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  • That sounds hard to believe, but my experience is that this program actually works
  • I bought this program as a CD for $19.95 (no tax or shipping charges) and it arrived in the mail two days later, first class mail
  • I was impressed, although the case graphics are pretty simple
  • I suspect it's designed to avoid drawing attention from curious eyes
  • I would actually pay triple what I paid for it, or even more than that, based on what results I have had with it

    • by Photographer1773

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      The very first program I purchased from Ultrasonic Subliminals was the second volume of the audio aphrodisiac known as the Poetry of the Silent Eros.

      This program is what is known as a “silent subliminal”, which means that playing at normal volume, it is either difficult to hear at all, or effectively silent. For those who can hear it at all, it sounds like a very faint high pitched sound, which is easily forgotten about in a few minutes, and easily masked by any other sound at all.

      This program is supposed to cause a state of sexual arousal in anyone exposed to it for long enough. That sounds hard to believe, but my experience is that this program actually works!

      I bought this program as a CD for $19.95 (no tax or shipping charges) and it arrived in the mail two days later, first class mail. It was well packaged in a plain white bubble wrap envelope, and when I opened it up, it was a nicely shrink wrapped DVD case, with a UPC barcode, just as the website says it will be. I was impressed, although the case graphics are pretty simple. The background color is black, and the front has the name of the program in large silver 3-D letters. The back has a description of the program and it’s function. There is no graphical image, as you might expect. I suspect it’s designed to avoid drawing attention from curious eyes.

      With the shrink wrap off, I opened it up and was faced with an insert that had detailed instructions, hints and tips for usage. This is one area where Ultrasonic Subliminals seems to excel - everything comes with instructions, and the instructions are very well done and insightful. This is the case for this program, as well. There’s a lot

      of information in the instructions that basically tells you exactly how to use it and what to look for to know when and how well it’s working. It also has troubleshooting help. Very nice touch.

      The CD itself is also black, and the font on it matches the one on the front cover, but the printing isn’t as high resolution, so the subtle shades of gray are not reproduced as effectively. The result makes the text on the disk a little less readable.

      When I first got this program, I was tremendously curious as to how it would work. I popped it in my computer and let it play… and I could hear nothing. I was a bit skeptical that there was anything going on at all, so I pulled up Windows media Player’s visualizers and there’s one that’s recommended in the instructions for proving that there’s something actually there. It’s Ocean Mist, and it shows the volume according to pitch. Sure enough the display showed exactly what the instructions said it would - a strong signal to the far right, indicating high pitches only.

      Okay, so there’s something there. I started chatting with some friends while I was waiting to see what would happen. I actually forgot it was playing after a few minutes, and suddenly realized it was really hot in the house, which is very odd because my roommate usually keeps it colder than I like in the apartment. I got up to check the air conditioner settings and realized that I had read in the instructions that it can make people who are affected feel like they’re unusually warm. Wow!

      So I was getting warm, but I hadn’t noticed any arousal yet. I kept listening. In a short time, I started feeling something unusual, but it wasn’t in ...

      • my loins - it was in my chest! Over the next twenty or thirty minutes, this feeling in my chest developed and grew stronger and more distinct. What was it? A deep, urgent need for sex. I was very impressed.

        It says in the instructions that it takes 5 to 45 minutes to cause a noticeable response, and it affected me in about 35 minutes like that. I decided to keep listening. It says that more than a couple hours of exposure can cause hypersexuality. So what did I do? I had to see for myself. I listened to it for about 7 hours.

        By the time I hit the seven hour mark, I couldn’t take it anymore. I’ll just say that it really does cause hypersexuality if you listen to it long enough. Nothing - and I do mean nothing - that I did over the next three days was enough to satiate the arousal this caused in me. My girlfriend at the time was thrilled with all the interest and attention.

        Then I let her in on my experiment and she laughed at me because she didn’t believe subliminals work. So she agreed to let me expose her to the program, which I had purchased mainly because I wanted to spark up the relationship again. She had lost interest over time, and as she lost interest, so did I. Her sex drive was never terribly high. So I got this program thinking maybe this would get her interested.

        I didn’t use it right away, because I knew she was expecting it, and her pre-conceived notions would affect her responses. As expected, she began making fun of me later that day because she wasn’t feeling any results. But I wasn’t playing it yet. I just let her laugh.

        The next day, I turned it on and left it on in my bedroom. When she came over, I watched closely. She was a natural redhead, so it was always very easy to see when she was aroused because her face would flush very obviously.

        Well it wasn’t too long before I noticed she had gone quiet, and I turned around to see why. She was sitting on my bed, looking at me, and she was really flushed in the face and she had this look in her eyes that I hadn’t seen very often. It was “that look”, the one that a woman gives you when she is really, really aroused. The one that says “I’m ready.” I love that look, and she could pull it off so well that instantly, I knew I had a winner in this program.

        I have seen this program do amazing things to both me and the people around me more than a few times now. It doesn’t produce obvious results in everyone I have exposed to it, but I have seen some absolutely stunning results. In fact, I played it to a group of skeptical friends at a party, one time. To keep the review suitable for all viewers, let’s just say they wouldn’t give me the disc back. I had to order another one!

        This program is awesome. It doesn’t seem to have everyone under it’s spell, but it certainly does a knockout job with most people! I highly recommend it. I would give it a 10 if it worked on everybody, so I give it a 9 out of 10 instead.

        This program proved to me that subliminals really work. I would actually pay triple what I paid for it, or even more than that, based on what results I have had with it.

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