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  • I'm writing about this tablet because its one of those amazing things out there that people just don't know about
  • Or are too programmed to think otherwise, or just don't want know the truth otherwise they would regret something
  • This is based on MY experience as a computer artist in Animation and Illustration
  • In my experience the best size is the one that matches closest to our computer screen
  • The only downside is with the pen nib which I found, wears out a little too fast, it'll be another overhead along with the batteries, but you can configure it so you don't need to press down too hard to get the lines you want

    • by Sewje

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      I’m writing about this tablet because its one of those amazing things out there that people just don’t know about. Or are too “programmed” to think otherwise, or just don’t want know the truth otherwise they would regret something. Or just following the Wacom crowd!

      I’ve been an owner of graphics tablets for over 10 years, my first was a Wacom, 2nd was a Nisis which was a rebrand of an Aiptek like Trust tablets.

      This is based on MY experience as a computer artist in Animation and Illustration. I haven’t tried the high end graphics tablets from Wacom and I really have no intention of doing so with their current prices, maybe when I’ve achieve the success thats needed to afford them but that time isn’t the present.

      I am COMPLETELY satisfied with my current tablet!

      Now I must admit the Wacom was a good tablet but I eventually found it too small for drawing properly on the computer, I remember my first time using the pen, it felt “weird” as all tablet users will recall, drawing on the pen without looking at the pen surface, it took a getting use to but nothing too difficult, few hours practice and you kinda take it for granted.

      I read a lot about advice on the size of the tablet to get. In my experience the best size is the one that matches closest to our computer screen. Well yea, there are so many different size LCDs and only so many graphics tablet size

      but generally most are the size of A4 so I guess an A4 tablet size would be the best size graphics tablet to get.

      When you get a smaller tablet theres more “adjustment” needed because of the size difference from the screen, thats that initial getting used to when you first use a graphics tablet on the computer.

      A larger than screen tablet will give you the opposite adjustment effect.

      I can’t really recommend getting a tablet signifficantly larger than your LCD screen it just feels… wrong.

      When you get a tablet, it should be a good one to use for a long time, but maybe this is why so many people stay with Wacom because they are used to it and a small change would be noticed and would feel different to what they been using for so many years, they don’t want to adjust so all they do is complain and that is crap for a person new to graphics tablets.

      Ofcourse there are many factors in deciding what graphics tablet is the right one for you. Size, Price, Quality.

      Wacoms are expensive!, not all but the good ones are, compared to the competition if you can call it competition… Wacom have a monopoly on graphics tablets, they can charge whatever they want. They also may have to price them higher since its aimed at “professionals”.

      The Nisis tablet was bigger compared to my old Wacom, it was A4 now things felt more natural when I was working on some artwork on the computer, It was sufficient, nothing exceptional, just an average tablet, it had its flaws, but I managed to make use of it. I admit it wasn’t a good tablet overall, but the size made it comfortable enough to draw with. Over time it just lost it’s performance and shows its age in the growing advancement of new more powerfull computers. It was affordable about £50, my Wacom was £90, how times have changed!

      Wacom tablets don’t need batteries, that is one of the best advantage Wacom has I think.

      I’ve change my Nisis pen battery about 5-8 times now in its 5 year life. So its an absolutely tiny overhead in batteries for a non-wacom brand. Not really a deciding factor anyway.

      In comes the new Trust TB-7300 Now I didn’t just see this tablet and bought it straight away, I wanted to do some research on it, I found out everything I could on it and compared it to the rest of the tablets, now it being fairly new, there wasn’t much information about it, which is why I’m writing this!. Theres also not much information about it because of….yes that monopoly called Wacom, everywhere I went was Wacom this… Wacom that… Wacom is what the professionals use… I GET IT! BUT! Expensive! and completely out of my price range!

      I first compared the specs.

      Trust TB-7300 1024 Pressure sensitivity 200 Reports Per Second 4000 Lines Per Inch 60 Degrees tilt (but I’ve not got it to work yet.) ...

      • Trust TB-7300
      32 User Programmable Macro 2 Wheel Pads Widescreen and Standard Screen modes 30.5 x 19.5 cm Drawing area, just a little under A4 Average Price £85 £78 with delivery, final price I paid.

      Wacom Intuos3 A4 since thats the closest equivilant in specs I could find.

      1024 Pressure sensitivity 200 Reports Per Second 5080 Lines Per Inch 60 Degrees Tilt Programmable buttons available Erasor Mouse Standard Screen mode (Widescreen makes available) 30.5 x 23.1 cm Drawing Area Average price £310

      As you can see the biggest difference is only the price, the specs of the Trust tablet was just as good as the Wacom for less than a 1/3 of the price!

      I needed an A4 tablet, so Trust was the obvious choice, its the same as the Aiptek 14000U and the Genius M712 tablets, but those makes were more difficult to get hold of and the Trust one mention it had tilt but the others didn’t spec it so I went for the Trust make.

      Could I have saved up and get a Wacom? Yes, but Would I?, No, Why? because times have changed, technology as advanced, that Wacom tablet had been around for well over 5 years, I’d imagine its good but I can also tell that someone would come up with a tablet just as good as it by now, and I was right.

      Is it better than the Wacom if price wasn’t a factor? I wouldn’t know until I’ve used the Wacom. but judging from the specs I’d

      say it would be a very small difference if any at all!

      I would like to point out the visuals, the Trust tablet, I think looks amazing, the tablet build feels and looks very solid, the pen doesn’t feel as well built as the tablet but I have no problems using it.

      The border of the tablet is reflective, a finger print magnet, but makes the tablet look professional, the macros buttons also are shiny, all the shiny parts come covered in a cling film for you to peel off, which kinda of shows the amount of care and quality they put into it.

      The only downside is with the pen nib which I found, wears out a little too fast, it’ll be another overhead along with the batteries, but you can configure it so you don’t need to press down too hard to get the lines you want.

      I was amazed at the precision and quality of the response from this tablet, Its on a whole different level of my previous tablets, I guess thats the high LPI and RPS in action. It just blew me away and now here I am writing about it. This is how impressed I am with it.

      One of the best piece of gear I’ve ever purchased. Its so good it makes me want to use it more and more.

      I’m extremely glad that I didn’t get a Wacom instead, I can not imagine the Wacom being that much better after using the Trust tablet, it would have to do the imposible.

      Works with every software I’ve tried on it except Photoshop 64bit.

      If you need a tablet for drawing I would recomend the Trust as an alternative even if you could get the Wacom.

      Its THAT good!

Henri says :

Did you ever get the tilt working? And do you know if the drivers are the same for trust and aiptek? And who is the original manufacturer?
Sewje replies :

No, I think the tilt function is just some marketing trick and doesn`t really exist. Unless you count the operation that the pen tilts to work. The original manufacturer is Aiptek. The drivers are the same but each company will have its own which would be different versions so one would be older than another. The good thing is you can use anyones driver which means you should get the latest one possible reguardless of make. I`ve got the one from: w w w . a i p t e k . e u i n d e x . p h p ? o p t i o n c o m _ d o w n l o a d choose tablets then 14000U you want Version 3.33 As far as I know these are the latest for this tablet and they improve the pressure sensitivity greatly, my tablet works even better now with these drivers but theres just one problem with these drivers is that they install an extra device driver which messes about with directx stuff. The steps to correct this are as follows. Latest drivers BUT just one thing , these drivers install a Virtual Device in your device manager which you DONT want because it messes up DIRECTX stuff in Windows, either removed the Virtual Device from Human Interface Devices or remove it from the setup files which is the VHID directory if you look for it. Removing from setup files is more advisable.
ninja says :

I was sure that I want to buy the Wacom Bamboo Fun Medium A5 , but after reading this I`m having second thoughts. The price difference is almost 100 euros But I was wandering, wouldn`t it be strange working on a wide screen tablet, when I have standard monitor?? Sorry if it`s a stupid question, I`ve never had tablet before D
Sewje replies :

This tablet also supports standard aspect ratio screens, there`s a switch for standard and wide-screen. So if you do get a wide-screen later, you`ll be sorted lol Are you saying the Bamboo is more expensive or the other way round? Bit confusing the way you say it. I take it you do mean the Bamboo is more expensive since I checked it price to be 130 at amazondotcom. It really depends on your needs, but the Trust gives a lot more value and precision than the Bamboo in my opinion. But you can`t really go wrong if you get the Bamboo, I just think its a little bit crazy at those prices If I had the money for the Bamboo I`d get 2 of the Trust tablets haha. Any other Trust tablet I would not recommend , but the TB-7300 just has amazing specs for it price.
ninja says :

Well I meant that the bamboo is more expensive, of course…. I compared them both, the TB-7300 has bigger screen, 1024 pressure levels instead of 512 , has 32 extra buttons plus two wheel pads and is cheaper. The dissadvantages are that the pen isn`t battery-free, it doesn`t have an earser on the other end and it doesn`t have paper-like surface not a big deal . I will go for the TB-7300, I`ll buy something else with the rest of the money, instead of spending them all on the bamboo . Thanks, this review was helpfull
Fahima says :

Hi I brought the Trust Tablet 7300, end of last year, connecting the tablet, and the tablet it self was fine. When I tried to use the tablet in photoshop cs, it just didnt work the way i thought it would. When trying to use the brush tool it would hardly make any mark, i tired pressing hard with the pen adjusting pressure level ect tried everything i could think of, i spent over 1 week contacting trust asking for advise to solve the problem, i felt like i was repeating my self, in the end they said the tablet is not compatible with the recent photoshop. So i sent it back, which was dissapointing. Has anyone else had this problem with using the tablet in photoshop?
Sewje replies :

Only Photoshop CS4 64Bit doesn`t work with it. The original maker is called WALTOP check their website for latest drivers.
fahima says :

I have CS version 8, after sending it back, someone mentioned to me the Brush Preset should be on other dynamics, but not sure if that was the cause for the brush tool not to work. I am rethinking of trying out the trust tablet again, i was looking at the 6300 also.
Sewje replies :

The trust drivers had lots of problems which are fixed in the latest drivers especially in Vista, photoshop brush dynamics are also another thing to check. The tablet isn`t the easiest one to setup but when setup up properly it works perfectly.
fahima says :

Thanks for your advice, I brought my tabet from amazon last time, where would you recommend to buy it from? I have windiow xp professional, it should be o.k with that.
Trust 7300 says :

Hi i was looking at buying a graphics tablet and am trying to decide between this and the wacom intuos a4. The wacom intuos a4 is about 200 more and i have tried it and really like it. I want to get something similar quality and the trust tb-7300 is getting good reviews so i just had a few questions and was wondering if you could help? How smooth is drawing in photoshop and does it ever lag? Where do you get replacement nibs from? How long does the battery in the stylus last? Does the drawing space ever feel restricted as it is a bit smaller than a wacom a4? What is the drawing surface on the tablet like? scratchy? noisy? Ive seen you say that it doesnt work in photoshop 64bit before, do you mean it doesnt work at all or is it just the tilt feature or pressure sensitivity that doesnt work in 64 bit? Or have they released a driver to fix that now? I know ive asked a lot but i see you have been very helpful in forums so i thought you may be able to help. Thankyou
Sewje replies :

At the time the pressure didn`t work in Photoshop 64bit. I don`t have 64bit photoshop to test anymore, I`ve removed the os, windows 7 beta 64bit, and threw away the dvd disc by accident lol. So can`t help you there. Plus i never tested it with the newest drivers at that time so I really don`t know. As for the smoothness and lag, in Photoshop theres no lag as far as I can tell and its as smooth as using a real pen. I`ve been using the tablet quite extensively since I got it 3 months ago now and it still going strong still on the first battery. I managed to get some extra nibs from aipteks eu site but still haven`t worn out 1 nib completely yet since the new drivers are so much better. The drawing space feels perfect to me it, you get used to it I guess, its not completly glass smooth, it feels like a pencil on normal paper on a smooth desk, and it actually doesn`t get scratch marks when pressing down pretty hard which I find pretty amazing. They did take off the Tilt claim on there website now, it was just a marketing trick. It only meant that it still works at an angle and not Tilt sensitive.
Trust TB-7300 says :

Thankyou for taking the time to answer all of my questions its been a really big help. I just wondering if there are any problems you`ve encountered whilst using the graphics tablet for e.g. ive read some people saying their tb-7300 would jump around in certain places when they put the stylus there.
Sewje replies :

I did get these jitter bugs, Glad you asked that, because I did manage to pin point the exact problem of this so called bug and managed to fix it Its basically the stylus that comes with this tablet. I opened it up and managed to find what looks like a frequency tuner on the circuit board, and basically tunned it perfectly I discovered this because I have an extra old generation tablet stylus that actually worked with this tablet and whenever I get this jitter, I switched stylus and it would be ok, So it was definately down to that I guess they didn`t tune it very well at the factory.
Sewje replies :

I can confirm the Trust TB-7300 does now work in Photoshop CS4 64Bit with the latest drivers.
Sewje says :

The only Photoshop it won`t work well with is Photoshop CS4 64bit. It will work with everything else. Pressure options in Photoshop are in the brush settings. Also the latest drivers from the Original Makers website will help which is WALTOP. Latest driver version is 3.41.
susan nowak says :

I saw the movie many times, over the years, good actors, not slow and boring. I enjoyed it enough to watch it more than once. really good one.
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