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  • Something that would surely cost at least three times as much money

    • by DANAisHERE

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      I want to introduce you to the Drill Master 18 volt cordless drill. It used to be that all power tools were black, but now as the industry has evolved not only is there a drill for every job you need, there is a color for every one you could possibly imagine. All of them are pretty standard colors, so you can see a certain color and you can recognize the manufacturer of that drill.

      The Drill Master 18 volt cordless drill is a drill, you won’t forget what you see it. This is a bare minimum no-frills

      strip down, cordless drill, with variable speeds of only 0 to 500 RPM.

      Because of it’s bright cyan blue body, it looks like it should be bought at a toy store, instead of a hardware store . One look at it and I’m sure most handymen would just scoff and rolled their eyes and go look for something else that is bright yellow or green to carry around on their hip.

      Something that would surely cost at least three times as much money. Let me tell you, I’ve used this drill in a production situation, it’s 18 V 3/8″ drill with a keyless chuck did the job.

      The color is deftly something you have to get used to, but think of it this way. Nobody’s going to steal it.

      I used it for putting in screws into sets in a production studio, where I got a lot of ribbing. My Bob the builder drill, as everyone called it while laughing that I had surely gotten it at toy store.

      Nobody believed it would last since it only cost $15 on sale at Harbor Freight’s tools. But after a couple of months ...

      • Drill Master 18 volt cordless drill
      of working there the shop manager came to me and said he was afraid that the owner might get the idea that he could buy three drills for what he was paying for one of the normal ones.

      He could see the owner replacing any future broken ones in the shop with a couple of ones like mine. Now, I didn’t stay around to see that happen, but in the long run I’m sure, the more expensive drills would still be there working.

      But if you are a weekend handyman around the house and you don’t want to spend between

      $85-$100 or more for a top-of-the-line drill, just to put up little projects or honeydews, this drill could work for you. It normally retails for around $25, but I have seen it and did buy it when it only cost $15, last year, which was indeed a steal of a deal.

      Yes, I’m still doing my honeydew’s and weekend warrior projects with it, and it’s still working. It comes with one battery and a 2-3 hour charger.

      Batteries are still available for it at Harbor Freight on line. It’s keyless and is a 3/8 inch drill that does have different torque settings.

Don says :

I have an 18 volt cordless drill by Drill Master and when the charger went bad I went back to Harbor Freight to get a replacement and discovered that Drill Master had changed the configuration of the charger so that the new one would not work with my battery and the new batteries would not work with my drill, so I was up a creek without a paddle. Harbor Freight could not or would not help and I could find no way to contact the manufacturer of the Drill Master drills. If anyone knows where I can get one of the old 3 prongs in a row charger and not one of the new chargers with the offset prongs I would be most grateful if you`d send me the information. Drill Master drills are okay for the home owner, but they want you to buy a new one every few years so that`s why they make it so hard to get replacement parts.

Galega says :

Original replacement part of Drill Master is definitely hard to get. The manufacturer doesn’t produce that many. May be they thought to let customer buy new units after few years. However, compatible replacement parts of Drill Master are easily available. Just consult a mechanic and ask him to get these parts for you.

John says :

Drill Master’s Item 66965 is a drill that is a real you get what you pay for item. Me and 2 other friends bought some on a trip to Harbor Freight Tools since they were on sale for $ 12.99. I bought mine for general wood working as a hobby not a daily or even weekly used item. At first the battery would hold its charge for about an hour and a half, and not consant use. Now after owning it for three months if I charge the battery for 4 hours (a full charge) and need to use it the next day, the battery is dead It will not hold a charge, however, the drill is great if you pull the battery right off the charger, and need to drill only 20-30 holes and put some 1 1/2 screws in… but thats all you’re gonna get out of this drill. I went and bought a Black and Decker with a univeral battery pack and 1 hour rapid charger that I can also use with my Black and Decker cordless impact, and I can work for hours on a single charge, and if I let a fully charged battery sit, I can come back over two weeks later and it works the same as if I just pulled the pack off the charger. Splurge for the Black and Decker it was only $ 39 at Wal-Mart, and it is built better, versitile, and has a battery pack that works with my other Black and Decker cordless tools, however I haven’s used any drill or other power tool that beats my father’s Craftsman universal set.

Ellie Hakari says :

This screwdriver was very useful. I remember having to use corded ones, so this one in particular was a welcomed change. The price was great. I didn’t get it on sale, but it still wasn’t that bad. I am a woman and I build sets for plays and musicals, so I’m not the best with tools. In fact, I’ve always been afraid since I’ve had a few accidents. I don’t have to worry with this one. It is steady and gets the job done. I think the colors are great, and I don’t understand why people would make fun of you for it. I didn’t realize it had such a bad wrap. Please, if you’re in need of a good screwdriver, choose this one. If I was able to make it work, you can too

quick note by anonymous :

My red light never goes off even after 2-3 hours. Is my battery still fully charged

Rony says :

Red light stays on through out the charging process. But dont worry after 2-3 hrs it will be charged. Advising you to charge it overnight.

Galega says :

Even if your battery will be fully charged, the red light will be there as long as the power is connected. You need to switch off the power once the machine is fully charged. Usually, it takes around 3 hours for it to be fully charged.

simon says :

This drill is worthless. Don’t waste your pennies on it it.

Kirk Sheets says :

have a problem with my drill holding any kind of a charge,it`s a master works 18 volt cordles drill.Have not been able to do anything with it. Could u please advise me as to what I`m doing wrong..Thanks

DANAisHERE replies :

Is this a new drill? … these Ni-cad battery packs have a life expectancy, a couple years of use of 800 or so charges that is only a guess This is what makes cordless power tools older than 3 or 4 years not a good buy. Battery packs are not cheap to buy separately. Since I did this review I am still using my drill, though I did lose the charger….I went and picked up a 24 volt dc charger not an adapter, they are different and just modified the connections to charge the battery. Did the drill work fine before , then just stop over time?… Ni-cads have a nasty habit of with age reversing polarity, and in most cordless power tools case, there isn`t just one battery in that pack but 10 or more 1.25 volt size c batteries all in series to make up the required total volts….if one of these batteries changes polarity the whole pack stops working if a single battery stops working… then the pack will sometimes still work just with less power or with less of a charge….that really sounds like your case…. maybe…. your charger could also not be working …. Do you have a dc volt meter?….. after you charge the battery check the voltage of the battery,….it should be at least 18 volts … plug in the charger and see if it is providing any power to the battery … sometimes the charger has to be connected for this to work . how much did this drill cost you ? …if you don`t have a meter or want to take this kind of time…I would return it if it was still under warranty or hope you got some kind of useful life out of it … one last try is to take it back to the store and see if they would let you try the battery out on another charger new to see if you can see which it is… the batter or the charger…. The only other thing beside the drill being damaged itself, is to look at the contacts on the battery and the drill to make sure they all match up and are not broken. hope this helps … if you have some more info to provide I might be able to help more. good luck

Bob says :


JD says :

I have one of these, I sent my battery in for replacement nothing happened. I was wondering if you maybe had the phone for the manufacturer? Thanks

Jules Li says :

Here’s a phone number for Drill Master, which is the manufacturer: 800-658- 8855

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  • - I own 3 ea 19.2 volt Drillmaster drills. 3 chargers failed. Can't buy replacemnt ;
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