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  • I had high hopes for this product, I thought it might really do the intended job

    • by Holly Smelts

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      I recently discovered Zout stain remover made by the Dial company, a well know US based company that makes Dial bar soap. I am always looking for effective and affordable stain removal products, and this little blue bottle jumped out

      at me with its claims of “Satisfaction guaranteed, gets out stains others can’t, even set in stains…” and so on.

      I had high hopes for this product, I thought it might really do the intended job… Boy was I wrong.

      Zout, is simply put, an absolute waste of money.

      This product will not remove any stain, including fresh stains and splatters.

      I feel like I basically took my hard earned money and tossed it into the garbage.

      As for the ...

      • Zout stain removal
      claim of satisfaction guaranteed, I am contacting the Dial company about this as I was obviously not satisfied, maybe if I get a response I can review Dial’s customer service procedures.

      Where I come from we have a saying “The

      customer is always right.

      ” I hope Dial feels the same way, because in my honest opinion, Zout stain remover SUCKS! A better and much cheaper alternative to Zout is dawn dish liquid.

      It will remove stains easier and more effectively!


Zout that comes in a blue bottle and bears the New Stronger Formula Gets Out Set-In Stains That Others Can’t Zout Advanced Stain Removal is amazing. Any stain that I have ever wanted to remove has come out with this awesome formula that I have been using for years. In fact, I love it so much that I bought a case of it years ago so that I could gift relatives and friends with it. Just squirt on Zout, scrape stain with fingernail or use a toothbrush, roll garment up, place in plastic bag, add a bit of water and wait 24 hours. Check the stain and reapply if necessary. Follow the same tips as above and the stain will eventually lift EVEN AFTER going through the dryer. Stubborn taco stains will even lift That was what really made me a believer Zout is the absolute best product for stains available on the market today. I wrote this on 5.29.2012 but my statement applies for at least the last 10 years.

Candi says :

I am out of the Zout in the blue container. Where can I get more?

Steve Del Grande says :

I too feel the same about Zout. I am so interested in stain removal I have 4 kids I formulated with the help of some surfacant geniues a product that I would like you to try. It is Bio-Degradable and contains no Clorine. Whrere can I send you a sample?

Amber says :

I must assume that you bought the standard formula and not the concentrated one. I say this because I am an extreme skeptic, however the concentrated formula although more exdpensive even removes stainsa that have been dried in your dryer and rewashed. The trick is to have paitence. Coat it on there pretty heavy wait a day or so then wash. It will come out. I have had some old stains that even the cleaners could not get out but Zout did. Try again…

Joanne Dixon says :

I love Zout, however I cannot buy it anymore. The spray bottles are the worst ever I have never boughten one that lasts to the end of the bottle. Today I opened a new one and guess what? Bad sprayer…. Come on get with it.,.. There is no reason for these bad bottles. So untill they are fixed I am off the Zout…… I can no longer waste my money of a product that does not work.

Robert says :

I totally agree with your post. I bought Zout for the first time in a “spray” bottle, and quickly discovered that the fluid inside was too viscous (i.e., thick) for the type of spray nozzle used for the bottle. It just wouldn’t pick up the fluid in the bottle no matter how hard you pumped the spray lever (and yes, the nozzle was in the “ON” position). I wound up just opening the bottle and pouring the liquid onto my stained clothes. Absolutely no excuse for this kind of thoughtlessness it’s sloppy and a ripoff, plain and simple. Accordingly, I will never buy this product again, and will definitely avoid buying anything else from the Dial corporation or the Henkel Company if I can possibly help it.

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