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  • Not only was the character unaware of the rule until Statham mentioned it, he was impressed with the man's work ethic

    • by David Finniss


      Up until I saw this film I had not seen any of Jason Statham’s work. Like Steven Seagal and Jean Claude Van Damme before him, he has made a movie career solely out of the fact that he knows kung fu.

      The writers behind this film weren’t much better. His character, Frank…Martin I think? I don’t remember it doesn’t matter anyways, has little personality aside from the fact that he’s ridiculously anal about his job. Honestly, before he takes a job (transporting goods for criminals) he inquires about the weight and dimensions of said object and wants the specific number of miles he will have to travel. If a character suggests a slight variation to the original agreement,

      he bails. They never explain why he’s like this, it’s just how he is.

      His anal personality is re-enforced with a list of rules that he mentions throughout the movie. Things start to go sour when, in a moment of weakness, he breaks his number one rule; he saw what the cargo was. In this case, the cargo is a cute asian girl. He starts to show some sympathy and his kindness is reciprocated when she tries to escape. He shoves her back in the duffel bag (I’m not joking, she was literally stuffed into a duffel bag) and makes the delivery. He collects his pay and goes on his merry way.

      A short time later ...

      • his car explodes. He wasn’t in it, but it was meant for him, there is no doubt. It’s at this point that Statham starts doing what he does best, kicking ass and chewing bubble gum. Oh, and he’s all out of bubble gum. From here on out it’s an endless barrage of chase and fight scenes. They’re ok I guess, but I was left feeling like it was a hollow measure.

        The villains’ motivation doesn’t even make sense. When he asks why they blew up his car, the villain simply says “because you broke your rule, you looked in the bag”. Ok, so you somehow figured out that he looked in the bag even though there

        was no way to tell that he did so and broke a rule that you didn’t even know he had. Not only was the character unaware of the rule until Statham mentioned it, he was impressed with the man’s work ethic. Huh?

        It doesn’t matter, turns out they’re involved in some human slave trade and it’s up to Statham to save the day. There’s a whole bunch of WHAM! POW! etc. That’s pretty much the extent of it.

        I’m all for big dumb action movies, but this was unimpressive even by those light standards. There are a couple of good fight scenes but overall there isn’t much to this movie and it’s not really worth the time to check out.

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