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  • Being a natural supplement there is no danger of side effects however taking too much for a day will make you end up doing all the work of the others who are too pooped to pop

    • by Donato
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      Ginseng is a kind of root and an herb commonly known in the east and noted as a substance that provides resistance, added stamina, strength and energy. It is usually mentioned as an added ingredient in most of the commercially promoted vitamin and energy booster supplements that can be bought in local drugstores.

      Golden Chia seeds from the west were known to have been a supplement of cowboy herdsmen that provided them with the energy and stamina to drive their herds of cattle or horses on a grueling cross country journey.

      What actually caught my attention about this product was the mention of its ability to

      add stamina particularly for a man during “nocturnal” activity.

      True enough, much to the delight of my wife, taking a couple of gin-chia tablets as night would fall kept me going till way past midnight.

      East and West certainly come together in a powerful way!

      On another occasion, when we were out a church picnic, all the men of all ages were called to compete in a foot race.

      The youngest male in the race was 16 years old the oldest was about 60 (that wasn’t me though) the toughest competition as expected was from the young ones between 18 & 25.

      At the time I ...

      • was 39 (by now I’m 42) anyway, long story short, I popped a couple of Gin-chia tablets 15 minutes before the race and came out the winner of the race.

        On second round of the race, one of the younger boys saw that I had some gin-chia and so asked if he could have a couple of tablets.

        Being the unselfish person that I am and having already won the 1st round I let him have some of my east west energy tablets and sure enough he beat me and everyone else in the second round.

        Most of us who went on that picnic that day fell

        flat on their backs upon reaching home but since I had taken a total of six tablets during the activities of the picnic I was buzzing with so much energy I had enough energy left to clean our entire house while everyone was already off to snooze land.

        Being a natural supplement there is no danger of side effects however taking too much for a day will make you end up doing all the work of the others who are too pooped to pop! Since then I have learned reserve my supply of Gin-chia for better occasions like when bed time approaches.

        With Gin-chia who needs Viagra?

    GOVIND JINDAL says :

    hello everybody…… Gin chia is a stamina accelerating tab but it shouldnt be taken more than 2 in my opinion …. sum1 wrote (in his review) that its a placement of viagra ? i dont think he is correct… it can increase stamina off-course but on what cost i dont know
    Galega says :

    Yes Govind. I do have doubt about this fact that Gin Chia can be a replacement for Viagra. To be honest, I have never used this product. But I have taken Ranbaxy Reital lots of time which also contains similar ingredients. Like Gin Chia, Ginseng is also there in Revital.

    This product is supposed to increase your stamina and enhance your alertness so that you can continue to work throughout day without any fatigue or something like that.

    Apart from Ginseng, it also contains Golden Chia, a famous product for complete nutrition. It is definitely a good product to try.
    james says :

    Hi ,
    Does this Product GIN - CHIA boost your sexual activity. Is this a supplement instead of Viagra or any other sorts available , without any side affects. What should be the dosage intake per day.
    Galega says :

    The reviewer has clearly said that taking Gin Chia enhanced his sexual stamina.

    If you take a look at ingredients, you will find that there is nothing which can enhance the sexual performances. The aim of the product is to give nutrition. Further, Ginseng can make you free from tiredness after hectic work schedule. You may enjoy balance body. And, these benefits can increase sexual stamina.

    There is not an iota of doubt that Gin Chia is NOT a replacement of Viagra. However, it may INDIRECTLY work wonderful for some while making physical relationship .
    Ryan Lee says :

    Gin Chia doesn’t directly enhance sexual performance like Viagra does. However, Gin Chia is a natural herbal medicine, which can give you extra buzzing energy that leads to better stamina and endurance for tasks, and Gin Chia also helps increase your blood circulation. What are the main parts to be amazing in the bed? Stamina, endurance, and good circulation. Good circulation in the body can help keep you stiffer where it counts, if you know what I mean. As where stamina and endurance just means you can keep on going with the hearty tasks at hand. So, indirectly I can see Gin Chia being helpful in bed, but so does eating right and excising daily.
    Galega says :

    This is exactly what I have suggested above. Gin Chia is not intended, and in fact no marketed, for the purpose of enhancing sexual performance. In fact, there should not be any comparison between it and Viagra. However, Gin Chia can INDIRECTLY enhance sexual performance on the bed.
    Raj says :

    I used ranbexy revital but it not increase your stamina guys it effective on heart very fake medicine I’m now using gin chia it’s very helpful to increase ma stamina or energy ok..Don’t take any froud advise take Gin chia
    Galega says :

    Hi Raj,

    I have used Ranbaxy Revital for fairly long time. I have also written a personal experience account about this product here.

    I am satisfied with Ranabaxy Revital. The company never claims that the product will increase the stamina or sexual performance of the user. It is just a nutrient supplement loaded with ginseng. Further, you claims that Revital is effective for heart is also away from truth. This supplement isn’t intended only for heart users. And, this isn’t going to help heart patient in any big way.

    Both Revital and Gin Chia are more or less same product.
    NAVNEET KUMAR says :

    The standard dosage is three tablet in a day and if you are fit according to your height and weight 2 tablets are sufficient.I am using it thrice in a day as I am overweight and it helps to add stamina in running….
    adebola lawal says :

    does it have anything to do with increased sugar level
    Galega says :

    Gin Chia has nothing to do with increased sugar level.
    Baban Rai says :

    What is the sign symptoms for the use of gin chia.How it should be taken and what is the dose.Is there any side effects?
    Galega says :

    There are no side effects, if you are taking as per prescription. You can take it one capsule day after meal. However, I suggest you to consult a doctor who can advise you on this front.

    I have used Ranbaxy Revital which is similar to Gen Chia, in terms of ingredients. I never faced any sort of side effects. I used to take one capsule a day. Furthermore, I did experience internal strength. Currently, I am no longer using the product.
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