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  • I know that is a common mistake a lot of people make
  • Unfortunately, the folks over at Surveyhead never bothered to contact me

    • by Luke

      all reviews is another survey site that promises to award you for doing OTX surveys. They do offer other surveys but very rarely will you get a survey not from OTX. OTX only allows you to take one survey per day. They can be hard to qualify for but I manage to finish at least one a day. Each survey you take is worth one dollar. Minimum payout is twenty five dollars. I felt it

      was worth the time spent because I was just on my laptop watching television anyway. That is time well spent if I had gotten paid for it. That is the problem with Surveyhead. You reach minimum payout and you never get paid.

      I made sure my paypal account information was correct before I cashed out. I know that is a common mistake a lot of people make. I first contacted Surveyhead with high ...

      • hopes this would be resolved quickly. Unfortunately, the folks over at Surveyhead never bothered to contact me. This was about two weeks after I cashed out. I waited another week to contact them and again no reply. Two months had passed and I knew Surveyhead was a scam. I contacted them again anyway. I told them I was not happy with their service and as you would expect no reply. I vowed never
        to trust a survey site that doesn’t allow you to contact them by phone. Anyone can set up an email address and ignore you. Having a phone number makes it very tough for a website to ignore its customers.

        Surveyhead is in a long list of survey sites that want you to take surveys and earn money for them but they don’t want to pay their customers. I would recommend not joining Surveyhead.

    Raffaello says :

    I signed up with Surveyhead over a year ago. Ever so often I would receive an invitation to complete a survey, which I did. When I was finally only one survey away from my first pay-out, the problems statred. For every survey I tried to complete, I would answer all the questions and at the end would get the message the maximum number of participants for this survey have been reached . I contacted Survey head after many attempts to complete surveys and getting the same message and they assured me that it would not continue to happen, but it did, every time and with only one more survey to do to get my first pay-out. Don’t waste your time with Surveyhead, IT S A SCAM
    Vanessa says :

    Fortunately for me, I learned this before I got as far into it as you Like you, I got the message that said something like, “Maximum number for your demographic has been reached. But we have ANOTHER survey for you “. And then it would repeat itself. You have to answer probably 20 questions to get to that message. They should pay you at least a few cents for entering the information to get up to that point. It isn’t fair. I don’t get paid because a lot of other Caucasian females in my age range already did it? That seems discriminatory and nearly illegal. I spent a few hours going in circles on this site before I realized it wasn’t going to work out for me. I can only speak for myself, however, because I suppose it is possible that someone with a more interesting demographic than myself might be successful… Hmph. lol
    Susann says : This site is a joke. They are the last to post surveys that all of the other sites have already released and I’ve done so of course you will not get selected to participate in the survey. I did, however, get into a six week fight with them over a survey I spent 45 minutes doing only to be knocked out in the middle of the video. The idiots at told me the survey hit the number necessary. Long story short, I won and was compensated the sum of money quoted for the survey.
    Vanessa says :

    A six week fight to get paid a few dollars for 45 minutes worth of work?? Geez. I’m not sure where you live, but where I’m from, the legal minimum wage is over $ 8 USD an hour. Do the math…this place is absolutely wasting people’s time and I think they know it How much time did you waste during the six weeks? So I’m guessing you probably ended up getting paid like…10 cents an hour…counting all the time you spent haggling with them. It sounds like they were banking on the fact that you’d give up and go away. I would have. I don’t recommend these programs unless you live somewhere that the USD is worth a lot, in which case they probably wouldn’t qualify you to take the survey anyway…
    Dhanraj says :

    I never received even a single survey from survey head.
    Jules Li says :

    Dhanraj, your surveys are based on the answers that you provide during the qualification phase. If you don’t receive any surveys you should go in and adjust your qualifications to see if you qualify for other surveys. Open the dashboard and click the option that says “qualify for a new survey”.
    Galega says :

    If you have not received a single survey, then there isn’t any problem whatsoever. You have at least not been cheated. There are umpteen number of users from the developing countries, who have been cheated. They have never been paid. Unfortunately, this is the case with almost all users whose geographical locations are in any developing countries. Users from western countries usually gets payment, at least initial payouts are cleared.
    MisterTickle says :

    I have received surveys, but never manage to qualify for them. Apparently I never fit the profile they are looking for even though the surveys are given to me based on my profile settings in Surveyhead so I don’t quite understanding what is going on with them. I have heard many people getting payouts and seen the proofs so I don’t believe it is a scam, but the payouts don’t come easily. I’ve had a first hand experience. After the $ 5 sign up bonus, everything else is really hard to get.
    Chrystal says :

    I wouldn’t even keep trying honestly. Just like the reviewer said this place is a scam. There are some survey sites that are legitimate but they are far and few between, and even with that I don’t see the point in taking 30 plus minutes for 2 or 3 dollars. I honestly think PTC (paid to click) and sites like that are actually more lucrative for the time spent verses the money made and the amount of effort put into each.
    Galega says :

    The survey company follows two pranged strategies. And, that is the same with all companies working in this field. They give payouts to few users from western countries. They get money from western countries and pay users among them. They don’t pay users from developing countries. That is the problem. If you are not getting any survey, there isn’t any problem as you are not being scammed.
    Justin says :

    I have been with Surveyhead for a few years now, I barely ever do any surveys on there anymore. I get emails all the time from them about surveys, most of the surveys you get you will not even qualify for. I have cashed out 3 times with them, they do take a while to send you your money (3-4 weeks for me) but I have always been paid.
    Galega says :

    No problem if you are not active there. It is heartening to note that you have been paid 3 times. The delay in payout is another matter altogether. Unfortunately, they don’t pay users from developing countries. You will rarely find anyone from India or the Philippines who have been paid. And, that’s where this word scam sticks with them.
    Justin Smith says :

    I get e-mails saying that I have a new survey here about once a week. I don’t know why either. None of these survey sites actually have decent enough surveys to allow you to be in them. I just answered a survey question and since I am 28 years old I wasn’t allowed to do it. I just don’t get how these sites stay in business. They reach such a little audience. Surveyhead has decent reviews though. It reminds me of SwagBucks.
    Galega says :

    Age was not the issue for which you were not become eligible for a particular survey. You are already 28 years old. There may be other criteria which had come into play. The point is not giving less survey. It is not paying even when you had worked for a survey. They could have said at the outset that you are not eligible. Still, they had taken your input and told you are not eligible after submission. Further, it may not be correct to compare it with that of Swagbucks. With all its flaws, Swagbucks is not a scam.
    Rick says :

    My comments about this site they would probably delete before anyone could read them.
    All I will say is they sound good when you are signing up for there site. That is where the good quits.
    Galega says :

    The comment won’t be deleted at this platform, and you can rest assured about this. It may get deleted if you have posted on a forum associated with Surveyhead.
    John Smith says :

    If you are just trying to make money by completing surveys then I would suggust using Global Test Market or Vindale research. They both have good payout rates and are easy to use. I have never had a survey that I completed using either of them be rejected or say I do not meet their requirements. Try them next time instead
    michael says :

    they are good, however they only cater for americans…. so if you are not from the states there is no hope for you with vindale
    Galega says :

    There is absolutely no doubt that Global Test Market is a reputed firm. It is legit and there are almost zero complain against it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t cater to people outside North America. Users from the Indian subcontinent are not allowed. That is not their fault, but you know lots of people who want to make some money through the Internet are left out.
    catheriena says :

    i totally agree about them not once could i do surveys with them every-time they say sorry it seems not to be available in your area then my question is how can they say that it is international if it is never available in your area
    Seattle49 says :

    I`ve been doing Surveyhead surveys for a while. I have cashed out for over 200 with no problems. Also had the need to contact them by email and they were responsive and timely. Greenfield to the contrary is as you describe survey scams. Rarely can qualify for their surveys, and they offer virtually NO paid surveys. Their points system is a joke.
    Galega says :

    It is incredible that you have been paid out for more than 200 times. Seeing the minimum payout on the platform, I can just imagine the number of survey you must have successfully done. Very few people are even eligible for these amount of surveys. In any case, the problem is with users from developing countries as there are umpteen number of complaints about them being left in the lurk.
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