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  • So I decided to rest but when I woke up, I am very shock because my pains relieve and I can stand

    • by Ankitsoldak

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      I am always busy with my projects. And I am worried about my health because I am starting have pains. Early in the morning my mother woke me up but I cannot stand on my bed.

      I try to stand but I fall on my bed. In the reason my I hold my jobs and I just stay at

      my room.

      I feel uneasy that they. I have a lot of pains.

      My mother brought me a vitamin. She gave me Centrum A to Zinc.

      In the first time I drink it, I haven’t feel anything change in my body ...

      • I still feel the pains. So I decided to rest but when I woke up, I am very shock because my pains relieve and I can stand.

        Then I took up again Centrum A to Zinc. Starting that day I always take Centrum A to Zinc because it really helps me a lot.

        It relieves my pain and it gave more power and strengths. My ability to do work became more aggressive.

        I am very thankful to this Centrum A to Zinc. I can finish my project/job easier and faster.

        This Centrum A to Zinc is suggested to take once a day and after eating.

    gie says :

    i just want to ask if this centrum complete a to zink if u take this make u fat?? coz i want to try this but i dnt want to get fat..

    M says :

    Hi Gie,

    It really depends on the reaction of your body. Some may gain weight, some wont. However, it depends on how much food you take. You dont like to gain weight, just avoid taking too much carbs and calories.

    Galega says :

    Centrum A to Zinc contains 31 Vitamins and minerals. If you take a look on the list, you can see that there is every chance of you gaining little bit of weight. For example, Folic Acid, which is necessary for pregnant and lactating women can be a cause for weight gain for a man.

    Then, you are required to burn all these vitamins and minerals to stay away from weight gain possibility. Remember to do some workout.

    That said, you are not going to accumulate useless of fat because of this. You may gain weight/muscle, not fat.

    bruce lee says :

    My frend its completely a myth..many filipinos belive multivitamins will make them hungry and fat, but its only vitamin b1 or thiamine that boosts appetite,,, but to be wise u should take centrum after meals to avoid excessive hunger…but thiamine of centrum is very little only around 1 mg…what makes us fat is mainly laziness and sedentary lifestyle and lack of fiber diet…I know it bec im a fitness trainer here…just think scientifically…many pinoys are inactive bec of too much facebook and net surfing…exercise and eat healthy and take centrum bec centrum increases our stamina…its a very potent vitamin…I can do more evryday bec of centrum… I can do more household chores and boxing workouts…goodluck to u

    Nikola Djuric says :

    how long I can use centrum from A to Zinc without any problem. I am34 years old can I using it many monts continuosly or should be make some pause .Thanks

    M says :

    Hi Nikola,

    Being dependent to a vitamin may cause somehow a bad effects to your health. One of these are, your body is used to the amount of the vitamins it receive, and stoping it may cause your body not to adopt. So if your going to stop taking it, stop it gradually.

    Galega says :

    It depends on your condition. I will never suggest someone to continue taking it for prolong duration. Ideally, you should take for around six months and then quit it. Taking external dose of Vitamins and minerals are not as effective as taking these stuffs through your daily diet. Needless to say, you may want to balance your diet.

    Further, if you develop any complications or have some health concerns like heart ailments or diabetes, you need to consult a doctor before continuing to take it.

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