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  • As an Assistant Supervisor I didn't necessary want to run it as a business, although I know plenty of people who do
  • I've since graduated to the aloe vera berry drink, which has a delicious flavour and contains apple and cranberry juice
  • I would genuinely recommend the drinks as they have all but cleared up my IBS
  • I think the products are high quality and the ones I personally use have worked for me

    • by adassa

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      I have been using Forever Living products for 5 years now. As an Assistant Supervisor I didn’t necessary want to run it as a business, although I know plenty of people who do. I was more interested in the health benefits I’d heard about drinking aloe vera juice.

      I didn’t like the original aloe vera drinking gel(bright yellow), which tasted very bitter but did make a difference to my Irritable Bowel (IBS), which I’d suffered with for

      a few years. It also had the added benefit of making my skin clearer. After around 3 mths of drinking the gel, which is 99% pure aloe vera juice I had a lot of comments from friends on my complexion - and I’m over 40! My skin was quite good before but my friends said it looked more luminous and glowing.

      I’ve since graduated to the aloe vera berry drink, which has a delicious flavour and contains apple and ...

      • cranberry juice. It’s very good for any female urinary problems eg Cystitis, as well as containing all the good things the original juice has. I would genuinely recommend the drinks as they have all but cleared up my IBS. Some people think Forever Living products are quite expensive, particularly the drinks. They sell at a retail price of £18($26). However, If you become a distributor you can buy the drink at a cheaper wholesale price of around
        £13($19). I think the products are high quality and the ones I personally use have worked for me. The products are certified as having a very high content of aloe vera, unlike a lot of products which are advertised as containing aloe vera but if you read the ingredients label it is listed near the bottom!

        The majority of Forever Living products are sold through independent distributors. A search on the net should bring a distributor in most peoples locality.

    dhwani says :

    Hie…I m DHWANI and have started drinking aleovera gel 1month back and face wash and creams (proplis and also gelly)…I have never faced irritation in my stomach and chest and esophagus…but now I usually face it…plus break uts have increased…is that normal?
    Galega says :

    Irritation in stomach, chest and esophagus can be a symptom of some sort of internal infection. A doctor can properly diagnose this issue. It may be unrelated to your consumption of Aloe Vera juice.

    Further, the use of face wash should not lead to any pimples breakout. I would suggest you to consult a doctor and discuss these problems and follow the suggestions.
    Mugure says :

    I begun taking the Aloe vera gel two weeks ago and also use the sunscreen. In that time my skin has been breaking out with painful pimples that disappear by themselves. Is this normal?
    Vanessa says :

    If the pimples are not a problem you usually have, then I would say it’s not normal. Are you putting the sunscreen on the area where you are getting the pimples? If so, I would stop using it. Always be careful about what you put on your skin and don’t use it if it causes irritation

    There is also a slight chance that the Aloe Vera gel is helping your body to cleanse, which can cause temporary breakouts because toxins are being released. If that’s the case then it’s not necessarily a bad thing, and you could help it by drinking a lot of water.
    shokat jaffer says :

    I have very sever osteo arthritis.
    Will Alover gel cure it.

    Galega says :

    Aloe Vera Gel is not intended for the treatment of Osteoarthritis. You should consult a doctor and follow prescription for long term solution.
    praba says :

    my mum is 85 years of age. She has fluid in lungs and minor heart problems. Due to this she usually encounters breathing difficulties. Lately she was hospitilised for fluid in lungs and antiobiotics was given. Her lungs improved but the antiobiotics created lots of gases in stomach and she experienced stomach burns and later heart burns. No complains of stomach pains any more but more on severe heartburns followed by breathing difficulties. We have been feeding her every 2 hours and she burps after food and feels relieved after that. I understand that the medication has triggered gases and probably she has developed ulcers. Will aloe vera gel drink help in reducing the discomfort of heart burns. Aloe Vera has anti inflammatory properties and can it be used to ease the heartburn that she is experiencing.
    Vanessa says :

    Definitely ask the doctor. At 85 and with health problems, her system is probably very sensitive and I wouldn’t recommend giving her any kind of herbal remedy without clearing it with her medical provider first. But with that said, Aloe Vera is an incredible healer with soothing properties, and it has helped a lot of people, so it is worth asking the doctor about it.
    Gillian Docherty says :

    I agree that you should check with your doctor if this helps reasure, I have done alot of research with the aloe vera drinks and started taking them for arthritis and felt a big difference in my joints, my family take the drinks and other products for ibs, and chrones, this has had a great result in that there are no symptoms anymore. My mum was diagnosed with secondary cancer stage 3,with acites, which is poor. Ever since taking the argi plus drink, her count kept coming down. after she had been taking the juice approx 3 months, she came off it as she began working partime therefore decided she could`nt afford it. On her next visit to measure her count, it had gone up again, so she thought maybe it was not a coincidence that while on the argi plus, her count came down, so she returned to taking it, and on her next visit, her count had come down again, and has done ever since returning to what the doctors class as normal which is 35. And originally it was in the thousands. So my mum is now in remission, has never felt ill, still had her hair for a long time when the doctors said she should have lost it by then,however that was a good few months ago now. We started using and distributing the products. For colon cancer, I would highly recommend this, if there are no heart problems or kidney problems. But if on medication you should consult a doctor. People sometimes think this is expensive, but my mum personally believes the drink helped her immensly.
    anshu says :

    Tell me d proper quantity of aloe vera gel to b added wid exact amount of water…should it be consumed at empty stomach..provide me suitable directions as I m going to use it for d 1st tym
    Ambreen says :

    There really is no wrong way to use this gel. You can mix it with water or drink it on its own. You can consume it empty stomach or have it after you’ve had a meal. There are absolutely no known side effects to aloe vera gel, so use it without any issues.
    Beauty Hwindizi says :

    I would say take 80mls to 90mls if its just for your regular morning detox and 100mls to 120mls twice a day on an empty stomarch in the morning and 30 minutes before dinner. And take at least 250mls of water afterwards
    clyde says :

    is alovera gel advisable to drink by a person has colon cancer and operation has been done?
    Myrtle replies :

    I would check with your doctor before taking any other medicines herbal or otherwise. I`m not a medical person but I think if you are still under the care of your doctor for colon cancer or just had an operation they should be your first port of call for advice. Hope this helps.
    Vanessa says :

    It’s probably OK, and it might even be helpful, but I’d definitely check with your doctor first If you decide to use it, I’d go with the pure aloe vera gel (the product in this review contains other things too), and you should start with a small amount to see how its tolerated.
    iswaran karuppiah says :

    Dear Vanessa, does this forever aloe vera gel cures hair fall?
    Galega says :

    No. Aloe Vera won’t cure hair fall problem.
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