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  • First day of taking it I felt heartburn - kinda ulcer symptom, severe headache and nausea

    • by Melodina

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      I have this recurrent Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) for years but this time is quite severe. I’ve ignored its sharp pain before and after urination for 3 days but the next day I finally gave up. I was getting uneasy, urinating was hell pain! I go to the comfort room as often as 10 times a day. Since I have no enough budget to

      see a doctor, I self prescribed Bactrim Forte 800mg - that’s 3 times a day. This was the same medicine I took 2 years ago for my UTI but for the frequency is just a guess. Come what may, as long as I get rid of this pain.

      First day of taking it I felt heartburn - kinda ulcer symptom, severe headache and nausea.

      • These are signs of being pregnant, right? What I did was proceed immediately to the nearest drugstore and bought a pregnancy test pack. It shows negative. But what are these I’m feeling? I recalled and speculate that probably because of the Bactrim Forte I took. Then I tried to retrieve my past prescriptions (thank God I still have it) and discovered the real
        dosage and concluded that I was overdosed!

        That was horrifying experience for me. I really learned a lesson from then. That we’re talking about life here, and it should not be taken for granted. While Bactrim Forte cured my UTI, like all the rest of medicines it also has its side effects if taken erroneously and has a dreadful impact - worst, fatal to the consumer.

    latoya says :

    can bactrim forte with hotemin 20mg used to get ridge of boils, from under my arm?
    Galega says :

    Hi Latoya,

    Yes, Bactrim Forte may help you to tackle boils under your arm. It is one of the most used medicines to treat infections. It is also quite handy for boils underarm.

    This is my opinion based on my personal experience. It doesn’t endorse this medicine or recommend it. It can help, but please do consult your doctor.
    Jennifer Davis says :

    Just a note, though Bactrim will help with the boils, you should also be sure to keep the external area clean and keep a clean bandage over the boil while it heals. If you allow dirt, sweat, or bacteria to collect around the boil it can make the infection worse, particularly if the boil bursts.
    Darling Violetta says :

    Bactrim is typically prescribed for specific types of infections, generally UTIs and ear infections.

    Those who are developing allergies to Bactrim while consuming the medication (which is a sulfa drug) do not experience the type of allergic reaction most people think of - ie swelling, difficulty breathing, and death. Instead, many people allergic to Bactrim take days before the reaction is noticeable, usually in the form of a rash that resembles a sunburn.
    Andy says :

    Please what is the right dosage for a male adult of 64 with Bronchitis.

    Galega says :

    I would suggest you to consult a doctor about dosage suggestion. Actually, dose depends on many factors like your medical history, the gravity of your problems, which type of infections you have and your age, among others. You have mentioned only your age here. Consult a doctor with all medical reports to get right prescription.
    isha says :

    what if im pregnant and i will take bactrim,what will happen to my baby???
    Galega says :

    There are very little scientific clinical trails have been done for this. However, data available suggest that pregnant women should avoid Bactrim forte. Because it may lead to kernicterus and jaundice, among others. Similarly, it should also be avoided for women doing breastfeeding.
    jeny says :

    how much per pill ? bactrim forte in phillpines money?
    Keziah says :

    P3.50 only
    harold says :

    P3.50? that is very cheap for this medicine,i asked in a mecury drug store here in legazpi city,and they told me the price is P33.00 per pill..
    Mae says :

    33.40 pesos at Rose Pharmacy as of January 16,2014
    Applecrest says :

    i’m taking it now it cost 33.40 pesos on rose pharmacy
    jenalyn ramos says :

    its 31.50 here in mercury drug store manila philippines.
    Jaime S. Alcance says :

    Hi. Mr.Galega

    I have read some comments about Bactrim forte and i am very much confident that i am consuming the right medecine. Specially my knowledge about this drug has improved due the information which i have just read,It can also cure UTI and some skin infection.In my case,I am taking this medecine for my very serious(LBM)loose bowel movement.I have to go to CR or toilet 14 times with in nine hours.I immediately i remember the case of my officemate when i was in Manila that he colapsed due to LBM DEHYDRATION.One of the medecine that the Doctor has prescribed for his LBM was this Bactrim forte 800mg.I take this medecine and within 16 hours i am cured without any side effect. I took one tablet every 8 hours intervals. I am 64 years old now.
    I bought this medecine at 33.40 here in Pharmacy in Bacolod City.
    mj says :

    I have cystitis and u.t.I. just this year it’s my 3rd time to have u.t.I and it develop to doctor prescribe me a bactrim forte 2x a day. I just started taking last night. And I just have one right now. I just want to ask if how long is the interval in this Med. And it takes how many days to feel the effectiveness. Bcoz I still feel the pain after urinating and I have low grade fever
    Galega says :

    You should start to see some effectiveness after 2 -3 days. As for duration, you must follow the prescription of your doctor.
    Mikka says :

    I would like to ask what is the proper dosage for the bactrim forte? Is it to ba taken for only twice a day? Because I had read the blog and it was stated that she had taken 3 times a day and she was overdosed. So twice a day was the prescribed dosage?
    Gen says :

    bactrim forte should be taken by adults twice a day, 800mg for the treatment of UTI. Dosage aren’t the same for other infections and other age bracket.
    Galega says :

    First thing you need to remember is the fact that Bactrim Forte isn’t an over-the-counter product. That means, it should not be taken without the prescription of a doctor. It can backfire. Your doctor depending on your medical history will prescribe it.

    And, it is your doctor who will decide about the right dose. In some cases, even BD (twice a day) may become a case of overdose. It will be better on your part to avoid thinking about the right dose and leave it to a doctor.
    zarah says :

    I also use bactrim when I’m experiencing uti. a take this 2 a day until i don’t feel the pain. But, I don’t feel any side effect. Medicines are also depends if the person is fit to the medicines. My cousin was taken the prescribe medicines by the doctor, but it gives her headache and weakness of didn’t cured her uti. That’s why I gave her bactrim, then she told me that she din’t feel anything side effect from this, and Her UTI was cured by this.
    Mj says :

    Good day i used to have this bactrim800mg 4 years ago. When i have uti the doctor prescrive
    Galega says :

    Hi MJ,

    What was the result? Did you get rid of UTI with the help of this medicine?

    There are lots of testimonials on the Internet where people share their experience with this medicine for UTI. It seems to work wonderfully. My brother has a medical store in Delhi and i have seen doctors prescribing this medicine (or some others with the same combinations) for UTI.
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