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  • They said there was a weather problem in Chicago, so all the air traffic was delayed
  • I shouldn't have had to take a cheaper Air India flight, when I paid for an AA flight

    • by Indojo

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      In October 2008, I had to fly from Nashville, TN to Delhi, India to join my husband, who had just begun a new job there. It was me flying alone with my 3 year old daughter. We booked our flight through one of those online sites, like farecompare. com. We chose an 18 hour flight, because it was the shortest and the most direct. There was also an Air India flight, which was a lot cheaper, but I thought American would be safer. We drove an hour and a half to the Nashville airport. We waited at the gate.

      And waited. No one at the counter said anything. I overheard some passengers talking about how the flight was delayed an hour. I knew I had to make a connection in Chicago, with only an hour and a half to spare, so I went up to talk to the AA employee. They said there was a weather problem

      in Chicago, so all the air traffic was delayed. I asked what I could do about my connecting flight, and her suggestion was “Go home. ” She said I should rebook for tomorrow.

      Of course, since my parents drove a long way, dropped me off, and were already on the way home, this was not really an option. So another employee said he would book me on my connecting flight the next day, in case I missed it. They also reassured me, that on international flights, if necessary, AA would put us up in a hotel for free. So, our flight was delayed over an hour. We boarded, and sat on the runway a long time. Then, the next flight to Chicago, which was scheduled to take off AFTER us, took off while we sat on the runway. Apparently AA decided to just throw us under the bus, since we were already so late.

      They let the later flight go first, to prevent them from being late. When we arrived in Chicago, 2 hours late, there was no one to meet us at the gate. No one to help those who had connecting flights. I had to wander around the airport, carrying my daughter and all our bags, trying to find someone to help us. We had missed our flight. I finally found an AA person, who informed me that I was booked on a flight to Delhi, throught London, later that night. I was shocked; I had been told I was booked on a flight the next day.

      But I wasn’t. That flight was full. My only choice was the flight through London. But by the time we arrived in India, we would have been travelling 24 hours straight. My 3 year old was already getting tired. I asked about a hotel, and was told that AA would not pay for it because it was not ...

      • American Airlines
      their fault, despite what I was told back in Nashville. At that point, the AA person told me he had to help other customers, so I left.

      I went to the gate for my flight to London, and had to wait 10 or 15 minutes for someone to show up. They told me he same; no hotel. Take the flight tonight, or stay here at your own expense. I was almost crying at this point, because I was tired and frustrated. I said, “Come on, I’m travelling with a 3 year old!” He wouldn’t budge. I finally accepted the flight, because of lack of options. While we were waiting, they called me back to the counter.

      They had given us better seats, they said. When I got on board, I realized they had upgraded us to business class! I guess they felt sorry for us. Business class was great; the seats were so big,

      and they reclined back into beds, so I managed to get a couple of hours of sleep. The flight to London was uneventful. In London, I transferred to Air India(the airline I had avoided because of its safety record). After arriving in Delhi, I realized one of my bags was lost. I can’t be sure if it was AA or Air India who lost it.

      So it seems this review is mixed. I feel that AA should treat passengers better, especially those travelling with young children. They shouldn’t have let a later flight go first…I would probably have made my connection if they hadn’t. They should have cared enough to have someone meet us at the gate. I shouldn’t have had to take a cheaper Air India flight, when I paid for an AA flight. On the other hand, it was nice that they bumped us up to business class. It made the longer travel time much more tolerable.

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