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      Years ago I usually suffered from foot odor and perspiration which caused me so much discomfort when I wear closed shoes, sneakers, and sandals. I had to wear socks and stockings to control the uneasy feeling caused by foot perspiration.

      It was two years ago when I discovered and started using the Milcu Underarm and Foot Deodorant Powder.


      powder my feet with Milcu after I’d towel dry them after my bath and before putting on my shoes.

      It sure did control foot perspiration and the odor the goes with it.

      As I began regularly using it, I no longer had to wear socks and stockings unless the occasion calls for it.

      I also started using it on ...

      • my underarms as deodorant.

        I’d apply Milcu powder on my armpits after I towel dry after a bath or shower.

        I make sure that my armpits are dry and clean before I apply Milcu.

        I think it’s a good deodorant powder for me since I don’t perspire much on my armpits.

        In fact, I’ve been using Milcu for 2

        years now as foot powder and underarm deodorant.

        It gives me that clean feeling on my armpits and feet without the odor and sticky feeling, and it stays that way for hours in a day.

        However, I just don’t know if it works the same way with someone who perspires a lot.

        But Milcu sure does work for me.

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    Milcu Underarm and Foot Deodorant Powder
    sheryll says :

    does milcu underarm and foot deodorant helps in whitening the underarm?.,thank you
    anne lei says :

    No. It is only use to deodorize foot and underarm. You can try another product in the market with whitening ingredients.
    Galega says :

    This is a deodorant which is intended to be used to keep odor away from underarms and feet. Further, it can also keep off bacteria away from the applied area.

    It is not supposed to be used as a whitening agent. In fact, if you will continuously used without keeping your underarm clean, the area can become darker - a common problem among users.
    Jojo Avellana says :

    It wont actually make your underarms whiter but if you use milcu instead of other deodorants that has a lot of chemicals it will decrease the chance to make your armpits darker

    I have a dark underarm myself and ever since i started using milcu it somehow made my underarm whiter and clearer
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