Charlize contraceptive pills
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  • Many of my co-workers noticed this good effect of Charlize in me and many began asking questions about what I am recently taking to achieve this effect

    • by coolynch78


      I have recently stopped using my usual contraceptive pills a few months ago and shifted to a new contraceptive pill. This sudden shift is brought about by the fact that I want to take a medication that will help eliminate the dysmenorrhea I usually feel during the first two days of

      my menstrual period.

      I have read in some literature that Ethinyl Estradiol + Levonorgestrel contraceptive tablet manufactured by Pond’s Chemical with the brand name of Charlize is a good medication for preventing dysmenorrhea aside from being a very effective contrceptive pill, thus I gave it a try.

      But aside from the advantages of taking ...

      • Charlize as I mentioned above, this pill is also good for making and keeping my skin smooth and pimple free. Many of my co-workers noticed this good effect of Charlize in me and many began asking questions about what I am recently taking to achieve this effect.

        Another good thing about this

        is that aside from the 21 contraceptive pills in this blister pack, it has also included 7 tablets of Ferrous fumarate, an oral preparation of iron which is not irritating to the stomach to ensure that the patient who will take this will not develop anemia due to blood loss during menstrual period.

    quartz says :

    hi, charlize is now face out… wats the best alternative for it?
    Galega says :

    It depends on your location.

    If you are from USA, European or Indian countries, you need to get prescription from a doctor. In this case, your doctor will give you the most suitable alternative.

    If you are from ASEAN countries like Philippines, you can consider Althea, Truest or Diane 35.

    In any case, it is prudent to first consult a doctor and get the prescription after going through necessary medical checkups like pap smear test.
    Aya says :

    Hi..I am using sophia pills for about 4 and this month I am on a new pack but after 3 days or taking in new pack I am having a contact with my husband..Am i safe? Thanks ahead for your rply
    Galega says :

    You are taking pills for four months now. You should be perfectly safe in that condition. Nothing to worry about and keep taking one pill daily at the same time.
    Aya says :

    Thank you so much for your rply
    Kim says :

    Hello I am using althea for almost 5 months now and today is the last day of my pill-free days and I was planning to drink new pill called The Trust pill by tomorrow. Do i still have to wait for seven days for unprotected sex?
    Galega says :

    In that case, you don’t need to wait for 7 pill free days. Start the new brand, that is Trust, on the first day of your next menstruation.
    shimmer says :

    i use charlize and i notice that im comfortable with it,i start taking charlize for a year and i like it.
    mirazon says :

    my hubby is coming next month,we are not really prepared to have another baby, so i bought charlize pills, ive read the leaflet of charlize that its ok to take anytime as long as u are not pregnant provided also to use another contraceptive method like condoms for the next 7 days,so i had started it on my 7thday after my first day of menstruation, now ive read also that u really have to take the pill on the first day of menstruation,now im confused pls help me.
    ani says :

    you can start the pills anytime but starting after the end of your period is best.
    Galega says :

    It is always good to start the pill from the first day of your menstruation. This rule applies only when you are a new user. This gives you the maximum protection against unwanted pregnancy (because of the internal mechanism and timing of ovulation of a woman).

    However, you can always start the pill at any day, you prefer. In that condition, you may need to use some other forms of contraceptives like condoms to avoid pregnancy. If you have followed it, you should be fine. If not, you`can’ still be fine, though the protection will not be maximum.
    Joanna says :

    Hi Mirazon,

    For the most part, it is better to start a round of oral contraceptive after the last day of your period. During you period your hormones are elevated and adding additional hromones to that can cause problems. For the most part, my gynecologist has always told me to start my oral contraceptive on the first day after my period ends. If that is what you did it is likely that you did the right thing.

    Some people do take the oral contraceptive during their period to help relieve the symptoms associated with extreme PMS.

    Either way, as long as you take the pill everyday as your supposed to you should be safe having relations with your hubby. It takes 7 to 14 days for the contraceptives to build up in your system so regardless of when you took it, for the first week or two you will want to use a barrier form of protection (condoms, the sponge, etc.). However, I have known women who are extremely fertile to use a barrier method for a full month while first starting a contraceptive.

    Hope this helps.


    Zai says :

    Hi I’ve read your concern. I am also taking charlize pills, to answer your confusion as what my doctor said to me, you have 2 options, continue to take the iron pills on your period then start a new pack after, or on the first day of your mens, take the day 1 on a new pack (best option). Aside of reducing dismenorrea, iron pills is taken to not break the process even when you are on your period. Nonetheless, if you’re taking the iron pill while on mens like what you said, it is okay amd there’s nothing to worry about. Hope my reply helps.
    elaine says :

    may monthly period is started last oct 24,i start to take the pills because im going to abroad and i dont wanted to get pregnant. the beige tablets done taking last nov.13, on the liflets indicated that if done taking the beiged tablet start again new and dont take the 7 pink tablets, however i start taking charlize contraceptive after i`ve done the other pills but still i dont have monthly period it is ok to start again the pills without starting of my menstration? and it is ok to have oral sex even though i started taking the pills right now.plz advice me on this..charlize is ok with me. thanks you and more power.
    ani says :

    you will not get pregnant with oral sex. a lot of women stack their pills so they don’t get their period. so you pretty much take the birth control pills for 21 days and then another 21 days and keep continuing for however long you like then you stop the pills so you can get your period. you don’t have to take the sugar pills.
    Galega says :

    Monthly period can be delayed with new users. There is no issue with it.

    You are not getting your period because you didn’t take any of seven pink pills/placebo pills. If you want regular menstruation (recommended to miss period only in exceptional circumstances) take those pink pills.

    There is no problem with oral sex (at least no problem related to Charlize or any other birth control pill).
    harry says :

    ?is a charlize contraceptive pills a birth-control pill? you see, my girlfriend is taking up this medicine for two months now and we were wondering if it is a birth control pill? or is it just for abnormal menstruation? please help.. cause wefear hat she myt be pregnant.. is it safe for us to have sex 5 days before her menstruation??
    ani says :

    it is both for birth control and for irregular periods. if your girlfriend is pregnant ask her to take a test. it should be safe for your to have sex as long as she is on the pill.
    Joanna says :

    Hi Harry,

    Charlize is designed as a contraceptive pill, although it can also be used to help regulate periods.

    When I first started taking contracpetives my gynecologist told me that it could take up to 9 days or three months for the contraceptives to reach their full effectiveness.

    If your girlfriend has been taking them regularly as she should, two months should have been enough time to prevent pregnancy. However, you should also understand that having relations within a week of menstruation means that you likely had relations when her ovulation level was at its highest.

    If you think that she is pregnant you should have her see a gynecologist and have a blood test done to know for sure.

    Hope this helps.

    Maria says :

    Hi This is my first time taking pills and I just started my charlize pills yesterday. Is my understanding right that after 7 days, it is already safe? Am I already safe immediately after that 7 days thinking that I just started? Thanks
    Jennifer Davis says :

    Hi, usually you are safe from pregnancy starting 7 to 14 days after you begin taking your contraceptive. However, my gyno always recommends using protection for at least the first two weeks to prevent pregnancy and ensure the contraceptive has had enough time to get into your syste. Hope this helps.
    Galega says :

    If you have started the pill on the first day of your menstruation, you will be safe from the very first day. If you have started it on any other day than the first day of the period, you are not safe for the next seven days.
    quick note by anonymous :

    I would like to ask that charlize be back in the market,since for me its the best solution for my hormonal imbalance…please please,I need it badly..
    Galega says :

    It is now available in the market throughout ASEAN countries, as of Aug, 2014. Ask for it. You can also buy it online.
    quick note by anonymous :

    Hi, Charlize has been phased out in the Philippines. Do you know of a good or better alternative for dysmenorrhea treatment?
    Galega says :

    You can consider trying Althea or Trust Pill. Both of these oral contraceptive pills are quite popular and can be termed as `better’ alternatives of Charlize.
    cynthia says :

    hi you have said that charlize can be bought online, could you please tell me what specific online shop can it be purchase??
    Galega says :

    It actually depends on your location. You can get it online only in those countries where Charlize is available as an over the counter product. In many countries, it needs prescription and hence not available to be sold online.
    RIZA says :

    Is it be okey to take charlize pills though im still single?I have problem with my menstruation actually i have an irregular period for almost 5 months..Is it advicesable to take even if im not yet married and have kids?
    Galega says :

    Yes, you can take Charlize even if you are single. It is also prescribed to correct irregular menstruation resulting from hormonal disturbances.

    However, it will be prudent on your part to first consult an OBGyne to understand the duration for which you need to take Charlize.
    shiela says :

    i have a question actually. i forgot to ask my ob if i can use emergency pill after unprotected sex. fyi. i took a shot of my injectables 1 week after my period?
    Galega says :

    If you have taken shot, you may not need emergency contraceptive pill. By the way, there is no problem in taking emergency pill while on shot.
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