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  • I would say the heaviest you would get these dogs is around 9lb, and I think the smallest one can only weight 2lb
  • Disadvantage is that they can be little yelps

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      We’ve had Chihuahua’s in our family ever since I can remember. Chihuahua is the mexican word for Mexican Mouse dog. These dogs were bred in years gone by to run about and catch Mice. They are the smallest breed of dog in the world and their facial characteristics are big eyes, and large pointy ears.

      Although they are small dogs, you tend to get the normal Chihuahua and what’s called a TeaCup Chihuahua. This term comes from really small one, and technically they can fit into a tea cup. As with all dog breads

      you get these in different colours suck as black, white, spotted and the colour that our one is which is red sable.

      I would say the heaviest you would get these dogs is around 9lb, and I think the smallest one can only weight 2lb. When we got our female, Pippa she fit into my shoe! These dogs don’t need much exercise due to their size, but a nice 20 minute walk is good for them. For having small legs it is surprising how far they can walk. They eat 1 meal a day ...

      • and our one gets 2 chews at night time. Beenie Babie toys are great sized for Chihuahua, as Pippa loves to throw her toys about. The way they kill mice is to put their teeth into the mice neck and throw them about in order to break their neck and kill them.

        Advantage of these dogs is that they are great company. They are happy to sit on your lap and get cuddled. ALso our one if you pick her up she will settle down in your arms quite comfortably. They are

        lapdogs. Disadvantage is that they can be little yelps. When someone comes to the door they bark like mad, then when they see the stranger at the door then they flop down to get scratched! Then again most small dogs are noisy things. With the popularity of famous people going for this breed such as Britney Spears and Paris Hilton then these dogs are expensive. Pups can cost from £1,000 upwards. Since the new film Bevery Hills Chihuahua has come out now then I think more people will be interested in this breed.

        Beautiful dogs

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    Mary says :

    First, Chihuahua does not mean Mexican mouse dog. It is a state in Mexico where it is believed the Chihuahua breed originated.
    They should not be fed just once a day. They have high metabolisms and should be fed At Least twice a day to avoid hypoglycemia which is dangerous.
    Common for this breed are luxating patellas and severe dental problems resulting from creating a breed so small the bones in the jaw are not large enough to hold strong teeth.
    No one should EVER purchase these dogs They are the 2 breed euthanized in shelters and animal controls and die by the thousands every year Go rescue a Chihuahua and save a life Spay and nueter. It’s healthier and reduces overpopulation of unwanted homeless pets
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