls Typical graphic adventure controls where you handle a cursor on screen and use it to manipulate objects, solve puzzles, open doors, etc. There is however a couple arcade-like action bits where you have to aim and shoot.

      Gameplay This is a love or hate relationship right here. It’s quite similar to other graphic adventure games like “Willy Beamish” and “Heart of China”. You view the room from Blade’s point of view and use your directional pad to control the cursor on your screen. There is also a time meter that shows the passage of time in the game and all of Blade’s actions will take up time, meanwhile some events will occur ...

      • at particular times.

        Blade must stall the villain’s plans or the game will end after three days and guess what? You didn’t save the day. Even traveling between locations will take up time, so you need to strategize as a player. There’s a lot of puzzles to solve in this game and each have multiple possible solutions, your character’s actions have the ability of influencing future events in the game, thus deeming the game almost impossible to win - but hey, this game’s got a lot going for it considering the period when it was released.

        Overall Yet another Sega CD game picked on by the media, however, this case makes more sense than “Night Trap” as “Rise of the Dragon”

        does indeed have references to cross-dressing, profanity, illicit drugs, prostitution, and some female nudity here and there. Nevertheless, this game reeks of old school 2D graphics (which may be a turn off) but it is one of the lovable and appreciative ones.

        The dialogue, story, characters, and voice-overs are some of the best quality work ever found in the industry for its time. All that aside, I have to say that the replay value of this game is not that high at all, once you beat it, that’s it. There’s one path to follow, once you find it, you’re not gonna want to play this over again. “Rise of the Dragon” is no “Grand Theft Auto”, but it certainly is a work of art on the Sega CD.

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