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  • The show kennels have excellent dogs with amazing health records
  • They do have a problem with blindness and deafness, but that is a far cry from all the problems poodles and yorkies have
  • A hairy hairless will cost about $1000 - $2000

    • by gracepub
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      Chinese Crested Dogs These funny looking, hairless dogs are the only breed that is hypo-allergenic. When I started looking for a small dog, everyone told me that Yorkies, Poodles, Bishon Frizes, Wheaton terriers, and Cotton de. Trulls, were all good for people with allergies. I spent a long time learning about these dogs and visiting kennels and dog owners. I would only pick up these dogs, or hold them close, before I felt the familiar ’solid’ feeling between my eyes. And, sometimes, I would become sick or break out in a rash.

      People told me that I was allergic to the dog dander, not the fur. I did not think that I could own a dog. Then I heard about Chinese Crested Dogs. The thing that attracted me was the fact that they sweat through their skin like we do, which means they do not have the same dander as other breeds. This breed is a hard one to analyze.

      Some breeders

      breed dogs that are high as 13 - 15″ and 20lb. Other breeders breed dogs that are 8 - 11″ and weigh less than 5 lb. These are the ones I was interested. Each litter comes in two coat types. The ‘puffs’ have long hair.

      If these puffs are bred together for long enough, the coat goes right to the ground, but they are no good for people with allergies. I found them as bad as a collie. Only a few people seem to breed the ‘true hairless’ type. They have a bit of hair on their head, feet, and tail. The rest of the skin may have a ‘fuzz’ on it called fetal hair that may, or may not, disappear.

      When these are bred to ‘puffs’ they produce other hairless puppies, puffs with shorter coats, and ‘hairy hairless. ’ Hairy Hairless puppies are the ones with the long elegant mains. They are suppose to have bare bellies and a single ...

      • coat. If they have a thin coat all over, or they have a double coat, then they are just ‘poor quality puffs. ’ This is very important to someone with allergies.

        I can even have the hairy hairless and the true hairless curled up with me in bed. I now have five in the house and still am not having troubles with my allergies, headaches, or breathing. However, I did have a ‘poor quality puff’ that had a single coat, and I had to place it with a friend because I always ‘felt it’ when it was in the room with me. I am really impressed with breeders. The show kennels have excellent dogs with amazing health records.

        There is no reason a breeder cannot give a three year health guarantee with this breed. They do have a problem with blindness and deafness, but that is a far cry from all the problems poodles and yorkies have. However, this comes at a

        price. A true hairless will cost $1500 - $2000. A hairy hairless will cost about $1000 - $2000.

        And a puff will cost $800 - $1500. All these prices are for pets. Show dogs start at $2000 and go to $10 000 At first I thought this was expensive, but my oldest dog is 8 years old, and I haven’t had one health problem. So, I figure that the breed is rather cheap. My schnauzers had heart problems, my poodle cross had diabetes, and the malamute I had as a child had bad hips.

        So, if you deduct the vet bills, this is a very cheap breed. They are also the most loving and easily trained little dogs. They fit easily into my house, only need two or three good walks a week, and are quite content if the weather is so cold that they cannot go out. The only unusual dog care aspect is that they need sun screen in the summer and some are prone to acne.

    Ziessel says :

    Hello, could you please tell me the websites of some of these chinese crested breeders with dogs under 5 pounds? I have been only able to find larger dogs…. Thank you
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