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  • I think this is a bit of a distraction, and I would prefer having a lid that is less difficult to screw on
  • However, I don't think it's an absolutely necessary addition to your household, by any means

    • by Reed

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      The newest craze is to, apparently, purchase stainless steel water bottles and use them instead of plastic water bottles, especially if you are, like my family often does, re-filling the plastic bottles. The reasoning behind this is that the plastic bottles are both bad for the environment in terms of the sheer amount of them that are thrown away, but, moreover, they can also be bad for your health because of the potential for cancer-causing or other chemicals seeping into your water from the plastic

      material. I recently purchased one of these bottles, and the following is my review of it.

      The H2Ozone bottle comes with an attractive logo, and a screw-on top for use as a lid. I find that using the lid is a bit cumbersome, though, as it is also pure stainless steel, and almost as heavy as the actual bottle. When I screw the top into the bottle itself, it produces a lot of friction that is fairly unpleasant to deal with. As a result, I tend ...

      • to just keep the lid off of the bottle, and fill up the bottle itself while trying to keep track of where the lid is. I think this is a bit of a distraction, and I would prefer having a lid that is less difficult to screw on.

        An advantage that I’ve found in using this stainless steel bottle over its plastic counterpart is the fact that it keeps the water I drink colder for a longer period of time than a plastic bottle. This is

        under the assumption that your source for re-filling is cold already, but if it is, this is somewhat of an advantage. However, upon drinking from the bottle, I’ve also found that there’s a very, very slight metallic flavor to the rim of the bottle. This is pure stainless steel here, people, and it shows.

        Overall, I suppose I feel better knowing that I’m helping the environment and potentially my body with this bottle. However, I don’t think it’s an absolutely necessary addition to your household, by any means.

    Ana Sampaio says :

    Why it cannot contain acidic juices. I drink homemade juice like carrots, apple and celery. This is the main juice I would put in this bottle as acombination. Can I do that or not. Please respond as soon as possible.

    Galega says :

    You can keep acidic juices in this stainless steel water bottle. There won’t be any problem. Keep the bottle clean after using the juice.

    Ensure to not keep highly heated acidic juice (that may create allergic problem because of nickel).

    Josiah says :

    I purchased one of these stainless steel water bottle`s and upon taking off the lid I noticed that the bottom of this particular bottle appears to be teflon coated. Does this product have Teflon on the bottom of it? and why cant I put Hot coffe etc in it?

    Galega says :

    Not only the bottom. The entire internal area of this bottle is teflon coated. Coating it with teflon helps to make the bottle durable. It may remain rust free. It will be easier to clean the inner side of the bottle.

    K DiPeri says :

    I asked a question, Are these stainless steel bottles cadmium, lead, and radioactive recycled material free? I did not get an answer just a comment that I had already asked this question. I would appreciate a researched and honest answer . Thankyou ,kd

    Sahara says :

    K DiPeri - This is just a user review, you really need to find the actual manufacturer of the bottle to ask a detailed question like that. How about you do some actual research yourself?

    Galega says :

    Obviously, all water bottles belonging to a reputed manufacturer will be free from lead and radioactive chemicals, among others. These can make water toxic, and even a single use will be harmful. Further, there is no benefit of using lead and radioactive chemicals in producing these water bottles.

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