Althea contraceptive pills
  • Before I started using this, I first checked if I was pregnant (it's routine) and when I found out it was negative, I started taking it on the first day of my menstrual cycle
  • But when I started using Althea, I noticed that I can now maintain my weight within normal limits, my menses are not so heavy that I only use 1-2 pads per day, and my skin became smoother to touch with almost no pimple outbreak
  • The best part is the price is not so expensive unlike other contraceptive pills with the same generic name
  • Thus I highly recommend this to women who want to have proper birth control and who want to feel great and look great at the same time

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      I have been using Althea contraceptive pills for more than two years now and I can say that this contraceptive pill is very effective, not only in decreasing my fertility, it also helps eliminate dysmenorrhea or painful menstruation.

      Before I started using this, I first checked if I was pregnant (it’s routine) and when I found out it was negative, I started taking it on the first day of my menstrual cycle. I was really careful to take it everyday, on the same

      time to ensure its optimal effect - and that is not to get pregnant. This is because the blood level of the hormones contained in each tablet should be maintained in a steady level so to ensure that no ovulation will be able to take place.

      The good thing about the blister pack of this oral contraceptive is that each tablet is marked by a number starting from numbers 1 to 28. I started taking tablet number one on the first day ...

      • of my menstrual cycle, number two on the second day and so on.

        I tried using other contraceptive pills before such as progesterone only pill, which only succeeded in making me chubbier, with heavier menses and inter menstrual bleeding.

        But when I started using Althea, I noticed that I can now maintain my weight within normal limits, my menses are not so heavy that I only use 1-2 pads per day, and my skin became smoother to touch with almost no pimple

        outbreak. And you know what, my husband was able to notice it! I also noticed that my menstrual cramps are less intense, thus I can go one with my routine work without getting disturbed with the pain.

        The best part is the price is not so expensive unlike other contraceptive pills with the same generic name. Thus I highly recommend this to women who want to have proper birth control and who want to feel great and look great at the same time.

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    Nanz says :

    Good day I`ve been taking Althea pill for my acne for five months and it has been giving me remarkable results. Can I take it continuously? I want to have good skin all the time. Is it also safe to apply astringents or creams?
    a says :

    you can take it continously but do consult your doctor for long term side effects, it may not be a big deal but it is always good to know. it should be safe to apply any creams.
    Galega says :

    There is no problem in applying cream of astringents on the face. If you are taking something orally, then you need to ponder over about any possible reactions.

    That said, I do not suggest you to take this pill for such a long duration just to control acne/pimples. Why not rely on some herbal products, or change your eating habits which can help to remove acne.

    Taking this pill for such a long duration without any need for birth control is not recommended. IT has some side effects - in both short term and long term. Why are you taking risks?
    Richelle says :

    Hi nanz I’ve also used althea pills for almost 6 months now and I’ve using also astringent on my face and ponds cream every morning and night. The result was amazing Hope this help.
    Tay Brooks says :

    It is safe to take continuously, but I would recommend discussing it with your family doctor. It is safe to use astringents and creams, but I would recommend starting with gentle ones (as skin drying and irritation can make acne worse or slow down the healing of your skin)
    babeniJR says :

    Hi. I just want to know. I am taking althea pills for the first time. I took the first tablet on the first day of my menstruation, that was last June 12,2011. And I ahve noticed that until now June 20,2011 , I still have menstruation, although its not heavy, i was just like have spotting, I am still worried. Is it really normal? Or I really do need to see an OB-Gyne for this matter?
    a says :

    spotting is quite normal between periods, it’s totally normal.
    Galega says :

    It’s good that you have started it on the first day of menstruation.

    The spotting that you are experiencing may be a side effect of Althea pill. Nothing to worry here, though.

    It happens because of the estrogen, a female hormone, in the pill. Your body may not accept the new dose of this hormone.

    Though, if the spotting continue for one week more, you need to consult a doctor. May be you need some other pill.
    Zhelle says :

    hello Im a new user of althea. how ever I started using althea from the 1st night of my mens, I only have 3 tabs left. my questions are:
    1. is 7 days free pill is safe even w/o condom?
    2. what if my mens dont come in 7days free pill, am I still safe to take my next pack?
    3. If I want to stop althea, is 7days free pill is safe?
    4. when can I stop using althea?

    Thank you in advance.
    Galega says :

    Yes, it is safe without condom as told by manufacturers of Althea. You may get pseudo menstruation during these pill free days. However, to be on the safe side, many women use some other forms of contraception like withdrawal method or condom during these pill free days.

    You should start the new pack on 8th day, after the completion of 7 pill free days. It doesn’t matter whether you got menses or not.

    Yes, you can stop Althea during these pill free days. However, if you start a new pack, you should complete the pack before stopping it.

    Complete the current pack (21 pills) and then you can stop Althea.
    Richelle says :

    Hi Zhelle i’m also a user of Althea pill,the answer that I will give you is based on my experience.Seven days free pill is safe without condom. You have to take next pack after 7 days free pill to avoid being pregnant. Third, if you want to stop althea, 7 days free pill is safe. You can stop using althea after you finish using 1 pack of it and you are safe until 7 days pill free days.
    Mharga says :

    I am first time user of Althea. My first intake was feb5 and on the s2nd day of my menstruation. I religously follow and take 1tablet before I go to sleep. My BF and I made sex a day before I took my last pill and it’s my ovulation period. When will be my next period? Is there a possibilty for me to get pregnant then? Now, its my last day of my 7day pill free days and yet my period is not yet come. please, I need you advise. by the way, my OB gave me an Althea in order to treat my pcos :(
    thanks in advance
    Galega says :

    You started Althea on the second day of menstruation. And, you had unprotected physical relationship on 20th day (day before the last pill). You had one pill daily at the same time.

    In this given situation, you were completely protected. Period may get delayed for new users. You shouldn t worry about that. Start the next pack after completing 7 pill free days.
    Happyyey says :

    Hi I want to ask if there’s a possiblity of me getting pregnant? My mens started on the 21st and i took my 1st pill on the 22nd. My mens only lasted 4 days, me and my bf had unprotected intercourse on the 26th. I am beginning to worry though cause im half way on finishing my first pack. Also, my breasts are kinda swollen and it hurts a little, is this one of the effects? Help please. Thank you.
    Galega says :

    Breast tenderness is one of the possible side effects that happens with new users. Don’t worry as it is for short duration. Over time (usually once you complete the first pack), the breast will become normal. Further, the rule says that if you don’t start Althea on the first day of menstruation, then you should avoid unprotected physical relationship for the first seven days. You obviously didn’t follow this rule. But, on the calendar method, you should be safe.
    Happyyey says :

    Thank you :)
    tin says :

    is it ok to have unprotected contact and cum inside on the 8th day of taking pills this is my first time to take a pills
    Galega says :

    There should not be any problem if you have taken all 7 previous pills daily without missing any day.
    KM says :

    Hi. Im using Althea for almost 3mos now.. I just want to ask if its okay that we had an unprotected sex last night and he cum inside me, btw Im on my 7day free pill, 2nd day.. Thanks..
    Galega says :

    If you had taken all 21 hormonal pills as per instructions, then you will be perfectly safe while making unprotected physical relationship during the 7 pill free days.
    KM says :

    Okay.. Thank you :)
    Reesie says :

    Hello. Im currently using althea pills for the first time since my OB recommended this to me. I have a pcos and pills is a ways to treat this condition. However this pills gave a an acne reaction. I don’t know why it says it can help to clear your acne but it happen reverse.. What should i do
    Galega says :

    This type of reactions are quite normal during initial days of taking Althea. There should not be any problem. Althea contains two female hormones and it takes little bit time for your body to adjust with these new dose of hormones. Acne is short term side effects of Althea and it will be cured automatically if you continue to take the pill as per instructions.
    Reesie says :

    Hello. Thanks for responding anyway aside from the skin reaction of althea pills particularly to my face is it also normal to have a diarrhea as side effect of the pills ? I always have this everyday and made me difficult to leave the home.. My ob advise me of switching pills ftom Althea to Diane 35 after i finish my one pack of althea..
    Galega says :

    Diarrhea is quite a rare side effects of Althea which happens to new users. If your stomach continues to remain upset while being on this pill, then you need to switch. Your doctor has already prescribed Diane 35 which you can consider.
    Ashley says :

    Hi im only 19 years old, my mens is regular but until april i didnt bleed, so i had check up this may and the ob said that i have pcos in my left ovary, the doctor said that in order for me to regular my menstruation is to take pills, so she suggest althea, she said that i should take it for six months. it s already my second pack but still didn t bleed. What should i do?
    Galega says :

    I think you are missing seven pill free days. Users miss period because of this fact - they avoid going for pill free days. Ensure you are following all instructions of Althea to have quick results.
    Sophie says :

    Hi I`m 25 years and I`m using althea for 2 months already..I just want to know and make it clearly. It`s my second pack already. Until now I was so confused how to take it properly. Do I have to take it on my first day of menstruation on on the last of my menstruation? And then after I have finished taking it.. How many days should i wait before I started again? Coz really confused about it. Me and my boyfriend don`t want to have an early pregnancy because of the misconception..can you help me with it.. And for my last question is it safe to blow it inside while your using the pill? Sorry for the question it my first time also to take dis pill.. Hope you answer my question.. Thank you..
    Faith says :


    we have the same situation its my 2 months also using Althea pills. Just take it after 7 days free pills so meaning its the 8th day even you have or not menstruation just follow the steps and continue drinking same time everyday.
    Galega says :

    New users are suggested to start this pill on the first day of menstruation. It will help them to remain protected from the very first day from unwanted pregnancy. Also, it can help them to avoid many possible side effects.

    However, starting the new pack on the first day of menstruation doesn’t apply when you start the second pack and so on. Take one pill daily for around the same time and then go for seven pill free days. After that start the new pack on the 8th day. From the second pack and so on, you don’t need to worry about the arrival of menstruation cycle. Start the pack whether your period has started or not.

    Not following this rule may lead you at the risk of getting pregnant.
    Richelle says :

    Hi Sophie You have to take the althea pill on the first day of your menstruation and you have to wait for seven days in order to be safe and avoid pregnancy. You may also start anytime but make sure that you are not pregnant, you must also wait for seven days to be safe.Then, if you have finish taking the pill, you have to wait 7 days and it is safe to make love to your partner. And after seven days, you have to take another pack. And it is safe to blow it inside while taking the pill. Make sure that you follow the instruction to avoid unwanted pregnancy.
    tin says :

    what will happen if i stop althea pills and had sex the next day and did not contnue the pills will i get pregnant?
    Galega says :

    If you discontinue taking Althea, the protection against pregnancy will be over. Making unprotected relationship after stopping Althea can result in pregnancy.
    charlie says :

    hi. I am 28 yo and have been on althea for almost 3years now. I made mistake with my schedule of taking the pill, i missed 3 pills on my 3rd week of taking the active pill. But the rest of the first 14 pills i took them religiously, i was left with 7 after missing the 3 pills, i took 2 pills on the 4th day. and continue taking the rest of the pack. now i am having brown discharges which varries from light to heavy for almost 7days now. is it normal? BTW, I had sex after missing 2 pills but my man did not cum inside me. I am about to continue my next pack without having 7 free day from pills, as i’ve rea from the intruction. is it ok? and may I also ask when will I be protected again? how long should I be taking the pills after the missed ones will I be protected again?
    Galega says :

    You may not be completely protected during the last pack. You had messed lots of things. After quitting the pills, you had physical relationship. There is possibility of unwanted pregnancy, even though your man had used withdrawal method.

    You will be again protected from the next pack. Take one pill a day at around the same time. You can set an alarm in your mobile for reminder. Follow the rules to be on the safe side.

    If you missed a pill, you should take it as soon as possible. Never take more than two pills in a single day. That’s the rule.
    sarah jane says :

    Hi. I just want to ask if what will happen if i was not able to follow the 7day free pill? Ive been takingalthea but i didnot read about the free pill. IVe been taking this for 3 months and i did not even follw the 7day free pill even once. Help me
    Galega says :

    The immediate effect of missing`7 pill free days’ might be missing menstruation cycle. Is this happen with you?

    If you are getting menstruation cycle, there isn’t any problem as of now. Just remember to go for these pill free days from now.

    As a matter of fact, many women just skin these pill free days to avoid menstruation cycle (for some reason). It has happened with you for three months, or for three packs, so there should not be even any health complications.
    sarah jane says :

    Thank you so much sir.
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