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  • What little characterization from the first movie is tossed aside as Frank

    • by David Finniss


      What little characterization from the first movie is tossed aside as Frank…whatever his last name was is now in Miami acting as chauffeur for a politician and his family. It’s clearly a temp job, but he does get along well enough with the kid, testing the boy’s intellect with riddles and instilling the whole “rules” way of life that he lives by, albeit with different rules.

      Things go sour when some criminals infiltrate a pediatrician’s office and try to inject the boy with something. The first movie was over the top,

      but this was ridiculous. The main female villainess, for reasons unknown, rips off her nurse’s outfit and actually engages in gunfire while stripped down to a bra and panties. I’m no combat expert, but that’s absurd. It’s one thing to remove the disguise, but have some battle clothes on underneath. Show some class.

      Anyway, it’s pretty much the same as the first movie. Where the first movie’s plot actually involves his occupation as a transporter, this is more like dumb luck. The villains are drug dealers who ...

      • have designed a virus (highly contagious of course) to infect the kid, so that the kid can infect the father and from there infect his coworkers who are working on an anti-drug bill……

        ….What?! Taking the kid hostage makes sense, but releasing a virus like that is just goofy. As highly contagious as it is, did it not occur to these dealers that it might spread and take out a large chunk of the planet. Do they not remember Ebola? the Black Plague? The superflu that broke out back in 1918? Yeah

        sure they have an antidote, but only like 2 doses, that won’t do much in a catastrophe. Newsflash, killing your potential customers with a virus is not good business.

        Like it’s predecessor, this film relies solely on the fist fights. They’re about the same as the first one. I’m not really sure how this launched into a franchise (they made a third one as well) but it’s too late now. Pass on this one as well as there are other action movies with much more to offer than this film.

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