Pizza Hut Stuffed Crust Pizza
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  • In fact, I recommend you don't get them at all
  • In fact, I think you shouldn't eat anything from Pizza Hut ever again
  • Even the cheese that fills your oh so delicious stuffed crust
  • That's always interesting and it's fun to see the customers faces when we do that
  • And Pizza Hut Stuffed Crust Pizza is a prime carrier and creator of this problem

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      I’m not sure if you have gone to the trouble and huge expense of ordering a Stuffed Crust Pizza from Pizza Hut, but if you have not, you need to at least try it once. Of course you won’t want to do this ever again. The price and delivery charge are astronomical. Even with only one topping! After you tip the delivery driver, which you will. Yes, you will. At least five dollars. You’ll be short twenty five dollars for something that you could have similarly purchased at a local grocery store for a fraction of the price.

      In fact, I recommend you don’t get them at all. Twenty five dollars worth of groceries will keep your family happy far longer than stuffed crust pizza. Trust me. In fact, I think you shouldn’t eat anything from Pizza Hut ever again. You’d be shocked and surprised at how shoddily washed the dishes are. Basically they get a customary quick spray and are then run through a dishwasher for

      about 3 minutes, then delivered to your mouth.

      How does that sound? A spatula that was used by a particularly parasitic family, was barely rinsed off, and then is immediately placed under your pizza and is used to serve it right to your child’s vulnerable and gaping maw. How does that stuffed crust pizza sound now? But wait, I’m just getting started. All of the meat, cheese and vegetables served at Pizza Hut wait on your order in a non-refrigerated make table. A nesting ground for bacteria and gunk. Even the cheese that fills your oh so delicious stuffed crust. And it always sits there overnight.

      Sauce and all. The only thing safe to eat at pizza hut are the chips. You would absolutely hate to see what most of your delicious food looks like in production. Grease is an understatement in the Pizza Hut world. The delicious pepperoni that you desire so much is laden with fat. Laden.

      Yeah, you know what I’m ...

      • talking about. On the bright side, the Pizza is rather delicious. The crust is sprayed with a garlic butter mist from a can. That’s always interesting and it’s fun to see the customers faces when we do that. Yeah, we like it. How do I know all this? I work at Pizza Hut.

        Pizza Hut does have a wide variety of toppings and a wide variety of coupons to bring that substantial price down a little bit. The delivery option is also nice, especially after a hard days work when you just want to gorge yourself on some self-deprecating fake cheese in a nasty frozen crust. The sauce is just tomato goo mixed with water. Lots and lots of water. The meat comes in forty pound boxes at a time. Then ten pound bags come out of this and sit and thaw until they’re ready to go to the contamination station where they make your pizza.

        You wouldn’t believe how many people don’t wash their hands after

        doing things like peeing. There’s just that aura of not caring around Pizza Hut. Even from the higher ranked stores. Cross contamination does not effect the taste or the scores that the pizza receives. But it’ll affect your toilet later that night for sure. Unless you ordered the stuffed crust, which is likely to block your gutty works up for a few more weeks, then you’ll see the aftershock of the Pizza Hut ordeal.

        Are you familiar with the term Green Apple Splatters? You will be. I would recommend getting a colonic irrigation shortly after you eat. You’d be surprised. My sister was once a colonic irrigationist. She had some stories about those. In short, you basically want to try to keep your system as clean as possible from all of the nasty mass produced products that almost always inhabit almost all of the food we eat.

        It’s very bad for you. And Pizza Hut Stuffed Crust Pizza is a prime carrier and creator of this problem.

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