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  • I paid around sixty five dollars for this vacuum, it was easy to assemble, and I like the color, it is purple

    • by Holly Smelts

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      I purchased a Bissell easy vac vacuum from wal-mart in August, as I needed a new vacuum, and I was interested in a lightweight bag less vacuum, and the price was right on this Bissell easy vac. I paid around sixty five dollars for this vacuum, it was easy to assemble, and I like the color, it is purple.

      I was really excited to test out my new purchase, after assembling it, so I plugged it in and started to vacuum.

      Well, you want to talk about a major disappointment? The Bissell easy vac.

      This thing is a hunk of junk, literally.

      This vacuum picks up a small fraction of dirt, dust and hair from my dogs, the ...

      • remaining eighty percent of the dirt and etc are simply blown across the room.


        I tested my theory about this vacuum by aiming at a wall, where you could see a whirlwind of grime being blown into the wall.

        I wish I would have saved my reciept or at least the original packaging so I could return this

        hunk of junk and get a refund.

        For the lack of performance, I could have just left all that dirt, dust and dog hair on the floor, instead of just blowing it around while vacuuming.

        Folks, save your money, a traditional broom is more effective and a whole lot cheaper than purchasing a useless bag less vacuum, such as the Bissell Easy Vac…

    Patty Rosen says :

    I could have written your review of the Bissell Easy Vac And, because I trusted the Bissell name, I didn`t keep my Wal-Mart receipt so cannot return it. Thanks for your review. It helped sooth my anger that I feel towards Bissell whom I`ll never trust again.
    Tess says :

    I bought the Bissell Easy Vac Vacuum when I got my first apartment a few years ago. It was cheap, and I thought it was a good buy from a good brand and bagless, so I`d save money not buying bags in the long run. If you can`t tell by how I`ve opened this review, it`s not a rave. I`m disappointed with this product. The first thing that broke was the collapsible handle. It doesn`t collapse anymore. It`s not a big deal, it just makes storing it a tiny bit harder. Next was the part where the hose connected to the body of the vacuum, where it deposits dirt to be collected in the plastic jar-thing. Those snappers where the hose snaps in and out of it for cleaning purposes broke. Now it`s held in by gravity and grace alone. The biggest flaw in this machine is the very mechanism it uses to collect debris. The hose actually picks up debris from the weak air flow created by a spinning brush. It`s barely funneled into one corner, the rest that doesn`t get collected is spun out to rejoin the carpet and maybe get caught in the funnel after a few more runs over it. Besides the poorly designed funneling function, the hose curves at almost a ninety degree angle right where the debris would be picked up into the hose. Because of the ribbing on the hose and the angle, debris builds up in the corner right from the start and plugs up the suction. In order to unclog it, you have to unscrew the manifold over the brush and slide out the funnel that`s connected to the hose, then pull the hose straight and try to knock out the gunk. That`s a lot harder than it sounds because you also have to wrestle the twelve pound machine. Also a cleaning problem, is the air return filter. Unless you`re willing to brave opening the motor casing and risk spilling it`s contents, you can`t get to it It fills with hair, dirt, and germs that the media air filter lets through. Trust me, it lets them through. My machine has finally clogged up so badly in the air return that it`s just useless. The motor overheated and burnt out because it has no way to return the air. There is one redeeming feature, however. The actual media air filter, a ring of cheap foam, is very easy to clean. Which is good, because you`ll be cleaning it often. In short, this machine is a poorly built one. It doesn`t stand a chance if you have animals or shed a lot. Hair will just murder this vacuum. It`s made of low quality plastic in the places where plastic needs to be the strongest. The curving, deeply ribbed hoses that are supposed to carry away debris is better at catching and holding debris. Maintenance is tedious and difficult. It`s not even worth the seventy or eighty bucks you`ll pay for it.
    ed says :

    Are you crazy i have the identical bissell it ROCKS I have a kirby and it blew it out of the water. For a fraction of the costs of a Dyson Kirby . i would recommend this vacuum. One major THUMBS UP
    tired says :

    I have a Bissell I purchased from Asda (Walmart) in the U.K.
    It is light and easy to empty but is loud and get’s hot, I am told the reason there is so much air blowing from it is because in America it is hot and this cools? the machine.

    I thought okay this is a good brand and at a good price.
    The machine was okay at first but now does not pick up rubbish properly and hair at all.
    I want clean carpets but have to use a dustpan and brush or a lot of force when using the vaccum, to clear hair.
    NOT a good buy, I am now looking for another vaccum.
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