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  • I think if I go to sleep it's will be better

    • by coolvie

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      One week ago, I got cold and fever because of the unpredictable weather that often happen in my city now. Sometimes in one day it’s feels so hot, but in the next day it rainy all day long.

      Sometimes yje weather also change drastically, from hot suddenly become cold because of big


      When I got a light cold I usually just go to the drugstore, not to the doctor because I hate it.

      When I was in the drugstore, the medicine that usually I use is empty, and then the customer service suggest me to use the similar drug that I ever use, it’s called Neozep forte.

      The drug is in tablets.

      One packed neozep forte contain 4 tablets.

      I use Neozep forte one tablet in theafternoon and one tablet in the night.

      First I didn’t feel any changing or reaction from this drug.

      I think if I go to sleep it’s will be better.


      • Neozep Forte
      After the next day, I feel that Neozep forte lessen my fever and, though I still feel a little bit cold but I feel better.

      Neozep forte contain parasetamol, fenilpropanolamin, HCl, Klorfenoiramin maleat, and salisilamida.

      The most material in this drug is parasetamol, and I think this material is play the biggest

      role in lessen the fever and the cold.

      But if you want to use this drugs, you should read the rule in the package because it has many contraindication and the sideeffect which are sleepy, unnormal digestiondry mouth, etc.

      And don’t give it to the child under years old and pregnant women because it can harmful.

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coolvie replies :

uupsss…sorry..I don`t know about sinecod, maybe u could ask ur doctor??
keith says :

where can I purchase Neozep Forte on line?
Galega says :

Hi Keith,

Neozep Forte is manufactured and marketed by Unilab, a popular philippine pharmaceutical company.

If you are from the Philippines, there should not be any difficulty in finding it. Mercury Drugstore keeps all medicines of Unilab, and you will easily find it there. It should also be available at other retail pharma stores.

If you are from outside the Philippines, it may not be easy to find it. This medicine is not available online, and it is rarely marketed outside the Philippines.
k3v1n says :

how long it will take to make you feel better by these neozep forte??
Galega says :

You should feel little better after 24 hours. This is the ideal time to give optimum result with this combination of medicine.

It may take little more time, if you have some serious problems, like infections. If you don’t find any result within three days, consult a physician.
cindy says :

my 1 year 5 months nephew often have runny nose and it disturbs his sleep at specially at night..
is it safe to a 1 year 5 months baby to take neozep??
and how many ml will i give him
he is 17 kilos
Galega says :

Neozep Forte is not recommended for children below 2 years old. You should better take your nephew to a pediatrician for proper diagnosis and prescription.

The dose of for 2 to 5 years baby is 5ml once a day.
rico says :

its been hard to find or buy neozep here in our drugstore wn i consulted my doctor bwt my colds he advice me to tk sinecod thats y i want to ask if there is 100 similarity both neozep and sinecod
Galega says :

If you take a look on ingredients of both of these medicines, you will find answer. These two are not similar medicine, though both of them are intended to be used in similar conditions.

Sinecod contains Butamirate citrate, while Neozep Forte contains Phenylephrine HCl Chlorphenamine Maleate Paracetamol.

Sinecod is generally preferred by doctor in comparison to Neozep Forte.
monica says :

sinecod is an antitussive.usually for coughs neozep works good to me.
jaqui says :

I have used this medicine and time and again it has failed to give me relief. I do not know if its just me or the medicine. I now use Tuseran instead as it has been proven to give a quick relief than Neozep.
Edchellyne says :

Me too. Neozep doesn’t work for me. I guess it’s effectiveness varies to takers’ body.
Galega says :

Two of the ingredients of Tuseran and Neozep Forte are same - phenylephrine HCl and paracetamol.

You will find dextromethorphan HBr with Tuseran while Neozep contains Chlorphenamine Maleate.

If you have dry cough Dextromethorphan HBr can work better. If you have productive cough, Chlorphenamine Maleate can work wonder. It is like that.

Use Tuseran for dry cough and Neozep Forte for productive cough.

Though, there are lots of research paper which have claimed that Destromethorphan HBr doesn’t work in the case of dry cough and is just a placebo.
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