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  • To tell the truth, it may be the best phone to hit the market since the iPhone, and the Razr
  • I found that the iPhone has a better accelorometer, but to tell the truth, the blackberry's texting is superior
  • But to tell the truth, it is simply amazing

    • by George Udeani

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      Blackberry and research in motion, have made many phones before. Blackberry, has been the number one bestselling phone in america. Including text messaging, email, web browsing, and much more. Even in basic times when the blackberry released the 7290, the world loved it. (I enjoyed the phone to.). Blackberry moved on to the future with phones such as the curve, and the bestselling Pearl. They have created three new products. The Blackberry pearl flip phone, looking like the original phone, only its a flip phone. The blackberry Bold, with a color display that makes you want to jump for joy, great camera, and the feel is great to, and finally the blackberry storm. Now many of you will ask, what is the blackberry storm? To tell the truth, it may be the best phone to hit the market since the iPhone, and the Razr. It was just released, and is available for verizon wireless service only. Although you can buy it online unlocked, and switch it to whatever service you want. Now you may also be asking, why is it a hit? Well, it is the very first Blackberry Touch Screen ever.

      Lets start with the touch screen to begin with. Yes it has a touch screen! And it has excited everyone around the world. Many you will be thinking, its just another touch screen phone. whats the big deal? Its touch screen will never be as good as the iPhone’s. Well, not exactly. The touch screen is unique in a bunch of different ways. to start off, Have you ever been with your touch screen device in your pocket, and when you take

      it out of your pocket, it has a scren you didn’t open, or a bunch of words you never typed? well thats not the condition with the storm. You see, you have to touch it twice for it to work, so you can basically scroll around the letter keys, without touching anything, all you will see is a blue glow from the button you are about to press. And when you finally press it, you here a click which is unusual yet unique. Many people were suprised by this. And since It’s been released, everyone on youtube, has been posting videos about the Blackberry bold vs. the iphone. I have constantly asked myself, Could this be the first phone with a better touch screen than the iPhone? well, they both are pretty accurate. They both have the accelorameter, which means if your blackberry, or iPhone is facing the long side when your watching videos, or texting, you can turn it around to the longer side, and your screen will rotate with it. I found that the iPhone has a better accelorometer, but to tell the truth, the blackberry’s texting is superior. on the long side, it has the BlackBerry pearl format, and on the longer side, the curve format. I personally thought the curve format was better. But to tell the truth, it is simply amazing. you should see it for yourself. go to a verizon store and test it out. you won’t be dissapointed.

      Okay, lets move on to the browsing and email. It has been confirmed by several sources, that the Blackberry Storm is faster than the iPhone when it comes to ...

      • browsing. The iPhone does take a little longer to load, but has the superior browsing, including the pinch the screen to zoom, while on the Storm, you have to tap twice to zoom on pictures. So the storm is faster, and the iPhone more fluid. The both have youtube, which is just fantastic. You dont even know, you have to try it for yourself. the quality is so good. You can literaly be watching on the go. Now let’s move on to Email. There’s not really much to talk about here,but i’m pretty sure you can guess who would win this contest. Of course the Blackberry. It has been known for email since it’s very first phones, so i’m not going to hold that against the iphone. The iPhone is more of a music phone than email. Email on the Blackberry Storm is to say the least, revolutionary. It is the quickest Email on any phone so far. which i think is excellent. I’f you register your email on it, The storm will alert you whenever you get a email. Which for some is annoying, but for the buisness type is a must.

        The last thing I want to review is the application store, and the strength of both phones. Yes the long awaited application store for the Blackberry Storm is here. And i’m pretty sure most of you are familiar with the application store for apple. Blackberry doesn’t have that many apps for it yet. But so far, you can get aim, facebook, some different games, and must haves for the buisness types. The Blackberry storm, is a pretty thin device for

        touch screen, and is not very fragile. So if your clumsy, dropping on the carpet or couch is okay. If you are very clumsy, and drop on the hard floor, than you should get a case. mostly because, it may break, power off, or lose some memory. But if your lucky, it wont do anything. just be careful. this isn’t a phone for a spoilt 10 year old. my suggested age for the phone is starting from 14. a responsible 14 year old.

        So that’s it. The phone is great. It has a great feel, great email, messaging, application, video’s and somehing i forgot to add is the awesome high definition 3.2 megapixel camerea for you facebooker’s on the go. the accelorometer is awesome, and It also has ringtones, and mp3’s including a coverflow. like the iPhone. My score on this phone is a 9 out of 10. Do i think it is better than the iPhone? Yes. but maybe that’s because i like blackberry’s. But overall, it has a better design. But when it comes to the phones abillities, there’s not that much to differ. It starts at $199 with a mail in rebate, and can be purchased with some great texting plans. Or, like i said before, You can buy it unlocked for about anywhere from $300.00 to $600.00 depending on where you buy it. Blackberry and research in motion have made many phones before. None like this. Because this Phone, will take the world by Storm.

        Sincerelly, George Udeani

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