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  • So I thought okay I will have now but I was wrong
  • Sometimes, I also experience having connection but after several hours, the connection gets worse
  • I decided to upgrade my speed to 1mb because I thought the problem is my connection has a very slow speed
  • And one thing I noticed is whenever it rains, there is no connection at all

    • by ibizaspain

      Their tag line reads, “Its all in your hands”. So I thought okay I will have now but I was wrong.

      When I subscribe to this internet provider, they had a promo the one that comes with a laptop and the amortization for the laptop will just be included in your monthly service charge. So I thought if this is already more than okay because if I can sell the laptop then my monthly fees for a year will be subsidized. So I submitted my application and in just three days I got a reply. The installation was very fast and I hope my connection was the same. Sadly

      it was not.

      For the first few days, I had good connection. My plan has a speed of 380 kbps. I tried video streaming and it worked well. Since, the things that I will be doing is just emailing, surfing and chatting, I thought that the speed of 380 was enough. Eventually, I experienced system outages. I have to call technical support every time for me to complain. They keep telling the same thing that I just need to monitor these stuffs. I felt aggravated. Sometimes, I also experience having connection but after several hours, the connection gets worse.

      There were times that I need to stay up during ...

      • the wee hours of the morning just to finish the things I need to do since this is the time that only a few people are using the internet so It was best to do it this time but I experienced downtime as well. I fuming mad whenever I talked to customer service. I have to complain my situation. It was extremely frustrating because not only I have to stay up late, I am delayed in everything.

        I decided to upgrade my speed to 1mb because I thought the problem is my connection has a very slow speed. During the first few days of having a new plan,

        video streaming was really fast. I tried downloading songs for my Ipod too and it was very good. But like my previous experience, this is only good during the first few days. As the days progressed, I was getting system outages and poor connection.

        And one thing I noticed is whenever it rains, there is no connection at all. I was exacerbated. I chided the technical support representative, ” is your connection wet thats why?”….

        If you are in the Philippines, do not ever subscribe to this internet provider. You will just experience problems and frustrations. And worst, customer service people cannot even tell you what is going on. This provider sucks.

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    Mike says :

    Agreed..Globe is by far the worse internet provider here. We had dsl business line for our cafe. Always disconnects lags land-line dsl out for days on end. Call no refund. There excuse on going network enhancement . REALLY? google that phrase you will see for the last 6 years they have been giving that same excuse. Avoid this company at all costs
    Jules Li says :

    You should check the signal coverage for your area to see how sufficient it is. From what you describe, it seems to be simply a network problem.
    Violetta says :

    Does Globe provide a limited or unlimited access where you are only allowed so many megabytes or gigabytes of usage per day/week/month? Do they put a usage cap on their peak hours?
    Carmie Kane says :

    Globe telecom didn’t clarify from the very beginning that their unlimited internet service service is not really “unlimited”. There is 800 MB cap limit per day for each user. Which means, once you have consumed 800 MB you will not be able to surf the net anymore. It will be rest on the following day which is quite disappointing.
    MZtech says :

    Even if it says in your globe plan that you have unlimited internet access, it is not true. They actually have a limit and once you have consumed it, your Internet speed will throttle (slow down) and you have to wait for midnight before it refreshes and your Internet speed will be back to normal again.
    vida says :

    I hope you have brought up this issue with the internet provider. Sometimes they sell you a package and connect to the lesser one. because on an average not everyone uses it to maximum capacity. So unless they do not get a complain they assume all is fine and you can do with what is given you. But when you raise the question, they will know that you actually need the one you paid for and will connect you to the right package. So in this petty way they make an extra buck, but when you look at the turnover over several users it can be a huge amount.
    So I guess you need to complain and hopefully your problem will be resolved.
    patrick says :

    why does my internet connection lost when it rains?????
    ibizaspain replies :

    I don`t know what is the problem why when it rains, the connection is lost. I experience the same. You better contact Technical support for that. All I can say is that Globe and all other providers suck.
    MEV says :

    Hi Patrick,

    It usually happens when it rains. Its normal. I have tried Sun, Globe and Smart. Try to unplug your broadband and connect it again. It will work.
    Josephine Kay Guintu says :

    Hi Patrick. If you are using wireless internet connection then you have to expect that the weather has a lot of factor with the internet performance. Certain signal waves can be absorbed by the rain and thus affect you internet connection.not to mention cell sites affected by the wind. It’s better to have back up internet in case you really need to be online all the time. Hope this helps.
    patrick says :

    its not a wireless connection. its a wired connection.
    patrick says :

    anyways i have a temporary solution.I tried hangup my landline telephone and the problem is gone. but the incoming call is another problem.
    Josephine Kay Guintu says :

    Hi patrick, if the connection improves when you hang up the landline telephone then the telephone could be the problem. is there static on the line when you use your phone? have you tried using a new phone cord or wire? how about letting Globe change all the connection wires and cables and the devices? that happened to a friend of mine who uses PLDT, her connection to the internet is not good, but it got better when she unhooked the handset of her telephone from its base and leave it as is, in her case she doesn’t care about the landline since she rarely gets phone calls. hope this helps.
    Azriel says :

    This would depend on your location. Some areas when flooded or has faulty dsl lines the boxes that houses the main switches may be grounded that might need to be repaired or reconnected when needed or when it rains.
    ibizaspain replies :

    The thing with Globe is that they are not doing enough to prevent outages. They can’t even explain why these incidents would happen. One time, I asked the customer rep on the phone and he said, it was because of some stolen cable wires. I know it is beyond their reach but they should do something. Their inability to answer or explain whats happening is also a major turn off for this internet provider.
    pal says :

    Hi you could be experiencing these thing because you may have a bad router or modem. you could also have a bad eternet cable so that could also be your problem i really hope this helped
    divinagwapa says :

    These are possible scenarios but I think the author’s experience just totally sucks. I once applied for a globe internet service and my connection did not even last for a day. I had to disconnect and reconnect to Smart, at least my previous provider was not as bad.
    Dan E says :

    It has been 3 weeks since Globe installed our 3MBPS bundle. It works great from 6am to 6pm. completely dead for the entire remaining 12 hours EVERY DAY. Customer Service is nonexistant. Globe doesn`t have a clue how to run their company, Typical 3rd World incompetence and apathy. This mentality dictates that if you spend a huge amount of money on advertising then you are a successful company. Give me a break Globe may be BIG in the PI, but they are an embarassment to this country in the eyes of the real world
    Jules Li says :

    Dan, the reason that this happens is likely due to peak hours. A ton of people get on the internet around 6pm and this causes the network to overload. This tends to happen when there are not sufficient network resources. With that being said, this is a network problem and can only be fixed by Globe.
    Dan E says :

    UPDATE: In all fairness to Globe, I feel compelled to post this update. After receiving no better quality of customer service from Smart, nearly a year later I have returned to Globe. This time the connection is stable 24/7. It does briefly fail completely about 8 times a day for 5-15 seconds and there is up to 50% degradation during peak hours. But for the Philippines this is normal. Globe states that my previous connection was failing nightly (all night) by improperly installed CFL street light fixtures compromising network cabling with overwhelming RFI. It has since been repaired. However, it took a year for them to do so.
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