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  • I think Althea is one of the cheapest pills I have tried but I liked it
  • What I like the most is I don't have many side effects, and my skin is even smoother
  • What I know is my pimples are gone and I can sleep better with it
  • I suggest you take it at the same time everyday and be religious with if you don't want to make a mistake

    • by k_rose

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      I am used to taking contraceptive pills because my boyfriend and I don’t want another baby yet and we can’t do much discipline especially in cold season so we need and planned to continue using this method of contraception. I think Althea is one of the cheapest pills I have tried but I liked it.

      At my first

      2 months of using, I increased weight but just went back months after.

      What I like the most is I don’t have many side effects, and my skin is even smoother.

      I am not sure if these pills also have some additional female hormones with it.

      What I know is my pimples are gone and I can sleep ...

      • better with it.

        It’s 21 pieces of pills, you should take it at the start of your period then continue everyday and the next pack is timing with your 7th or 8th day.

        I suggest you take it at the same time everyday and be religious with if you don’t want to make a mistake.

        I think that’s

        the correct way to take any contraception pills.

        If you take it 7 am before work, you should take all 21 pills at 7 am.

        And as advice from OB-GYNE, if you’re taking pills you should have Pap smear at least once twice a year.

        That’s safe and that’s how we take care of our delicate feminine reproductive health.

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    Althea contraceptive pills
    Sophie says :

    Can i take althea pills even if its my last day of menstration?its my first time to take pills i rili need answer asap
    ani says :

    you can start after your last day of period.
    Galega says :

    I would suggest you wait for the arrival of your next period. Althea pill should be started on the first day of your menstruation cycle. It will give your body to get adjusted with the external dose of estrogen hormone that comes with Althea contraceptive pill.

    Starting it on the first day may also mean that you are protected from the very first day for unwanted pregnancy. You may also avoid lots of possible side effects that generally happen with first time users of any regular contraceptive pills, like Althea.
    Richelle says :

    Hi Sophie Yes you can take a pill even if its the last day of your menstrual cycle. But please wait for seven days to avoid unwanted pregnancy or use condom.
    Jason Fitzpatrick says :

    No, just wait until your menstruation completes. You might injure yourself if you consume this pill without completing menstruation.

    Be caution as if you are actually going to consume this pill for the first time. Observe yourself for a week for any visible side-effects. If necessary, consult a doctor if you are feeling something wrong.
    reinna says :

    i just finished a pack of althea. today is my 2nd tablet free day, and i had contact with my hubby last night, would i get pregnant? im really concerned and worried. i dont want to have a 2nd baby yet.. im not yet prepared. especially that our son is still young. hope someone could answer my question.
    ani says :

    most likely you’re okay and won’t get pregnant since you have been on birth control for a while but if you think you might be pregnant you can always take a test to check.
    Galega says :

    The entire cycle of Althea Pill is designed to give you round the clock protection against unwanted pregnancy. You remained in the protection even during the seven pill free days. Not offering protection during those seven days will kill the very use of a regular and long term contraceptive measure like Althea.

    Do follow the instructions during those seven pill free days. Nothing to worry about. You should be protected. And, you can make physical relationship with your husband without any protection.
    Joanna says :

    Hi Reinna,

    If you have followed your pill cycle as prescribed you should be fine. The week of no tablets is designed to give your body a break from the added hormones, particularly around your menstruation when female hormones are naturally elevated. You should be safe from pregnancy during this week.

    That being said, if you haven’t taken the pills as prescribed or are still afraid, there are other things that you can do. You can use a barrier method (condoms, the sponge, spermicide etc.) to help further protect against an unwanted pregnancy.

    Try to relax, and I hope this helps,

    Richelle says :

    Hi reinna I understand what you feel, you will not get pregnant because it is safe until seventh day of pill free days. Make sure that after 7 pill free days, you will start another pack to avoid unwanted pregnancy.
    Lanamae says :

    I am a first time user. I will start taking the pills on the last day of my menstrual period. Its my second day. My question is, while taking the pills can you still have sex with your partner? just not him cum inside of me?
    Galega says :

    You should avoid unprotected sex for the first seven days after you have started Althea. It is because of the fact that you had not started it on the first day of menstruation. After this duration, you should be safe from unwanted pregnancy.
    emily says :

    when I start taking althea, I started to experience eye irritation. I don’t know why but I noticed this since I started taking the pills. and every time I missed one pill and had to take 2, I am starting to feel nauseated. Is this normal?
    ani says :

    these could be side effects of the pill, the hormones in the pill could be making you feel nauseated. you can talk to your doctor to recommend you different pills.
    Galega says :

    Taking two pills and then feeling nauseated —- It is a possibility and quite normal.

    You are sharing your experience as if you are taking two pills a day quite often. That should not be the case. Try to take a pill daily at around the same time. Taking more than one pill will mean taking higher dose of estrogen hormone (and also progestin along with other active ingredients), which may cause some side effects apart from not protecting you from pregnancy.

    As for eye irritation, I think it is not related to your taking Althea. There is no documentary evidence that Althea can lead to eye irritation.
    Galega says :

    Yes, that is a side effect. But, that is also normal. Side Effects like nauseating feeling, little bit headache and breast tenderness are quite normal with new users. Over time (usually within one week) these side effects go away. All one need to do is to take one pill daily at exactly the same time.
    claire says :

    when taking althea pills, first tym user does period comes right after the last pill taken? or the 22nd day im worried coz its my 23rd day and im only spotting.. i never miss taking it but im drinking it not on the same time like 9 30-11 pm. thanks
    k_rose replies :

    it still depends on your monthly cycle but if you drink it should be ok. I don’t know about taking the pills in different timing. I drink every 7 am.
    Galega says :

    Don’t worry. You are the first time users, and it is one of the many side effects that may happen with first time users. The next time your period should get regularize.

    Further, since your period started on 22nd day (after yours completing the 21 pill days), an interesting question starts about seven pill free days.

    I would suggest you to go for seven pill free days even when your period is already started. And, then start the next pack. Religiously following the instruction of manufacturer and your doctor is what you need.
    negen says :

    from now im on breastfeeding my is ok if i taking althea pills?
    Jules Li says :

    If you’re nursing, it’s a good idea to avoid them. Althea pills contain estrogen which is known to compromise the ability to produce milk. This estrogen also ends up in the milk. It does not cause any harm to the baby, but it reduces the milk supply.
    Galega says :

    There are two types of oral contraceptive pills in the market.

    1. Combined, which contains Estrogen and progestin (synthetic of progesterone hormone)

    2. Progesterone pill

    Althea is a combined pill. It means, you can find estrogen as well as progestin as active ingredients, along with others.

    You should not take any combined contraceptive pill (Althea or others) while breastfeeding. IT will adversely impact the milk production, which can negatively impact the health of your baby. Note if your baby is less than six months old, he/she may be relying only on your milk.

    You should look for progesterone based pill which doesn’t affect the milk supply. There are many, ask your OB for a prescription.

    Progesterone and estrogen both hormone also passes through the milk in very small amount and hence baby gets them. But, they do not affect the health of the baby in any way.
    Joanna says :

    Hi Negen,

    Congratulations on your new baby. Since you are nursing you will probably want to avoid contraceptive pills of any kind. Contraceptive pills work by changing your hormones. This can have a variety of negative effects including inhibiting milk production. Also, it is likely that traces of the contraceptive will be present in your breast milk and this can harm your baby. A baby’s body cannot tolerate added hormone and it will make him/her very sick.

    If you are looking for a contraceptive to use, you can try a barrier method (condoms), a sponge, spermicide. You can also talk to your gynecologist and ask for any recommendations they may have. It is likely you’ll find a contraceptive method that works without putting your baby at risk.

    Hope this helps.


    jean says :

    what should i do if i had taken 5 pills in a day? it was my first time to take pills…
    Jules Li says :

    This likely won’t cause any significant harm, but it’s known to make your stomach upset, due in part to all of the harmone chemicals. You can however drink tons of water to try to flush it from your system quicker.
    Galega says :

    Why did you take 5 pills in a single day? NEVER repeat this again.

    If you have missed a pill on any day, you should take that as soon as possible. Even you can take two pills on the next day. No problem here.

    But, for missing pills more than one day and taking more than two pills in a single day is going to become a health concern for you. Imagine the amount of Estrogen hormone you are going to take in a single day. Your body may react adversely like onslaught of pimples, bleeding and stomach pain, among others.

    Please avoid this scenario.

    Set a reminder in your mobile phone at a comfortable time (in the night before going to bed) to take the pill daily.
    Joy Francia says :

    after i gave birt my Ob recomended sofia pill and im happy with it b’coz its has no side effect. but sadly this month sofia is out of stock so now im taking althea and im worried bcoz when i take the first pill i got migraine and feeling of vomiting on the 2 pill i got diarrea is it realy normal? pls i want to know help tnx…..
    ani says :

    the side effects seem extreme in your case so maybe this is not the right pill for you. you should consider using a different pill.
    Galega says :

    Did you consult your doctor before switching to Althea? If not, you have made a mistake. Consulting an OB is quite necessary when you start taking any contraceptive pills, it is even more necessary if you are switching a contraceptive pill.

    Further, did you start Althea on the first day of menstruation?

    Headache is one of the possible side effects of Althea pill, but not migraine. I have never experience someone complaining about the arrival of migraine after starting a pill. I don’t think that it is related.

    Similarly, vomiting is a possible side effect of Althea, not diarrhea. Please consult your doctor and go for complete check ups. Ask for the prescription and start the pill.
    azile says :

    its my first time to take althea and i experienced diarrhea on my 1st day until the 2nd day. i’m quit experienced vomiting, nausea and moody… it is ok to continue taking this pills? or should i stop? I’m doubt if it is a normal effects.
    Galega says :

    I never heard that diarrhea may be one of side effects of a contraceptive pill. Are you sure that you suffered from diarrhea? Is that something else? Vomiting is one of the side effects of Althea, and hence there is no issue with that. It will become fine after few days use.
    Jennifer Davis says :

    I have experienced loose or soft stool when starting birth control before and when I reported it to my doctor she told me it was a normal side effect and would likely go away within 24-48 hours which it did. You are likely just fine. Your body adjusting to the added hormones so I would give yourself time to adjust. If it doesn’t go away within the first week then I would see doctor.
    Rose says :

    Hi I’ve been taking Althea pills since last week. And I don’t liked it. I feel like vomitting since I started to took it. Is it normal?
    Galega says :

    Yeah Rose, vomiting is quite normal when you are taking this pill for the first time. There is no need to worry about. Your OB may tell you more.

    You may also feel like nauseating. It happens with first time users.
    liz says :

    Hi im using althea for 4 months now and im using it regularly currently on my 7th day of pill when i had unprotected sexual intercourse, and dont want to get pregnant… Is there a chance that i might get pregnant??
    Samir says :

    Hi Liz,

    Isn’t Althea supposed to protect you if you had gone for unprotected physical intimacy? This is what the pill will do.

    Don’t worry. You have taken it regularly. And, there is no chance you getting pregnant.
    Galega says :

    Many users suggest to use some other barrier methods like condom during the first seven days of a new pack of Althea. I think you are concerned here because of that.

    Don’t worry. Doctors and even manufacturers always say that there will not be any possibility of unwanted pregnancy if you are taking one pill daily at around the same time. There should not be any ambiguity here.
    Richelle says :

    Hi liz Don’t worry,you still on the 7 pill free days and it is safe.After 7 pill free days,you have to start immediately another pack to avoid unwanted pregnancy.
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