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  • I recommend this brand to those parents who are having a hard time giving co amoxiclav to their children

    • by Arwen


      Just last year before the year ended, my 10 month old baby suffered from broncho pneumonia. At a very young age he got pneumonia. I was very down that time and we had to bring him to the hospital. He was admitted for few days and hoping that he will get well by the time we left the hospital. After leaving the hospital. We still continue to give him his medicine, on time and religiously.

      We were asked to buy co amoxiclav, Natravox

      We did everything the pediatrician told us to do, It was difficult for me and for my husband and of course for my baby. I had to wake up every time he needed to take the medicine. Co Amoxiclav, Natravox is an antibiotic that was prescribed to my baby boy. It should be taken every 8 hours, and he meant every 8 hours. It was in powder form ...

      • so we need to add 50 ml of water in order for it to be diluted. We were told that we need to give him the medicine within 7 days and return to check if he was ok. And so we did. The medicine was very effective and my son like the taste. It tastes like vanilla ice cream.

        After 7 days the doctor told us that he still need to continue to take the

        medicine. So we bought another co amoxiclav, but because we ran out of stock we just settle for another much expensive brand. My son, didn’t like the taste and cried every time. So we decided to purchase again Co Amoxiclav, Natravox. We were very pleased with how my son reacts with this medicine. I recommend this brand to those parents who are having a hard time giving co amoxiclav to their children. This brand would be your savior.

    lhyn says :

    Is itok to change the medicine from co amoxiclav augmentin to co amoxiclav natrovox??because when we are purchasing natrovox it is out of stock so i bought augmentin…is it ok to change it to natrovox??
    Galega says :

    If you take a look at ingredients, you will find that both of these products are same. You can definitely use any of them.
    Bambam says :

    Me too..natravox was my savior on those difficult times that its hard to convince my daughter to drink any medicine
    arlyn says :

    Hi I’m 4months pregnant and my doctor said I should take amoxicillin attractor for my urinary tract infection. Is it safe? I’m afraid to take.
    Tarryn says :

    Hi Arlyn

    I was also around 4/5 month pregnant when i had a terrible fever and because it was not coming down i also had to go on an anti-biotic, think it was the same one but this was over 2 years ago now so cannot remember, however when i went to the pharmacy, i spoke to the head pharmacist to also ask advice if what i was taking was safe with pregnancy.
    But i took the anti-biotic and my little boy came out perfectly and on time etc.
    I would also get a second opinion though if its for a urinary tract infection, in case you can go for an alternative natural way perhaps use the anti biotic as a last resort.
    Galega says :

    Amoxicillin can be taken during pregnancy. There is no problem and you don’t need to worry. Take this medicine as per the prescription of your OBGyne.

    UTI is quite common during the first trimester of pregnancy, and in that case Amoxicillin (and other antibiotics based on urine culture report) is prescribed.
    quick note by anonymous :

    So how many days your baby take the natravox?
    Galega says :

    This antibiotic is generally prescribed for five days. Doctors can suggest a different dose depending on the problem and the exact medical condition of the baby. It is recommended to give the entire dose, even if your baby starts to feel good and shows no symptoms.
    jazmin says :

    can natravox helps lessen nosebleed due to thinning of the nose membrane?
    arwen replies :

    I’m not sure about that, you can consult your doctor for further information.
    Galega says :

    No, it doesn’t. If you are suffering from nosebleed, you should consult a doctor and take targeted medicine. Natravax is an antibiotic based on Amoxicillin, mainly used for respiratory tract infection and various skin infections.
    joyce says :

    Hi please i need your answer i didnt refrigerate the antibiotic since we reconstitute it and i just skipped reading to refrigerate i only read in the bottle to store it in temperature not exceeding 25 degree.. and its my son 5th day on the medicine now.. what should i do?
    Galega says :

    If you had not refrigerated after reconstituting the medicine for five days, it is better to just discard it. It may not be harmful, but it may also not give you intended effect.
    leah raymundo says :

    the package insert requires that natravox be refrigerated after reconstitution..we do not have a refrigerator, so i just bought ice and placed it near the bottle of natravox..but on the second day my husband forgot to buy ice and left the suspension in room temperature..will it change the composition of the medicine?is it still ok for consumption after that?thanks
    arwen replies :

    Hi, Though i’m not a doctor, I have to say it depends on how long it has stayed in the room , A day maybe ok, but maybe not more than 48 hours, It might not be as effective.
    Galega says :

    Ideally, you should use the reconstituted solution within 20 minutes of making it. The rest should be discarded.

    In any case, it isn’t a good idea to keep the solution where temperature is above 10 degree Celsius. You should not use this solution (I also suggest you to not repeat the first case where you put ice near the bottle).

    The powder should be kept at below 25 degree Celsius.
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