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  • I love the fact that it doesn't only moisturize my skin, but it also keeps my skin fair looking
  • I can definitely say that Jergens is very effective on my skin

    • by czaroma

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      I am always exposed to the harmful rays of the sun and I also need a product that contains an ultraviolet protection. For more than a year, I’ve been using Jergens Skin Lightening Lotion. Everyday, I put lotion on my hands and my

      body to keep it soft and smooth. I love the fact that it doesn’t only moisturize my skin, but it also keeps my skin fair looking. I need not worry too about putting on a different UV protector, because this lotion also protects me from sun damage. This lotion also contains aloe which also soothes my skin as well.

      The consistency is just enough also; it’s not too creamy and not too light either. Jergens doesn’t feel greasy on my skin; it just feels so natural. I ...

      • Jergens Skin Lightening Lotion
      love the almost natural smell too with a very light fragrance.

      I am fond of using Jergens Skin Lightening because it contains everything that I need; from moisturizing, smoothing and up to keeping my skin fairer. Jergens is part of my daily regimen.

      I love to use this lotion after taking a shower and before going to bed. I can definitely say that Jergens is very effective on my skin.

Jewel says :

I was wondering where I can purchase Jergen’s fair and soft moisturerizer. A friend gave it to me as a gift once to help with lightening my acne scars. It works wonders but I’ve been on the hunt for it. I can’t find it in most drug stores. Help
Galega says :

You are unlikely to find it at any drug store. Jergens is a cosmetic product and you need to look for it at a cosmetic retail store. It is marketed throughout the world and you should find it in your city. In India, Jergens cosmetic products are available only at premier cosmetic stores (mainly in metro cities).
Heaven m Nunally says :

i love this brand it so helpful i recommend to get it.
vanity fairez says :

How come this particular product is not listed on the product list on Jergens webpage? where can i get it to buy?
madie001 says :

I do not see this product in the grocery as well possibly discontinued already, too bad it’s really good.
Joanna says :

I haven’t seen it in grocery stores for along time. I believe it can still be purchased online at Ebay. Here is a link for a bundle of three:
Josephine adwoa dentaah Aggrey says :

Pls I m enlightened about the product how can I get the product in ghana.
Galega says :

Jergens skin whitening lotion has now been discontinued. You should use Jergens Natural Glow Lotion, which has same result with better skin protection.
Grecy says :

There are only few malls that are selling Jergen. I saw this on SM Manila once and on MOA. If you are thinking of using this lotion for stretch mark, it is not working on that area. It only soothes the skin, like it is the calming effect on the skin but the stretch mark is still there. Try to use Glyderm instead. Glyderm lightens the stretch mark. Continued use maybe erases it.
2348136228870 says :

Hello….you look good..nice write up..
estelle says :

Hello, pls i’d like to know, if anyone uses Jergens Fair natural fairness body lotion, and if its effective for lightening, Thank you.
Galega says :

Jergens Fair natural fairness body lotion is quite popular body lotion. It generally gives quick result in making your body radiant and glowing. Just ensure to follow all users’ instructions.
Linda says :

i have been using jergen fair natural fairness body lotion for two weeks now and i haven’t seen any improvement. it has darken my skin completely so i want to find out how long does it take for it to work on my skin. i am deeply worried about this new turn around of my skin. i wanted a natural product that will tone my skin naturally since i didn’t want any bleaching product and i was recommended to by a shop keeper. please how may weeks does it take to work on ones body. thank you
Galega says :

This Lightening lotion should start to give result within two weeks, the duration you have used it. In any case, it should not darken your skin.

I would suggest you to discontinue using it. There is possibility that your facial skin is not giving proper response to it.

I would suggest you to use an Aloe Vera based herbal cream. It should give instant relief from your`darkened skin’.
Wincy says :

I m also getting the same darkening effect from the ultra healing I m in a very humid area. Which is the advisable product to add to the lotion to give a spf effect that it doesn t while used alone??
Galega says :

You need to select a sunscreen product with optimum SPF. That will solely depend on the amount of time you spend in the Sun Exposure. It is possible that the darkening effect is because of the sun exposure.
Stephanie says :

What brand of Sunscreen do you suggest?
Galega says :

You can use any sunscreen lotion that is easily available. Just ensure that SPF matches to that of the nature of your day job and area.
Linda says :

Please , I bought Jergens egg yolk extra lightening body
lotion three days ago and I have been checking online
for the name, I have not seen any. I want you to
clarify this issue. Is there any jergens product bearing
the name, if yes, what are its functions to the skin,
thank you.
Galega says :

The official website of Jergens doesn’t show any product named Jergens egg yolk extra lightening body
lotion. You need to ask the retailer from where you bought it about the authenticity of the product.
Mary says :

I’m in Kenya,I bought the above said jergens egg yolk extra lightening lotion,I can’t trace it in the jergens products.
Even after barcode scanning I’m getting a different kind of lotion
Is it original or fake?
Galega says :

It is obviously not available on the official website. I have also checked it. I have not seen it in the market. And, more importantly, the bar code scanning doesn’t show any result. In all probability, this is a fake product. I would suggest you to speak to the seller/shopowner.
Steph says :

please, I’ve been using the jergens skin whitening care for 2weeks now, and it’s causing eczema all over my skin, especially my face. please help.
Saba Haider says :

Your skin is may be sensitive or you may be allergic to any of the ingredients… Discontinue its usage and see if that helps……
Galega says :

Eczema is widely considered as the over reactive response by our body’s to any irritants. If there is severe allergic reaction, then also eczema can happen. That may be the reason why you are seeing eczema all over your face (where you have applied it).

Needless to say, you need to immediately discontinue using it. Also, get symtomatic medicine and ointment to get rid of eczema.
Catherine says :

re : I love the fact that it doesn’t only moisturize my skin, but it also keeps my skin fair looking
Me ave been using jergens nd perfectly fyn for my room
Omon says :

Please from the posts above does it mean that jergens carrot lotion is fake?
Galega says :

Jergens Carrot Lotion is not available in my country. It is also not listed in the menu of complete Product List of Jergens. There is possibility of it being a fake product. It is also possible that Carrot Lotion was launched in a particular location/country, that happens to your area. You need to confirm it from an authorized Jergens store.
Gladys says :

Hello, pls I bought egg yolk jergens cream, I’m fair in complexion and I don’t want to lighten up, can I use it?
Also, most jergens product here in Nigeria does not have expiring date, why?
Galega says :

You can use it, even if you don’t want anymore fairer skin. It should make your skin glowing and radiant. Further, look for BEST BEFORE date and match that with manufacturing date. You will have an idea about expiry date.
ama fosua says :

I have just been introduced to this product and I`m loving it already but my problem is i have a lot of stretch marks and a very serious sun damage on my feet and face. my question is, I`m i using the right product? I was thinking of the Ultra Healing. i want something that will make my skin even toned. thanks.
czaroma says :

You need to use a specific cream for your stretch marks. Jergens Ultra Healing is good for soothing dry and sensitive skin.
Joanna says :

Hi Ama,

If your ultimate goal is to lighten the look of sun damage on your skin, than you will need to use something other than Ultra Healing. Your will need to use a skin Lightening lotion to help improve the look of your skin. Jergens does make a skin lightening lotion, and it is available at Target (at least that is the only place that I have seen it.

I also would suggest purchasing a skin care product that contains soy to help even and repair damaged skin, particularly on the face. I am very partial to Aveeno products and Murad products.

However, the things that I have noticed that helped the most was taking Skin, Hair and Nail vitamins and regular sun block. These have helped even my skin tone out immensely.

Hope this helps.

nazra says :

Hello ama,
For stretch marks try bio oil really it works and also if you have scars on face. But for sun damage I dont know about any products that much
Galega says :

Bio Oil is good and there isn’t any doubt about that. For Sun damage, I would suggest to use an Aloe Vera based herbal cream. That works wonder and gives quick results. Apart from that, the use of a good sunscreen cream is mandatory.
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