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  • This film drama Romans do have a braided story interesting enough
  • From the point on the players, Yeoh and Ziyi indeed have a strong chemistry in this movie, unfortunately, on Ziyi is still less suitable for impersonating a Geisha, while Gong Li play good enough in turn Hatsumono characters

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      Japan, early in the year 30, when Chiyo is still a teenager was unlucky fate. He and his brothers sold by their parents to a Geisha house is different. This resulted in the Chiyo must be separated with the sisters. So, the reporting on the life of Chiyo, a Geisha. Days pass with his hard, not only because the employer who often bristle and hit Chiyo, as well as with the case of a Geisha Hatsumono named Chiyo, who often create some problems. Until a day Chiyo met with a good-hearted youth who buy ice cream and give his handkerchief.

      Since then, Chiyo intend to become a Geisha in order to meet again with the good hearts of the youth. Chiyo feels not now depart adult, beauty and unadorned Chiyo out to attract the attention of Mameha, a senior Geisha the reckon train Chiyo to become a Geisha. Through his training, Chiyo is now finally ready to become a Geisha, even Mameha also give a new name for Chiyo is Sayuri.

      The beauty and skill dancing Sayuri make her name increasingly known among government officials and the military. Sayuri eventually returned here to meet

      with the good hearts of the youth who had no other head of one political party in power. Sayuri popularity of course make Hatsumono envy, this is the worst when asked Hatsumono eventually stop a Geisha by the employer, because he has chosen as its successor Sayuri.

      In the circumstances so, Hatsumono Geisha house, the lucky Sayuri lives can be saved. History now records in 1940, the world’s fight. At that time, the Geisha as a place to appetite sex of the Japanese army, Mameha and Sayuri lucky to be saved by the head of the political parties. They were evacuated in a place in Osaka. However, yearning Sayuri Chairman of the Party not be more political, and Sayuri will meet again with the youth who she desire it? Will Sayuri find the meaning of true love or life will become a permanent end Geisha?

      Stories from this movie was appointed Arthur Golden book essay, which diverted into a film scenario by Robin Swicord. Initially, Steven Spielberg is willing to direct this movie, but a tight schedule because it must Rockface two movies at once (War of The Worlds and Munich), Spielberg finally ...

      • makes only act as executive producer, temporarily directing only trust in Rob Marshall who had to make a success Chicago (2002). From the stars aligning of the stars had chosen the origin of China and Malaysia. This is what makes pro and contra in the audience this movie, especially for those who have read the book. The role of Chiyo / Sayuri trust in the Ziyi Zhang (2046, Hero), while the mentor Mameha performed by the stage of birth, Ipoh, Malaysia, Michelle Yeoh (Tomorrow Never Dies), while Gong Li (2046) portray Hatsumono trust. Still supported by Ken Watanabe (The Last Samurai), which portray the Chairman, Kaori Momoi enact the employer, and the junior stage Suzuka Ohgo Chiyo role in the teenagers.

        This film drama Romans do have a braided story interesting enough. Through this film we can know that behind his appearance, appeared to have a Geisha manners and customs that are inherited generations, yet again that dance is typical. From the point on the players, Yeoh and Ziyi indeed have a strong chemistry in this movie, unfortunately, on Ziyi is still less suitable for impersonating a Geisha, while Gong Li play good

        enough in turn Hatsumono characters. Illustration beautiful music that is displayed by the composer John Williams, who works with famous players cello, Yo-Yo Ma and violinist famous, Ithzak Perlman, this is the second time Williams collaborate with the two famous musicians. Previously, Williams has collaborated with Yo-Yo Ma to create the illustration music film Seven Years in Tibet, while with Perlman, Williams have collaborated to create the music for the film illustrated Schindler’s List.

        Overall, this movie is quite good in terms of story and the creation of design mainly set his middling good, but it feels there are some aspects that make this movie less so touching. Ziyi on a slightly less maximal likewise controversy concerning the selection of the main stars unsurprisingly, not Japan, to make an assessment for the spectators who watch them.

        Nevertheless, it’s for fans of the movie-quality dramas and Zhang Ziyi fan, especially, of course, this movie is very feasible for purchasing, other than through this movie, we can recognize the values of life, which is owned by a Geisha, which was not only bold and trappings kimono clothes, but there are also customs that run by the Geisha.

    Andrew Leither says :

    In this movie it sounds interesting. It’s intriguing to know this. I have not seen the movie but “Memoirs of Geigha” and Rob Marshall it seems to know how to make movies. I like the characters and feel of the story
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