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  • I thought I have also become little overweight and I should loose the weight too

    • by riki

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      Few weeks back I saw the sauna belts commercial on the tv and I saw that how this product works like the magic and how effective it is in loosing weight. I thought I have also become little overweight and I should loose the weight too.

      And I saw on the tv, it was the easiest mehtod available of losing weight using sauna belt.

      You just have to wear it everyday and do your work

      and nothing else and it work like a magic and you loose few kgs within few minutes of first session only.

      So I ordered it.

      But when The product came to me I was shocked that it was not in good condition and it was looking like it has been used before.

      Still I had to use it now cause I had spent the money on it.

      The very first day after wearing it for 1 ...

      • hour or so at lower tamperature I didnt feel any perspiration as show in the tv add and didnt feel any effect on my weight either.

        I thoght ok its a first day, lets try it few days more and then let me see.

        But after trying it continously for one week also there was no loss in my weight.

        Then I increased the temperature to get the desired effect, and eventually it hurt me that

        day and the skin was slightly burnt where I had worn the belt.

        And it was become the red in whole area.

        When I visited my doctor to check what happend actully, he told me that sauna belt is really a big scam and very dangerous product and one should never use it.

        And then I realised that this is a fraud product and a scam.

        I advice you to do not use it ever.

    mng says :

    Hi Guys,
    I would like to share my own experience here.Few days back I saw an add for reducing the weight using vibrating belt.While I am searching to buy online for it,I found a site with contact number.I called to that number one lady picked up the phone and said there is no option to buy that product online and she sent me the message to pay the bill online via PAYU.The sauna vibro belt of cost 3000 and they offered 300 less on its price.I felt to order cash on delivery.I was not available to take that delivery at that time so I told to dliver to my house owner(he paid the money given by me 3000RS,since he was no where new about that belt how it looks like).
    The sauna belt was delivered to my house owner and while he wants to check the product,the courier person denied to open the product with out payment.Actually I was ordered for one belt and they sent me cheap other belt which is not the correct one which they told me while ordering(totally different one).Then I called to reach out the same number which I have called at the time of ordering then first time they lift the call and said yes sir tell me when I asked why they have sent totally different product what I have ordered,they understood we got their scam and they cut the call.After that I have called them many times its ringing nobody picked the call.Then I realised,I lost my 3000 rupess in their Scam.
    Krishna gopal says :

    re : I thought I have also become little overweight and I should loose the weight too
    It doesn’t work after using a week, and burn the body where you use it, totally waste of money and time.

    I will never purchase any products like sauna belt
    Mohammad Abid says :

    There is no shortcut to getting lean. You want to lose weight, start exercising the real way, I also think that sauna belt is useless
    quick note by anonymous :

    Maybe you over use the product you should drink 2glasses of water before using it. And you should only use it 30-50minutes. Sauna belt is good for me i loose an inches of my belly.
    Jean says :

    It’s too late, I already bought velform sauna belt at lazada before I read this review,I used it almost 4 days, after that day the said belt can’t perform even I put the temperature on a maximum level I didn’t felt any heat on the said belt, that’s why I stop using this product..spending and wasting my money to the useless sauna belt product. DISGUSTING
    Ambreen says :

    Jean, any product that promises weight loss without exercises or managing your diet is usually a scam. This belt is the same thing. Please be careful in the future about what you do to your body. You increasing the temperature while not seeing much results could have caused damage to your torso. If the product is not working at all you should contact Sauna Belt’s customer service and demand a refund for a defective product that doesn’t deliver what it had promised.
    Quentin says :

    I would just like to comment about the sauna belt. I do not think the principal idea is a scam…the idea is that some compression and heat applied daily to the waist area would encourage local fat stores in that area to be absored by the body and if lucky not be stored somewhere else but be extricated form the body. The product may however not be of good quality , or be suffieciently controlable to ensure comfort and safety not burning yourself I have to add that this idea alone will not lead to excessive fat loss but rather target the waist area when a rigid fitness and diet program is already being utilized without significantly reducing the waist area. This is a problem in many people. They have fat loss all over the body except in the desired waist area. The application of compression toghether with heat around the waist for a set period every day can encourage the body to start slimming the stubburn waist as well.
    riki replies :

    Thanks for sharing your views. Yes, you are correct. The on I bought might not be of best quality. But I wouldn’t like to try it ever again. I feel that the traditional way of loosing weight (running, dieting , Aerobics etc) is the best way to burn fat and loose weight.
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