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  • Anne is walking amongst the common people and finds them to be interesting and friendly
  • I would recommend this for the new generation to watch a good movie and to see how true love can really be, and if you love romance movies, here's one to add to your collection

    • by Angelina Crowley
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      Like the Prince and me that’s similar to the 1950’s classic a Roman Holiday, this time it’s guy meets princess. Starring Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck, two of the greatest actors of the 20th century and two of the greatest screen couples in film history. Audrey Hepburn as princess Ann has the life just like any other princess, she travels all over the world being cheered by crowds of people and cameras flashing in her face and is in the newspaper, like how we see with the queen of England. Audrey Hepburn plays a charming and amusing princess, when she is escorted to her throne and shaking hands with all the important members of the party. Such as kings, barons, counts, and countesses and after being tired from all that standing she takes off her shoe and this is where she’ll stand out of royal character.

      You also get a sense of Anne is bored and frustrated with the superb life that she leads, not like how we live our daily lives and she wants a piece of that freedom. She becomes rebellious by running away to get a taste of the freedom she longs for and makes a getaway into a back of a truck and gets a

      glimpse of the people of Rome but also must keep out of sight from anyone seeing or recognizing her. But she eventually meets this American newspaper reporter Joe Bradley (Gregory Peck) who she won’t suspect and he won’t suspect that she’s the princess at first. He meets her sleeping on a bench mumbling words in a sleepy drinking state, it would never occur to him that this woman sleeping on the bench is a princess.

      He sees a beautiful woman alone all by herself and helps her get into a taxi, but with no money of her own she goes back with him to stay at his place and he can barely keep her from standing up. Mr. Bradley’s apartment is not luxurious like you think how a reporter should live but it’s simply a one room, a one room that they both would have to share. Anne acts like the princess that she is and Joe finds her behavior to be peculiar.

      The scene is appropriate for two people who are sleeping in the same room together and it seems like they’ll become good roommates. While princess Ann is hiding out, a search is being put out for her and she won’t be able to conceal who she really ...

      • is and Mr. Bradley soon finds out when he sees her face on the newspaper as a big headline and he can’t believe to himself that princess Ann is sleeping right in his bed. He suddenly becomes a reporter that is greedy for a story and makes sure to keep an watchful eye on her and on every move that she makes.

        When she wakes up she sees the tall, handsome Mr. Bradley and she wonders where she is and how she got there, Mr. Bradley introduces himself and she introduces herself as Tonya. They kind of play along with each other as if it were a game.

        Anne wants to go out an explore Rome on her own and Mr. Bradley follows every where she goes. Anne is walking amongst the common people and finds them to be interesting and friendly. She walks into a barber shop for a hair cut and looks like a whole new different person, more like a school girl and such as a young girl.

        You also see that Audrey Hepburn smile just makes a wonderful screen presence. The relationship between her and Gregory Peck in this movie, when they’re together they cause a great amount of escapades. They both come from two different

        lives and enjoy each other’s company. Even though Mr.

        Bradley is concerned about getting an exclusive and bigger pay. The shooting filmed in Rome is lively and the people, it was a great ideal location for the movie. When I’m in the mood for something to watch or that makes me feel better I put on a movie and one of them would be Roman Holiday, it’s like comedy and romance combined together. The screen kiss between Hepburn and Peck is truly remarkable, whereas Anne has never experienced being kiss before or having true love and nor has probably Mr.

        Bradley and it’s that time Anne retires to her castle and it turns out after all Mr. Bradley isn’t the greedy reporter for a story like you think he is. He looks back at Anne for the last time and would always remember the love that he has for Anne. It’s not like your ordinary fairy tale where you have two people who live happily ever after with each, but more as two people going back to their worlds.

        I would recommend this for the new generation to watch a good movie and to see how true love can really be, and if you love romance movies, here’s one to add to your collection. A Roman Holiday!

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