P S I love you drama
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  • First, I thought it just really a dream too, but it's not
  • And at the end of that letter surely said 'PS I love you'
  • I really love this movie thogh it's make me cry and cry

    • by coolvie

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      One thing I said about this movie is, no movie can make my tears fall down from beginning till the end except this movie!!. It’s very sad movie but very very romantic. It begin with a marry couple holly and Gerry ( Hillary swank and Gerard Butler) who always fight but and then become good again.

      They so much love each other. Someday, suddenly it’s just like a dream that gerry die bacause

      of brain tumor.

      First, I thought it just really a dream too, but it’s not. Oh.

      what a sad!. Day by day Holly can’t live normally after her husband die.

      She totally mess up. Eventhough her mom and friends make many activity to her but she still mess up.

      And then, one day, she found letter from her husband Gerry, that letter told as if Gerry knew that he will die soon, and ...

      • told to his wife the things that she must do when she left by Gerry. Even it order Holly to try a new relationship with someone.

        Of course Holly will do anything like it’s said in that letter. One by one that letter come and come until Holly feel happy again.

        And at the end of that letter surely said ‘PS I love you’. wow, how romantic it is.

        How the marry

        couple love each other even until the day he die, he still care about her wife. I really love this movie thogh it’s make me cry and cry.

        It touch and make me wanna give love as much as I can. So, when you wanna romantic movie and heart need a little touch, you should watch movie, I’m sure you will cry for girl who watch it.

        It feel more romantic when you watch it with your boyfriend/girlfriend.

    Jennifer Davis says :

    My older daughters and I loved this movie Where can I buy it? I haven’t seen it at Wal-Mart, and I don’t really want to order it online if I don’t have too. Does anyone know of another store where it might be found?

    Moe says :

    As this is a bit of an older movie, not many stores would be carrying it. However I would check Best Buy, they might have it if any store has it. If not, ordering online might be the only option and Best Buy definitely is selling the movie online.

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