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  • Once your account reaches $1,000, they will issue you a check or pay you through Alert Pay
  • I decided to try it out for the seven days to see what it was like
  • The problem with that is that after a while, they start sending you the same websites to review over and over which of course you can't review because you have already done them

    • by tracie

      Like many others out there, I have spent several hours searching the internet for ways to earn money at home; rather it be a work at home job or a work at home business. Most have turned out to be scams. I came across a website called, and they turned out to be one of the biggest scams out there.

      Their website says that they will pay you $10 for each website assignment you review. Once your account reaches $1,000, they will issue you a check or pay you through Alert Pay. I felt this payout was a little high but is attainable if you do each assignment carefully. When reviewing the website assignment, you will need to find all of the errors the website contains. For example, any spelling or grammar errors or if something isn’t worded right or any other problems the website has. You will need to make sure you read everything on the website including any links the website has. You will then input these errors onto a form provided by and answer a few additional questions regarding the website reviewed. lets you try their program out for free for seven days to see if this is something
      you would like to do. After that, you can either sign up as a part time worker and receive one assignment per day and make $300 a month, or you can sign up as a full time worker and receive three assignments a day and make $900 a month. If you don’t sign up after the seven day trial, you will not be paid for the assignments you completed during that time. Of course, there is a one time fee for these positions. The part time worker fee is around $20 and the full time worker fee is around $50.

      I decided to try it out for the seven days to see what it was like. The assignments weren’t hard to do, but some of the websites were really long and took me a well over an hour to complete. was crediting my account for the assignments I did during this trial period, so when the seven days were over, I went against my better judgment and signed up as a full time worker. I received my three website assignments daily just as they said I would. You are also informed that you can only review each website once in order to get paid.

      • The problem with that is that after a while, they start sending you the same websites to review over and over which of course you can’t review because you have already done them. You need to keep a list of the websites you have reviewed because if you review a website twice, they will cancel your account and not pay you for the work you had already completed.

        I still kept plugging away at these websites hoping I would reach payout. When I got to $500, I received an email from saying there was a problem with their members area website and it would take two to three days to fix. The email also said that I would still receive my daily website assignments but to not do them until their website was fixed. They also assured me in the email that my account and account balance would still be in tact and not to be worried about anything being deleted.

        After seven days, I tried to log into my account at to see if the problems were fixed and to make sure my account was still there with the correct total like they assured me it would be. Well guess what? My account had been deleted and I was no longer able to log in. I emailed them about this and sent them a copy of the email they sent to me along with a copy of my receipt proving that I had already paid the fee to become a member. Of course, they didn’t respond back to me. I tried to email them again and still received no response. is a total scam and was a waste of my time and money. Their website is still active and is still taking hard earned money from people who are desperately trying to earn an income from home. I have read on various forums recently about others getting scammed by When it came time for them to get paid, either they never heard from the company or their account had been canceled claiming they reviewed the same website more than once or that their work wasn’t complete. Please stay away from and report them as a scam on any blog or forum your involved in. I can’t get my time or money back, but hopefully, this review will save someone else from making the same mistake I made in paying this company and trusting them to be legit.

    Suzanne says :

    How do I get my money back? Did anyone report them to the BBB? I totally thought it was legit after getting up to 200 and upgraded to fulltime just today A friend just emailed me this article so I`m screwed…
    hyphey92 says :

    you need to open a support ticket, most of the time you get no response however.
    Galega says :

    This has turned out to be a scam website. At least, you should not have made payment to upgrade your account there. You can search any job site and you will find plenty of job openings about data entry. You can do many of them from your home, and in these times of pandemic many companies prefer these jobs to be done from home only. You don’t need to pay any penny for them.
    tracie replies :

    If you paid through paypal you can check with them about getting your money back. Paypal is aware of this scam and has been working with people who have been scammed by them. If you paid through another site with your credit card, check with your credit card company and report what has happened and have them do a charge back. I would also alert the BBB about them being a scam. Eventually, they will be shut down but unfortunetely, they will come back under a different name. I guess they used to be data processors before they became realdataentry but I didn`t know about it at the time I signed up. I hope you get your money back and I`m sorry you had to go through this scam the way I had to.
    Galega says :

    PayPal can refund the money sent to only if the latter wants them to do so. Refund is done by the recipient. You can’t initiate a refund. However, you can complain PayPal about it being a scam and using their platform to scam people. However, PayPal is unlikely to take any action as long as the site is not breaching their TOS and they are not going to check all individual complain.
    Marilyn Provall says :

    If you PAID w a n CREDIT CARD then you are screwd. Unless you cancel it, but if you PAID thru their PAYMENT PROCESSOR called PLIMUS then you can get your REFUND . Unfortinately I`ve fallen VICTIM to this SCAM . I`m currently at 460 dollar s . I`ll surpass that tomorrow. Then I`m gonna see if they e-mail me about their SYSTEM being down for a couple of day s . Look s like I`ll be contacting PLIMUS very soon. I`ll let you know.
    Galega says :

    Even if you have gone through Plimus (which is now called Blue Snap) as a payment processor, you are unlikely to get any refund. That is not allowed in their terms and conditions. You are, in fact, unlikely to get the money which you have earned in your account. A bitter, but sad truth.
    Marilyn Provall says :

    Well tracie I`ve been able to reach 640 dollar s so far. I haven`t gotten a n e-mail from them yet about the MEMBER`S AREA s website being out of service yet, but I`m certainly on the LOOK-OUT for it. I`ll keep you posted. OK.
    tracie replies :

    I do hope you are lucky and get paid by them. I have read on a lot of forums that the ones that do reach the 1,000, when they request payment, they get an email saying that their work isn`t complete or that there were mistakes they found on their work and that they will clear their account and you can redo all of the work or something of the sort. I hope things do work out different for you. I would really like to hear that they have started to pay the people that work for them. I know it takes a lot of time to review these websites and it would be nice to be compensated for it like promised. Please do keep me posted on how it turns out for you. I`m praying for the best for you and anyone else out there trying to make payout with this company. I know that I started with them when they first came out and maybe they didn`t have the money to pay people then but do now. Lets keep our fingers and toes crossed.
    Jeanne says :

    I too was excited to find at first. I started reviewing the websites, then noticed my bank account was charged for an iphone instead of the payment for the data entry work. I then cancelled the payment, then was suspended from their program. After seeing all the complaints about this company not paying I am happy that I didn`t continue with it, and hope other people won`t fall for this scam. As a further heads up, they are now listing under, From Home Data Entry, with the same scenario. Warm looking website, 7 day free Trial, part-time earn 300, and full time, earn 900, cash out at 1000. Please do not join these companies. You will not get paid.
    tracie replies :

    Jeanne, I’m sorry to hear about the charge to your account. Hopefully, you were able to fix that with your bank so you won’t have to pay for it. I too have seen advertisements on the web for From Home Data Entry and can’t believe that these people still are scamming people.
    Galega says :

    All of these websites which are charging people for giving jobs are fake and scandalous. There is absolutely no doubt. Why should you pay to do a job? If you have skill, then there are umpteen number of jobs in all fields, including that of data entry segment, are available. The issue of work from home is also not a problem now as post Covid - 19 the business world has learnt the importance of allowing work from home.
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