Havaianas Flip Flops
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  • When I first heard about them, I thought it was unreasonable to sell slippers at a very expensive price
  • When I first used the flip flop, I was impressed with the quality of the product
  • The only disadvantage I see about the product is its price

    • by divinagwapa


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      I was never a fan of Havaianas flip flops. When I first heard about them, I thought it was unreasonable to sell slippers at a very expensive price. Who would buy them anyway?

      But Havaianas slippers became a big hit in the market. Both men and women were buying and everywhere you go people are wearing them. I have a housemate back in college who has three pairs of Havaianas slippers; they just differ in their designs. It became a fashion statement. Students would go to their classes with them and even stroll in the shopping malls with the slippers on.

      I still think

      it’s not worth it until I tried one of them on. When I first used the flip flop, I was impressed with the quality of the product. The material used is very sturdy and durable. It’s not like other slippers where the material would easily break and rot. The designs are simple but elegant at the same time and my favorites are the plain ones. The price ranges from $15-40 or more depending on the designs and at first you would think you’ll just waste your money if you buy one. That’s what I first thought too. But I realized it’s really a ...

      • good investment.

        If you buy a pair of Havaianas flip flops, it can last you for years because as I have mentioned the material is of top quality and it will still look good even if you have used it everyday. When I was still a student, I use the slippers almost everyday when I go to classes and sometimes even during the weekends when I go to the malls. It’s also very comfortable so even if you have to wear it the whole day, you don’t have to worry about blisters or sore feet.

        The only disadvantage I see

        about the product is its price. If you would really think about it, I can already buy at least 5 pairs of slippers with $15. And most of the time, people hesitate to spend that much for just a slipper. If you’re someone who considers price as a major deciding factor when you shop then Havaianas slipper may not fit your criteria. There are other alternatives that are way cheaper but you will have to compromise the quality. But if you are someone who considers quality a top priority then Havaianas flip flops is a good buy and in the long run, a good investment too.

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    Mike says :

    Havianas beat Old Navy hands down for a much softer sole. I find the back two plugs end up sticking up and digging into my feet. A pair seldom lasts me more than a few months. Havianas have a wonderfully soft sole. They do have two issues I found. First if I buy the exact right size where my feet just fit on the platforms, my toes end up hanging off the edge when I’m driving. Not an issue with an automatic, but it became annoying driving a 5 speed having to slide around my feet so much. Since the front of the sole is so thin, I kept kicking the pedals with my toes, especially the clutch. Ouch If I wear the Havianas that just fit I just pop them off and pedal barefoot. A friend showed me a good way to drive barefoot where you always rest just your toes on the clutch, so you are not pressing it. To shift just press but then leave your toes on it when releasing…no more banging toes into it.
    The second issue is that on the thinner styles the toe peg can pop out easily if it’s a hot day and the rubber softens. After a couple of repeats of this it usually won’t stay back in. After spending a very long and hot afternoon in bare feet (ouch again )I bought some split plastic washers and added them to the toe peg. Good as new and never pops out ever again.

    fahed says :

    i never used the flip flops but it doesn’t look good from the things i heard about it

    cj j says :

    expensive, and really uncomfortable, rubbed the skin off my foot in 5 minutes

    divinagwapa replies :

    Yes, it is expensive but not uncomfortable at least for my case. I guess, the comfort factor depends on a per person basis. At the time that I bought my first pair, every penny was worth it. I was able to use them for years which is a good pay off for my investment. Unfortunately, pricing has crept up since then. I haven’t bought another pair thus far and I’m not keen on getting another one as it is a couple hundred pesos more expensive today.

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